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  1. Briggy

    Hello and advice please on new baby with the runs :-(

    Hi I wish my first thread on here was more cheery but could do with some advice please. We got new babies on Tuesday afternoon (approx 9 weeks), one is a lot more confident & seems to have taken to life with us quicker. So much so he’s been gobbling up food and to be honest I think I’ve...
  2. K

    Emeprid after Baytril overdose. Causing diarrhoea?

    Hi there. I’m hoping to get some advice about my little boy, Milo. Milo was taken to the vet 2 Sunday’s ago after I noticed a sniffle and loss of appetite. The vet diagnosed him with a chest infection and he was prescribed Baytril. 2.5% oral solution 100ml to be given 1ml twice daily. I was...
  3. A

    Post pregnancy prolapse. Please help

    My beautiful ginny has just had 2 stillborns about 5 days ago and has now developed prolapse. About 4-6 days before giving birth she began having diarrhoea. I put her on a hay based diet in hopes it would help to solidify her poops but sadly nothing has worked and she has now prolapsed. Ive...
  4. court29x

    Poorly Piggy :(

    I haven't been on the forum for a while! I've been very busy after the arrival of my newborn niece and college work, however I am writing in a time of need and worry as my little Beansprout is not well. As I came upstairs for my shower and I walked into my room, the only piggy to greet me at the...
  5. Chloelizbailey

    Cowpat Poops?! - Please Help

    Hi there! I have a long haired guinea pig who is about four and a half. He started a course of Baytril last Wednesday for a suspected URI and has been absolutely fine until this morning. I got him out to weigh him (doing this every morning as he is on Baytril and I know it can affect the...
  6. Strawb

    Post Op

    Hey guys, I'm absolutely devastated my baby boy Sonic passed away early hours after an intense two weeks. Just for peace of mind has anyone had previous experience where their pig hasn't recovered from an op? After reading threads online I feel like more could have been done to avoid this...
  7. Monty the Grey

    Not Malocclusion But Refusing To Eat, Dropping Food, Drooling And Diarrhea

    Hi, my girlfriend and I are rather desperate with our 2.5-year-old Monty, who's been feeling unwell for the past 2-3 months. Right now he's only eating very little (having lost almost 100g in the past week), we have to force-feed him instant hay (RodiCare) and hand-feed him vegetables and fruit...
  8. CarnivalPiggy

    Possibly Lice

    I have found small brown things on the three piggies this morning. I'm pretty worried as they seem to be quite large. I'll post pictures in a minute.
  9. P

    Two Pigs With Diarrhoea Dying Suddenly

    About five weeks ago I got my children got two gineau pigs. After about two weeks one of the pigs died very suddenly. It had been healthy and lively the night before. In the morning it had diarrhoea but still acting normally so we made an appt for the vet in the afternoon. By lunchtime it was...