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  1. KaylaT4403

    Females sniffing and rumblestrutting

    So my guinea pig Penelope (female) has been rumble strutting near my other female guinea pig Luna. Whenever she gets near her she does it. She then chases her around the cage until Luna gets irritated and chases her off. Penelope is constantly sniffing her butt. Luna throws her butt in the air...
  2. A

    Boar Chasing - How much is too much?

    Hello, I have two bonded boars who are just over 3 years old. Trying to add a third to the mix (Fabio, ~6 months old). The introductions went well. The dominant pig (Boe) did his thing and was good to go. His bonded mate (Joey) was relatively subdued during the initial introductions. After a nap...
  3. Helena001

    Did the bonding fail?

    I got a new 2 year old sow a month ago, I tried to follow a bonding guide, but apparently the bonding still failed. In the beginning the new sow kept chasing, cornering and biting my other sow. I thought it wasn't too serious because people warned me about it, but I recently found two wounds...
  4. nibblesandcoco

    Rumble-strutting Piggie For 3+ Weeks?

    At the end of December, our 7 year old piggie Coco passed away, so we got our piggie Nibbles a new friend soon after to make sure she wasn't lonely, and her name is Charlotte. They have been housed together for almost 4 months now, but 3 weeks ago, Nibbles started to constantly rumble-strut...
  5. M

    Aggressive Female + Shy Female

    I have had a female guinea pig named Macy for nearly two years, I got her by herself because my parents only let me get one at the time. Recently I got a baby guinea pig (female as well) and she is only two months. I was expecting it to be a bit difficult with Macy as she's been alone for so...
  6. Siikibam

    Mounting And Humping

    We were eating dinner when I heard the boys busy running around. I came to investigate (it was quite boisterous) and found Toffee chasing Fudge around, teeth chattering on and off. He was also mounting and humping him. It’s been going on for at least 10mins now. Should I just leave them to it...
  7. CavyIris

    Bullying?, Should I Separate For Good?

    Hi, I have 2 sows that i have had for a little over 2 weeks now. They are 8-9 weeks old. But I'm really worried that they arent getting along at all. They are named Milou and Tintin. Milou an abyssian and tintin I'm not sure he is short haired, american? is that a breed? However Milou is chasing...
  8. Kristy

    2 Boars... Question About Constant Dominance

    Hi there... This is my first post here... I have been reading and searching for some information. We are very new to owning piggies and I have been reading like a crazy person. We have 2 males, one is "Mortimer" an Absynian (spelling?) and the other is "Charlie" who is an American...
  9. Fuzz Pigs

    New Pigs Home... Nips, Bites, Squeaks And Bossy Pigs. Normal?

    Hello everyone, I brought my three rescue piggies home a couple of days ago and they've started to settle. Since they're not hiding constantly now like when they first got home, they've started to show some behaviours that I'm a little concerned about. The least concerning is one of my girls...