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    Need help please ! Lump on guinea pig´s leg

    Hello, I have had my guinea pig for 3 and a half years. It is quite hard for me to find a vet in my area that specializes in small animals like guinea pigs that is why I am writing here for help to determine if i should be concerned. This morning while clipping nails I found a lump on my guinea...
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    Emergency possibly! Stitches looking infected!

    Hello, I have been checking my guinea pigs stitches (Post lump removal) and she has chewed them some how. The area looks awful but is completely dry, what should I do should I try to clean it or leave it be as cleaning it could make her chew it more? Please reply as soon as possible, our vet is...
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    I went to get carrots and my I came back and one of my guinea pigs (I have two) starting doing a weird thing with his mouth and it looked like he was smiling then he starting twitching so I got worried and took him out of the room and later he starting have a spasm or a seizure and putting his...
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    Is my guinea pig in shock? PARALYSED, HIGH ALERT but still BREATHING

    My guineapig was making some noise in the early morning, but I didn't think much of it. Later when I checked her cage, she was PARALYSED though still breathing... it appears one of her front legs has been immobile... my parents are refusing to take my pig to the vet.. Could she possibly be in...
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    Young guinea pigs eye :(

    I’ve just gotten a new Guinea pig today, she’s very small- an absolute sweetheart, and has to be a few months.. she’s TINY. I’m a bit worried about her eye.. having new pet anxiety- I have another guinea, who’s a year old but she’s never had this problem. basically, her left eye is completely...