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dry skin

  1. H

    Dry Skin on and Brown Crust on Back of Ear?

    Hi, The back of one of my guinea pigs ear has gone dry and there’s some dark areas on the skin. The back of her other ear is fine and her cage mate is also fine. Would anyone know what it is? I have a photo but can't figure out how to attach it. The Insert Image icon asks for a URL?
  2. F

    Dry skin or fungal

    Hi, I got my skinny pig 2 days ago and noticed her skin has dry patches. I'm worried that it's ringworm so have been washing my hands and haven't introduced her to my other 2 yet. Sorry the photos aren't great, she's very nervous. Does this look like it could be fungal? She had little...
  3. M

    Dry eye and ear skin

    Please see attached photo of my guinea pig Roly. I have a vet appointment on Monday but wanted to see if anyone here knows what it could be. Roly’s ears, around her eyes and arm skin looks really dry, could this be a fungal infection or ringworm? She also seems to have lost weight and looks...
  4. C

    Need help with gunea pig skin issues

    Hey, i first thought it was just dry skin however there are now clumps of hair coming out and bald patchs any idea on what the issue is and how to treat
  5. theguineahouse2424

    Dry skin & hair loss?

    Hope the title doesn't make it sound so bad but a while ago I saw one of my guinea pigs Tiny, had some dry skin on her foot around her toenail and a little bit of hair loss around that area. I haven't really been keeping track but I noticed recently when I was clipping her nails that it's a long...
  6. Butatoes

    Scaly skin on bum

    Dear piggy friends, So sorry for posting this but I really need your help 😢 I will call the vet tomorrow during work hours but I’m terribly worried at the moment. Could you please give us some advice on this please? Just now we found our two one and half years old boars Mister Potato and...
  7. P

    Is this mites?

    Hi. I’ve had my piggy Peaches for an while now. I was checking her over this evening and I saw she had a patch of dry skin on her ear. Is this mites? She’s registered with a vet so I might give them a call anyway but I wondered if this looked familiar to anyone? Thanks in advance
  8. D

    Crusty spot on Guinea pig bum

    My new baby I have had for a week has a crusty spot near her genitals and nowhere else on her body. I’m wondering if it is just a dry skin patch that will resolve on its own, cause I’ve never seen ringworm on genitals. The spot is right on her tailbone area. There is no inflammation present. She...
  9. PipandOreo

    Dry skin

    Hi, Pip my 6.5year old pig has ovarian cysts which myself and our vets have agreed we are not going to treat so she’s on pain medication for the rest of her life. As she has fairly large ovarian cysts she is experiencing a fair amount of hair loss/bald patches. She not only has them on her sides...
  10. B

    Nose problems

    Hello, unfortunately one of my guinea pigs has this problem with her nose, she has this bald spot on her nose with two big scabs she probably must've scratched herself with her sharp nails making herself bleed and causing the scabs, it's probably a rash or something more, unfortunately my mother...
  11. annachristina_piggies

    Dandruff type skin issue?

    Hi! Piglet’s ‘dandruff’ issue seems to be getting worse. Does anyone know what this issue is and how to treat it? It looks like dead flakes of skin that end up getting attached to the hair shafts. The worst affected area is the crown on his back where the hair goes in different directions. When...
  12. D

    Dry skin, dandruff, or something else

    After an incident about a year ago with guinea pig lice, I regularly check my boys skin/hair for anything wrong. I’ve noticed recently that they both seem to have white flakes around their back ends and I can’t seem to figure out why. I’m thinking it’s just dry skin or maybe dandruff caused by...
  13. E

    Dry patch on upper tummy

    I got 2 male guinea pigs 3 weeks ago and have recently found a dry, hairless patch on one of their tummies. Does anyone know what this is and if i should take him to a vet, thanks :)
  14. D

    dry ears and minimal hair loss on nose

    my guinea pig Eddy has had a runny nose for a couple of months now, but there was one day that some snot that dripped from his nose got a little crusty right under his nostril. I got rid of it with a q-tip and some water but after I realized there was no fur under where the crusty bugger was. is...
  15. cashewandpeppa

    Dry skin on ears

    Hi everyone! Any advice on how to treat dry skin on ears? One of my girl’s very dark ears get a white-ish cast on them, where it comes and goes, and looks like dry skin. She’s been treated for ringworm for 1.5 months, has had Ivomec drop treatments, and topical anti-fungal. She was just...
  16. Arwhal

    Dry patch on forehead. Ringworm?

    I’ve had my Mocha for a little over 2 weeks now and noticed a dry bump on her forehead Thursday May 14th that got larger in a few hours. I did some research and it seemed to match up with ringworm. I’ve been using Head & Shoulders on her and Tolnaftate after washing her down. I haven’t had a...
  17. S

    Little dry patch

    Hello! I posted on here the other day about my guinea boy who had a crusty ear. This is now clearing up well with daily sea salt cleaning. however I’ve just found this patch. Is it anything to be worried about. They’ve been treated for mites.
  18. V

    Guinea pig skin irritation?!

    Hi there, one of my guinea pigs developed this around her eye, and now she’s also opened it up so it’s been bleeding a bit. An appointment to the vet has already been made and we will be seeing one tomorrow, however I was just worried and wanted to see if anyone encountered this before... thank...
  19. Tinychels

    Dry Scalp? Possible mites?

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is doing well during this crisis. My piggie Ruby scratches herself every now and then - like any piggie would. She wouldn’t scratch herself to the point where it’s excessive and she would cut herself. I did however checked on her and saw that she seems to have dry...
  20. BobaBabyUwU

    Dry skin around the eye and hair lose

    Hello! I'm relatively new here and I only signed up to ask a question about my Guinea Pig, Boba. I got Boba about a week and a half ago and he is no older then a year. About 5 days ago Boba started losing hair around his right eye and I noticed the skin was very dry. (Sorry if its blurry) I...