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  1. ChubbyCarrots


    Whoop whoop! Finally getting some snow! We finally got a new hutch, so now the piggies don’t have to go in the cage when we move them indoors. They now have an outside hutch and the new inside hutch for bad weather. We added a fluffy cushion, a few pig-size knitted blankets and obviously hay...
  2. Hannah2803

    Cold and scratched eye

    Hi all, I’m new here but am getting concerned about my piggy, Joey. I noticed he had lost his appetite on Thursday night and by Friday night had near enough stopped eating altogether. When i got him out for cuddles Friday night to try and force food into him i noticed his eye was clouded and...
  3. HannahGP

    Sick pig?

    Hello I just bought two guineas pigs Bubbles & Squeak. They are housed in an outdoor hutch which I have been cleaning everyday and always giving fresh hay. They are both still shy as they are still new. Both are eating and drinking (very evident by the amount of mess in their hutch) One of the...
  4. ChubbyCarrots

    Will My Piggies Die?! -3 Degrees

    I have two 1 and 1/2 year old male guinea pigs, my garage is currently being redone so we can’t bring them in and my parents don’t want them in the house! It is -3 degrees outside and the snow is up to my knees, the hutch is on top of a run so I’m not worried about the snow hitting them but I’m...
  5. K

    Weather And Moving Inside

    so, it’s been decided.. my 3 boys will be occupying the downstairs bathroom until this weather clears! I can’t sleep knowing they are outside in the cold! Anything I should know? I’m worried about bringing them from a heated shed into a warm centrally heated house.. will it shock them or will...
  6. Barnyard Boars

    Sick Skinnie Needing Advice Asap

    Hello, I'm new to owning piggies and have 2 right now. I have a skinnie named Melvin and a guinea pig named Harvey... I got Melvin close to a year ago, and felt he was lonely and needed a pal so I got Harvey, Harvey has been around probably close to half a year and is still coming around to...
  7. K

    Putting Back Outside

    my 3 guinea pigs have been in the shed since late October. I was wondering the people who have outside Guinea pigs when do you consider putting them back outside. I know it won’t be any time soon.. but I need to get a new hutch! We live in the UK and have a relatively sheltered garden.. they...
  8. Kimberleyccoops

    New Guinea Snuffles

    After recently loosing my old girl, I have got a baby to keep the other girl company (they are about a years difference in age) the new one is about 10 weeks old. They are getting on very well but I’ve noticed they are both snuffling a little bit and sneezing. I’ve read somewhere that they...
  9. J

    Cold Virus

    I recently came down with a cold (common cold) and did not know that it could spread to guinea pigs. I held my guinea pig, cuddles, and kissed her on the nose (quite a bit). I don't want her to get sick, she takes vitamin C pellets about every day so those should help. I just don't want her...
  10. Siikibam


    I was dozing off last night when I was woken by a squeaky sound. When I opened the door I realised it was coming from downstairs. I switched the light on and it stopped! I sat on the stairs for a minute then went to check on the boys. They were just standing there staring and unmoving! I went...
  11. TheLottiediarys

    Help! Both Me And My Partner Are Really Poorly, How Do We Keep The Pigs Safe?

    Hi guys, We're having a terrible time, Scott my boyfriend came down with a terrible cold on Friday and he's given it to me too, we are both very poorly, and I'm worried about all the animals. I know the rabbits are safe because they can't catch human colds but the pigs and hamsters are at risk...
  12. Annie Robbins

    Weird Noise.. Could It Be A Cold?

    Hey everyone, Happy October! So recently I have recovered from a head cold, and I was told a long time ago that guinea pigs can get colds from us. Is that true? The reason I ask is because one of my pigs has started making a weird noise when she eats and she is sneezing twice a day...
  13. Aliceandbuddy

    New Piggy Sounds Bunged Up

    Hi I have a new guinea pig, he is four months old but the family he belonged to needed to get rid of him as they have yappy dogs. They said there isn't anything wrong with him and he's a happy guy and he is but I noticed from first having him that he's quite sneezy and when I looked it up I got...
  14. ChloeCee98

    Full Of Cold And Got A Grumpy Pig!

    My guineapig Noodle is in such a bad mood with me I'm full of cold so literally just going in and sitting near them and talking to them. My partners helping by giving them their food and water but I don't want them to get upset and feel like I've abandoned them My voice has gone too so when I...
  15. bumbling-bambi

    Is My Piggies Loosing His Voice?

    So I've noticed one of my boars (Womble) has a slightly raspy sounding wheek when he knows food could be about! He's a good healthy weight (I'm checking regularly as they grow anyway) is eating fine and seems totally normal but he just seems to loose his voice for a couple of wheeks and then...
  16. Guineapigfeet

    Heaters And Heat Lamps?

    Does any one have any experience or advice on electric heaters for a shed? The pigs are free range so it can not go on the floor - must be wall or ceiling mounted. Mains electric will be installed in the shed though there isn't any currently. I've been looking at thermostat controlled green...
  17. batata

    Nasal Issues

    The backstory: I bought my two guinea pigs from Pets at Home (due to lack of better knowledge at the time). Unsurprisingly, they are victims of bad breeding. They are now 5 years old but in very good shape for their age, not yet showing signs of aging at all. Due to the bad breeding, Loki's...
  18. Watermelon-Pets

    Baked Treats For Winter!

    The winter is here now, and it's getting cold. My piggies aren't happy with veg from the fridge so do you have any suggestions for baked treats I could give them? Something warm to keep them happy would be great!
  19. TheCavySlave

    Will He Be Infected?

    So, a family member has a cold, and I read that when a human has a cold they're vulnerable to bacterial infections that can be passed easily to guinea pigs. I tried telling him not to stroke the boys but he just stroked Godfrey's head:hb:will he be okay? Will wipe with a baby wipe just in case...
  20. Zerlina

    If My Piggy Has A Sniffle On Saturday Night Is Monday Afternoon Soon Enough For A Vet Appointment?

    My guinea has a sniffley nose but no discharge or eyes crusted up. She's still eating a lot and moving around like a bouncing ball with her friends. It's late Saturday now. I have a vet's appointment for Monday afternoon anyway. Do I need to try and move it forward or should Monday be early...