eye illness

  1. Guineapigsmcr

    Possible Hay Poke? Opinions Please

    My guineapig Moo ( neutered male 2yrs Old) seems to have an issue with his left eye. We think it may be an injury such as hay poking but we are not sure. we have only noticed this yesterday evening. Other days he was fine we are sure. (I have attached images at the end of this post) His eye is...
  2. Mintzle

    Nutmegs eye seems sunken in

    Hey, one of my guinea pig's eyes looks sunken in and being pushed in by the eyelids. I'm not sure what to do but I've ordered some antibacterial eye ointment and saline for her. I thought it was hay poke at first but it didn't look like it. Any tips or advice? I'm extremely worried for her.
  3. lucyr

    Urgent eye problem

    My friend’s guinea pig Dusty, 5 years old, his eye has suddenly become really swollen/bulging (see the picture attached) overnight, it wasn’t like this yesterday. He is still eating and acting normally but it looks terrible, they have an appointment booked for today but the vets aren’t...
  4. lucyr

    Guinea pig eye lump

    Hi, my 4 year old guinea pig Trixie has got a red lump on one eye? I just noticed it and it wasn’t there 3 days ago when I last checked her eyes. I have attached a picture. I think I need to contact the vet, I’m wondering if anyone has any idea what this is exactly. Should I attempt to clean it...
  5. C

    Guinea pig eye shut

    So my one guinea pig will not open his one eye. I'm not sure what could've happened. He is also squeaking quite a bit. Does anyone know anything that could be wrong or have any advice for me? (He is 4 months old btw)
  6. D

    Eye infection or injury

    Hiya, This morning I discovered that my Guinea Patsy has a discoloured eye with pink fleshy surrounding. Can somebody advise me what this is?
  7. Jasmined

    Do I need a second opinion on Poppies eye?

    Hi! Last night I noticed my one year old female guinea was the slightest bit swollen and teary in one eye. Checked again in the morning and it was definitely a little more swollen but I wasn’t sure if it was serious or something that may pass. The vet I use is obviously operating differently...
  8. G

    Corneal ulcer

    Hi guys, My guinea pig is around 4 months old and she got an eye ulcer which got infected- I drained the pus and the swelling is back to normal and now she can her eyelids. She is eating and drinking normally. She still has the white film around her cornea. Does anyone know how long it...
  9. Kimicub

    Conjunctivitis that doesnt seem to be going?

    Hi all! My oldest Guinea pig Harri has conjunctivitis (I'm a pharmacist and I put 2 and 2 together) took her to the vet who, didnt seem to care too much about it till I insisted that it looks like conjunctivitis and he gave me Isathal(fusidic acid drops twice a day). Been putting it in her eye...
  10. G

    Guinea Pig Eye Infected/Bulging

    Hi my guinea pig is 4 years old and today I discovered she has excessively pooped all over her cage. And her eye is bulging and sticking out of her head, it’s red and looks very sore and i’m very worried about her. I have booked an appointment with the vet however she had some hair loss issues...
  11. SDRB_TP

    Eye Issue (heterotopic Bone) And Euthanasia

    Hi and thank you for clicking on my thread, Well firstly I’d briefly like to say I used this forum obsessively when I first got my piggies 6 and a half years ago and was such a great help to me learning - and I am back with a plea for advice. I’m left with my final piggie now, who is 7 in a...
  12. Morticia

    Eye Infection And Removal :(

    Good afternoon everyone, Yesterday and this morning I took my 4 year old guinea pig, Luna, to the vet because her right eye is so swollen and red and it looks so much bigger than the left one, both vets said she'll probably have to have her eye removed. This morning they took some X-rays and...
  13. FlannelPig

    Eye Problems!

    Hello! While feeding my pigs last night i noticed that one of them has one eye that is a little goopy. It doesn't seem to bug him at all but i cleaned it up for him. I'm not super concerned and assume it might be due to the weather changes around here. He was a rescue pig and has had a couple...
  14. H

    Please Help Guinea Pig Really Sick With Eye Ulcer/removal

    PLEASE HELP AND ADVISE URGENT! My piggie Wilma is 6 years old and has never had any major health problems. 2 weeks ago I noticed her eye was looking sore - protruding and buldging out exposing the white muscle at the bottom of her eye, she also couldn't blink but seemed fine in herself, this...
  15. K

    Guinea Pig With Protruding Eye

    I just bought 2 guinea pigs from a lady today, they where on wood shavings an I immediatly moved them to fleece, but one of the guinea pigs has protruding eyes and I'm assuming it was from getting wood dust in his eye poor fella. I was about to go get some eye wash medicine at the petstore for...
  16. N

    Guinea Pig Scratching, Baldness And Crusty Skin Around Eye

    My guinea pig has been scratching the area around her right eye for about 2 weeks and since then I noticed baldness around his eye that's been growing ever since. The bald skin is also very crusty and he can barely open his eye. I went to the vet which gave me a kind of medicine that i should...
  17. Charlotte behan


    one of my guinea pigs was diagnosed with conjunctivitis last week so I've been giving him eye drops 2-3 times a day, but now the other one is starting to show symptoms e.g. Half closing eye, a little residue in corner. Should I be worried or is this a common problem. He doesn't seem as bad as...
  18. Celine298

    New Pig Has Goo In Her Eye

    I got a new baby pig last week. I noticed when I got her home that her left eye was weeping some goo (not the normal kind they secreat for cleaning themselves) and I thought she may have gotten some sawdust in it in the pet shop. It's been a week and it's still seeping. I clean it with some...
  19. Megannah

    My Piggies Eyes Receding

    Hi, I've literally just noticed my1 year old male pig franklins eye is very bad, he has a long fringe that dangles in front of one eye so I couldn't see it but when I picked him up to stroke him i noticed his eye was half closed and he couldn't open it I gently had a look at it and it looks like...