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  1. S

    New Cagemate After Sudden Death?

    I hate to have my first post here be so depressing, but I'm not sure what to do right now. I had 2 guinea pigs, Einstein and Snickers. Snickers was adopted at 7 weeks from a local rescue as a new cagemate for Einstein, whos last cagemate, Mr. Cuddles, died suddenly due to a stroke. Today...
  2. Jennybug89

    So Today My Piggies Met!

    I decided today to introduce Rosie and Rachel. I feel it was a huge success. Aside from a bit of head nudging from Rosie when Rachel sniffed her a bit too much, and Rachel getting very vocal when Rosie was licking her bum (is that a normal thing?!) they were wheeking together like crazy. And...
  3. GingerPiggie

    Help! My Guinea Pig Is All Alone...

    so, about 2 years ago I got two guinea pigs. Unfortunatly, last year one of them died. Of course I immediatly went to my parents to ask for another one because, as you probably know, guinea pigs shouldn't be alone! My Mom said yes but my dad said no due to the cost of housing when we go away on...
  4. HeulwenRose

    Seeking Advice From Owners With Just One Pig

    Hello! I would love some tips and advice from other owners who own just one pig. Honestly any responses would be greatly appreciated! Nearly two years ago, I bought two of the most lovely guinea pigs anyone could wish for. Dalek Kaan (Hopefully there are some Doctor Who fans here), the black...