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  1. M

    Question about bonded male pair

    Hello! A few days ago we began fostering a bonded male pair: Jake and John. We have one male of our own and their C&C cages are next to each other separated by a partition so they can interact through the bars. Everything was running smoothly until this morning. Jake has been aggressively...
  2. T

    Lone Guinea Pig

    Hello, I am looking for advice please. Our guinea pig Bertie is currently living alone after his brother unexpectedly passed away 3 weeks ago. Whilst he seems very happy and content at the moment, we would like to get him a new friend. The problem is that this isn't our first rodeo and we...
  3. EmmaK

    Lone guinea pig

    Hiya all. Ive got a bit of a situation. I foster guinea pigs for the local rescue and I've had a long term foster for a while. she's about 4 years old (give or take) She's on meds so can't be rehomed therefore I put her in with my piggies however my last piggy has recently passed (yesterday) and...
  4. E

    New Foster Pigs in a Mess!

    Hi guys! I posted a few weeks ago about a Guinea pig I was fostering that I've now kept lol! He's been castrated and now needs to wait 5 more weeks until he can have some friends. Well, two girls came into the rescue and they're in a right old state! I was happy to foster them in the hopes...
  5. K


    Hi, I’m sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum firstly! However I’m looking to foster a male guinea pig due to losing one and having a single bereaving boy now, and I’m just wondering if anybody knows any sanctuaries etc that will foster to me in the Liverpool area? Surrounding is alright...
  6. Guinea pig loverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr3

    Thinking about fostering

    Hello, Me and my family for a long time have looked into fostering we know it is a lot of work but we think it is very rewarding. If anyone has any places that are looking for foster parents or has tips on fostering please let me know thanks. Currently we have 3 healthy happy Guinea pigs and a...
  7. S

    Lonely Guinea Piggy

    Hello everyone I have a 2 year old female piggy who unfortunately due to the resent loss of her two sister is now living on her own. One younger one has passed away after difficult surgery and month later our oldest girl has passed away at the age of 6 years. She seems to be getting on great and...
  8. Elgifu321

    I Want To Foster Small Furries...

    I'm in the process of trying to foster some small animals, I would take any rodents really and have experience with guinea pigs, rats, mice, dwarf hamsters, syrian hamsters and rabbits. I live in warrington and I saw an ad for the RSPCA not the closest one but second closest to me in altrincham...
  9. Cavy_Slave

    Guinea Pig Fostering?

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knew of any shelters in West Yorkshire, Preferably Leeds, that do guinea pig fostering? I can't look after any piggies long term, so if like to help out at a shelter by doing short term fostering, to help overrun shelters look after all their piggies! Bye!