1. D

    dry ears and minimal hair loss on nose

    my guinea pig Eddy has had a runny nose for a couple of months now, but there was one day that some snot that dripped from his nose got a little crusty right under his nostril. I got rid of it with a q-tip and some water but after I realized there was no fur under where the crusty bugger was. is...
  2. C

    Adult Guinea Pig without Floppy ears

    I was just looking on the forums about how most babies have ears that point up but they flop as they get older. My guinea pig is about three years old and his ears don’t flop, he’s always been like this so I’m sure nothings wrong, but I wanted to know if anyone else had some input on it.
  3. Hselsby

    7 mth old ear troubles

    Hi guys, My youngest pig is having an issue with her ear at the moment, and with current events it is difficult to get the the vets to get her checked out. She has a small spot on the inside of her ear that has bled for (as far as we know) the past couple of days on and off. We have cleaned it...
  4. elris

    ear nibbling

    i just witnessed my younger pig - charlie - nibbling/nudging my older pigs ear. she wasn’t complaining though, she just closed her eyes and allowed it. is this normal between pigs and what does mean?
  5. D

    Dark ear gunk?

    On Tuesday, we got two little 6 weeks old boars from pets at home. We have noticed a very very slight head tilt on Boris, so we decided to check his ears. When we used a cotton bud to check it, it came out as a really dark brown coloured substance. When we checked the other ear, it was a bit...
  6. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Not Sure What Behavior Means

    Hi! So, I fed my guinea pig this morning, and I noticed that she did something strange that I hadn’t noticed ever before. She flattened her ears against her head and they moved up and down constantly while she was eating. I hope this doesn’t mean anything bad. Thank you, your help is much...
  7. Guineapigfeet

    Hairy ears?

    Noticed today, whilst at the piggie nail salon, that Chewie has really hairy ears. The others’ are all but bald and I kinda assumed piggie ears all were baldish.
  8. M

    Aggressive Female + Shy Female

    I have had a female guinea pig named Macy for nearly two years, I got her by herself because my parents only let me get one at the time. Recently I got a baby guinea pig (female as well) and she is only two months. I was expecting it to be a bit difficult with Macy as she's been alone for so...
  9. PerpLexxity

    Fungus On Ear?

    Last night when I was cage cleaning I noticed flakes on Gizmos ear. Upon closer inspection realized on top of the flakes were 2 red bumps they seemed to be trying to scab over. Initially I thought it was a scratch wound but that wouldn’t cause flaky-ness. I did some research and at the time it...
  10. WheekWheekPigge

    Crusty Stuff On Edge Of Ear?

    Hello, I am new to the forums so this is my first thread! Anyway, my guinea pig has a little bit of brown crusty stuff on his ear! I am always super paranoid about my piggies so this is really scary for me! Please help if you can!
  11. SQU3@KY_P1G

    Sore Piggy Ears

    My 6 week old female piggy has a dry area on her ear and a little rash looking area behind her ear. She lives in a 3 story 100 guinea pig cage with another guinea pig from the same breeder that is 5 weeks old. I got them together a week ago. They have displayed what I would consider normal...
  12. P

    Fighting Fungal Infection For 2 And A Half Weeks

    My piglet got a fungal infection 2 and a half weeks ago.We are healing it with canesten cream (1%) .We stopped spreading of infection but when i touch the two infected ears(only ears are infected ) my piglet starts weeking and running like it hurst him.pls help
  13. S

    Guinea Pig Has Open Flesh Under His Ear

    Hello guys, I'm new to this site but I thought I would give it a shot if it meant i could receive some advice to help my guniea pig. I just noticed yesterday that both sides of my guinea pigs ear has really dry skin, and under the ear it seems to already be raw flesh. It's very red and seems to...
  14. Piggy mum

    Dry Ears?

    Hi I noticed that my pig Spike has started developing dry patches on the back of his ears that are sometimes flaky? There are no signs of mites. Has anyone had this with a pig before?
  15. C

    Really Veiny Ears?

    Hello! Sorry I couldn't find anything specific about this so I had to ask I got a new guinea pig, I think he's about 3 or 4 months old. I rescued a very skinny, runt baby last year and he also had very veiny ears and suddenly passed away the next month.. I don't want the same thing to happen to...
  16. Jessiewalka

    Piggy Is Losing Hair Behind Ears

    Hi guys, I recently took my guinea pigs to the vet because they are both losing hair behind their ears and itching all over. The doctor prescribed me ear drops because they found bacteria in their ears that is known for ear infections. This is what it looks like: I wanted your eyes second...