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  1. K

    Can guinea pigs lose their squeaks?

    Hello, this is my first time posting on forum, I’m wanting to attach a video of my issue below but am unsure how to. I have attached the link to my Facebook post so I hope that works. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?id=915710252125833&story_fbid=2184990641864448 Has anyone had a Guinea pig who...
  2. Fuzzybois1234

    Guinea pig nipple issues

    Hi, I have a female guinea pig who about 5 years old who I rescued recently and I’ve noticed her nipples are always quite puffy and sore and also chaffed she doesn’t have cysts she’s been cleared from that she does have hormonal lumps that come and go but they aren’t serious. I just wanted some...
  3. T

    Help with Bonding 4yr old female with 8 month old female

    Hi guys so my 4yr old girl had her best mate pass away and i needed to get her a new friend. At first I got her a de-sexed 3yr old boy but they didnt get along straight away as they are both too dominant and the boy started attacking my girl each time i tried to bond them (quite aggressively...
  4. D

    Guinea Pig (F, 2.5yrs old) Showing pain when pooping - unsure the Vet is moving fast enough, advice needed!

    Hello everyone, I've included a video link at the bottom of this post to show the pain our poor Guinea Pig is in whenever she tries to poop. Poor girl has been sick for a month now, first two weeks she was not eating due to an abscess in her mouth (Now healed, more details HERE) and then the...
  5. nicole&the3Ls

    Layla's Bum Situation!

    Help! My alnost 4 year old non pet store guinea pig has clear gel come out of her bum! This has only happened once, and I don't know what to do. It is also very sticky and stretchy, I accidentally got it on my hands when picking herbup and pulled a lot out of her bum with poop attatched. (Normal...
  6. demudann

    Crusty, swollen labia on female guinea pig

    Hi, One of my female guinea pigs has just started showing a swollen labia with white-ish crusting around it. What are my options here as she's a year old and not had health problems before? Is this something to be worried about? She still seems her usual chirpy self and has been drinking and...
  7. Shaivy

    Dirty nose

    Hi guys. so I just noticed my female Guinea has black stuff inside her nose which I cleaned and It came out easily. she doesn’t have a runny nose but this black stuff comes up again and again and I am not sure what’s it. I have attached a photo of the nose which can help to understand it...
  8. Shaivy

    Diagnosis of Mammary inflammation and biopsy questions

    Hi guys, my female guinea pig was recently diagnosed with mammary inflammation, she has a swollen blue nipple which was bleeding as well. the vet said it's not a tumor and he seemed pretty confident about it.He also did an FNAC to confirm if its a tumor or not.......... So, is there anyone whose...
  9. Xmolxlie

    Spaying a 4 year old female guinea pig with cystic ovaries.

    Hi! I have two guinea pigs that I’ve had since May 2018, I got them from a friend who couldn’t take them with her when she moved, and I know they are a little over 4 years old. My friend had Foxy, the male pig, neutered before he turned 1, and recently I took Kovu my female pig to the vets, and...
  10. PipandOreo

    Pip seeming off after bereavement

    Hi, I wasn’t sure which category to post this on as she is recently bereaved. Pip is almost 6 years old and lost her sister about 6 weeks ago, they were together since babies however never seemed super close as Pip likes her own space. When her sister (Oreo) passed I was planning on getting her...
  11. PipandOreo

    White spot on guinea pigs nose

    Hi, whilst holding Oreo today (about 20 mins ago!) I found a weird spot on her nose. Its white and feels solid, she doesn’t seem in pain when I touch it. I haven’t noticed it before and hold her everyday, so I think it’s appeared very recently. She’s otherwise her normal self, eating and...
  12. SamPickles

    2 Female Guinea Pigs Bonding Worries

    Hey, I'm Sam and just got became a new guinea pig owner. About a week ago I went to get Mabel, at Petsmart. They told me she was only 8 weeks old. Then today (a week later) I went to get Luna, another female guinea pig from Petsmart. When they are together in the same cage Luna just seems to...
  13. PipandOreo

    Weird noise

    Pip my 5 and a half year old female has been doing this weird gagging type of thing, the first time she did it was about a year ago and it happens on average maybe once every 2 months. I’ve researched this and nothing came up so am not sure what’s happening. I’ve hopefully tagged the video of...
  14. wackychick20

    Ovarian Cyst and Spaying

    I’m new here. I’ve got two piggies both 3 1/2 years, Charlie (a she) has been off her food, crusty eyes and generally not herself. Got her in the vets and she hasn’t got an URI, lungs clear etc but could feel a cyst and potentially one that had popped. They’ve given her antibiotics, some...
  15. B

    White Stuff?

    I have two female guinea pigs. one is 1 year old and the other is 5-6 months. i’ve been noticing today that the oldest female has been mounting the younger and leaving white gelatinous discharge on the bedding and on the younger? should i be worried about this? is she actually a male?
  16. Charlottibiscot

    Bald dry spot below ear

    This is Mabel, she is 4 months old and lives with her sister, Hoggy. Today I noticed this bald spot below her ear with a spot of dried blood. It's a very rough texture and has a silvery sheen as opposed to the rest of her pinkish skin. I haven't seen her itching, and when I press and touch...
  17. DizzyD95

    Ovarian Cyst Surgery

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time since I posted on this wonderful forum. We went to the vets yesterday for something totally unrelated and it was found that my gorgeous Minstrel has ovarian cysts. My other guinea pig (Popcorn) may also have them, although we are having an ultrasound to...
  18. T

    Rescued Female guinea pig, very aggressive with baby guinea pig

    Hi! I recently adopted 2 guinea pigs. I got Ivy (1 month old) from a pet store, and rescued a 4 month old guinea pig named Hope about a month ago. They are both females. Hope was found left in her cage in a garbage can :( and no one knows what happened to her before that, but appears perfectly...
  19. F

    Female pig trouble

    I recently adopted two female guinea pigs. At the adoption center, the two had come in together but were separated due to fighting. I assumed it may have been because of the stress of moving or being in a small cage, but when I tried to reintroduce them they didn’t seem to get along. I...
  20. A

    lumps on guinea pigs sides?

    hello, i’m fairly new to owning piggies, i got my first one almost a year ago. i currently have 3 piggies but about 3 weeks ago i had 4. one of my pigs died suddenly, and i was unaware that a necropsy was a thing done for piggies, otherwise i would have paid for that procedure for her. i bring...