1. Allisona

    Constipation for female piggy

    Hi there! Just joined and I just adopted a friend for my girl Tulip, over a week ago, after she lost her bff a couple of months ago. I’ve named her new friend biscotti. Anyways I’m not sure if it’s the stress of living with a new pig but I noticed that tulip wasn’t as active today as usual. I...
  2. HenryRalph

    Liquid filled lump under face?

    Hey everyone, I’m panicking right now :( Henry has seemed fine, eating and drinking like normal, and this morning I noticed that he has a massive lump like a double chin, it’s full of liquid (feels like a water balloon or something) and he’s struggling to get his poops out. My regular vets is...
  3. cwheeler

    Worried About My Piggie!

    Hi! I apologize in advance that this post will be lengthy as I try to give as much information as possible. My mother and I own 2 guinea pigs, Hanna and Pippa. They live in separate cages because they do not get along, but they still peep at each other and communicate throughout the day. We...
  4. Charlotte behan

    Constipated Piggy

    My 9 month old male guinea pig has been constipated for a few days now. After an expensive trip to a 24 hour vets yesterday he was given a pain relief injection and i've so far given him 3 doses of Ranitidine but he still doesn't show any signs of improvement in the toilet department. He's...
  5. S

    Gagging And Vomiting(?)

    Hello I need help! My guinea pig, sigil, has been gagging hard and ending up puking in her mouth and I had to suck it up with a rubber ear flusher. She also wabbles when she walks now and I think she might also be constipated. This all very recently started happening, as in the last three hours...