1. Kirbs


    Gigi was one of my first guinea pigs, he was the last one who passed in 2015 and after he passed we decided to get chickens which didn't work out so in 2019 we adopted the 5 boars we have now :) He was also albino which is why his eyes are red :)
  2. Kirbs

    painting 😀

    the art and the inspiration
  3. Kirbs


    here is howard this is louie and mr muffin
  4. Kirbs

    nothing important :)

    I was cleaning the cages earlier and started signing, I looked up to find Howard jumping in his hayrack, laying down, staring at me and just listening to me sing :)
  5. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Someone Tell Me What This Is

    Where have her front feet gone?!?! 😂
  6. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Secret Agent Candy

    Candy’s trademark super spy look 💫❤️😎
  7. futurefame


    I wanted adorable baby rosette girls, but instead I got three smooth haired two year year old boys - they are still so cute! And I love them so :luv:
  8. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Candy in her Igloo! 😊

    This is Candy! 😊 one of my little cuties! Right now she is relaxing in her igloo. Sorry if it’s kinda hard to see
  9. GuineaPigNoob

    Cute piggies! 😊

    Now this, my friends, is a REAL pig in a blanket! ❤️ Post cute piggy pictures, please please please?
  10. KaylaT4403

    My Guinea Pigs won't let me pick them up

    So I've had my piggy wiggies for about a month now c: (Penelope and Luna) And I've attempted to pick them up and they kinda just scoot away and run away. I wanna pick up Penelope because she's been popcorning and constantly mounting so I want to make sure she is okay and completely check if she...
  11. Celine298

    New babies!

    Since our Sunny plodded over the rainbow bridge, we were busy hunting down a companion for Lola. It was actually pretty hard :/ After a long hunt we ended up picking TWO new friends for her. Meet 9 week old Rosie (teeny baby) and Marilyn (black and white baby)! From day one, Lola loved them...
  12. T

    Any opinon of why my guinea pig does this?

    Hiya :3, i am just curious about this behavior my guine pig does as he is the only guinea pig ive had ever do this. As you can see in the photo my gray guinea pig Ares (after the greek god) enjoys sitting on top of the tunnel. Its quite cute and amusing because he will just walk over to the...
  13. Welpo

    Spooky month is coming

    We need to make this thread like that south park episode Halloween costume ideas, GO
  14. Gemm24

    Bit Of A Rant....

    Hi! I have 6 beautiful guinea pigs and they are practically my life. I am constantly buying them toys/treats, taking photos of them, cuddling them, playing with them. I love them so much! I am currently building and sewing them some hammocks and hammock holders. Unfortunately some of my family...
  15. Lexipiggie

    Oki Feels Much Better After Her Haircut!

    Yesterday, we managed to give Oki a well needed hair trim, using coriander and some parsley as bribery. This morning, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures, much to her dismay... She was more than happy to sniff out the camera! Hmm shame it’s not food though No more paparazzi please!:lol:
  16. PerpLexxity

    This Spoiled Guy

    So today I learned why my guinea pig bites me! After doing a little bit of research on the forum, I've learned that my guy (Henry, 7months) bites me to manipulate me. So with my two pigs, we snuggle and have our bonding time like usual; and basically my Henry starts off with a little nibble on...
  17. J

    Best Instagram Guinea Pig Account: @oursweetpiggielife

    Who agrees? Alwin and Lennox are the cutest pigs on the Internet.
  18. J

    Cute Guinea Pig Videos (taken By Me)

    And this Let me know what you think.
  19. Jennybug89

    Our New Arrival!

    Meet Rachel! She's 8 weeks old... And stunning. Picked her up today and can't get enough of her. She's in her own cage separate from Rosie for the next few weeks till they can meet. Cannot wait to introduce the two. Any ideas of her breed?
  20. Jennybug89

    The Look

    The "I'm still kinda mad at you over that bath yesterday but this kale does look very tempting" look haha