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Young guinea pigs eye :(


New Born Pup
Jan 3, 2021
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I’ve just gotten a new Guinea pig today, she’s very small- an absolute sweetheart, and has to be a few months.. she’s TINY. I’m a bit worried about her eye.. having new pet anxiety- I have another guinea, who’s a year old but she’s never had this problem.

basically, her left eye is completely black- you can’t see the white of the eye; yet in the right eye, it’s normal and bulgy, wide and alert- she’s almost squinting the other eye.. it’s super wet and moist too, it doesn’t look like it’s leaking but it’s a lot more wet than the other eye. She also blinks a bit? Only in that eye tho. I’m just worried about her.. I’ll attach photos.. (can’t figure out how to attach them, sadly) she’s been eating, peeing, but just in her “nervous new pet, staying in one spot mode” but I’m not worried about her physical health, active and squirmy. I just don’t know whether or not I should give her eye a day or two? See if it gets wider and more “alert” and open.

now- at the pet store I got her from, they sadly had a bunch of guineas cramped in one cage.. walking over each other and running-so some were practically trampled with sharp guinea nails- I'm wondering if she’d just gotten poked in the eye..! Still super worried..
Eyes are classed as an emergency so get your piggy seen soon a. As treatment is the same for all animals, it doesn’t have to be an exotic vet.

Also make sure you double check she is in fact she. If she’s under four months you need to bond them now.