1. cinnamon7

    guinea pig sounds like it got a blocked nose

    my guinea pig has been making weird breathing sounds through her nose, sounds blocked. This started happening when i gave her a bath because she has lice here’s a video 10 September 2023
  2. A

    My male guinea pig is trying to hump my femal guinea pig :(

    Hi, a new guinea pig owner here. I got my piggies almost a month and a half ago, and when I bought them, I didn't keep it in my mind that It's better to have either two female guinea pigs or two male guinea pigs. I got to know a few weeks ago that one of them is actually a female (Ari). I was...
  3. cinnamon7


    i have 4 guinea pigs 2 female and 2 male, the boys are over a month old and the girls are 8 weeks. can 2 males and 2 females go together
  4. R


    Today I found a weird flesh-like ball in my guinea pigs cage, it’s most likely from Minnie, she has a supposed urine infection/uterus infection we’re not quite sure but she’s on medication to help with the pain and hopefully clear it up. The fleshy mass looked like it came from her body (?) and...