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foot spurs

  1. D

    Bumblefoot or spurs?

    Hi, I’m a new pig owner of 2 (Ten and Donna) and I’m worried they might have bumble foot. I've only included Ten's pictures here, but Donna's looks about the same (on both the front and back paws). I can’t tell if the spots on their feet are just spurs or not. They’ve both been moving around...
  2. Wetherill

    Foot spur?

    I found my bercy with a huuuge foot spur this morning. Snipped it gently, he showed no signs of discomfort (looks really red in the picture but was NOT bleeding)—does this look like bumblefoot underneath? Calling the vet in just a moment, but does anyone have experience with these two things as...
  3. mackenzieluvslife

    Spur? Extra nail?

    Hi! I haven’t been on here in quite a bit! Today as I was cutting Latte’s nails, I realized that her front paw seems to have something extra on it? I tried my best to get photos to show, but it is on her left foot I believe and is on the left side of it and it is dark in color. Her nails also...
  4. Cooper & Chris Farley

    Foot Spur? Bumblefoot? 😔

    Hello, lovely folks. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Tried posting a video to see if someone could give me some insight into what this lesion on my Cooper’s foot might be, but it wouldn’t upload.. It is a little piece of skin on the side of his front paw that wiggles around.. noticed it...
  5. Lauren138

    Foot spur

    Hello is it possible that a foot spur could be inside the first toe rather than the outside of the foot? I thought maybe they were normally on the outside. It’s the front paw inside first toe. Because it’s inside close to others it’s been so hard to get a picture of! But I will add a picture as...
  6. kerry3383

    are these foot spurs ?

    need to attach photo but there’s no option? looked at other posts that ask about attaching photos and they have an option on replies but i don’t?
  7. Z

    Possible Satin Pig?

    Hello! Just wanted to drop a quick question and find out how guinea pigs are diagnosed as Satin? Is it a blood or medical test or simply by the look of the fur? My 1year old Rex keeps hurting her feet (a front on once and a the same back one twice) and I’m worried about whether this is simply...
  8. Minte

    Specialist Bumblefoot issue.

    So a couple of months ago I noticed my boy Cornelius had a scab on his front foot. I took him to vets; we were advised to continue with Epsom Salt feet soak and to peel off the scab to allow the iodine solution to get into the area. Anyways, it didn’t improve... if anything it became more...
  9. S

    Hanging nail and growth

    Hello there! I came home from vacation yesterday (my mother watched over my pigs) and when I walked into my room, Henry didn’t greet me like usual. He didn’t squeak or run over to me. I thought that was a bit odd, but ignored it. Well, today I went to pick him up and noticed blood all over his...
  10. Tinka

    Foot Spurs: What Did I Do Wrong And Should I Remove Them?

    Recently when I was trimming Tuulikki's nails, I noticed little hard growths on her feet. After freaking out, I did some research and discovered that they are in fact little foot spurs. I have been monitoring her and don't see a change in activity level so I don't think they're hurting her. So...