fur loss

  1. K

    Tiny bold spot

    Hello, I have been a happy guinea pig mom for a little over a month. I have two 7 months old boars, healthy and active who are in their dominance establisment phase and quarrel a little from time to time but no actual fighting as far as I observed. Here is the picture Today I noticed that one...
  2. B

    Male gunie pig

    Hi my name is jade and I'm looking for someone to help me with an issue I dont have the money to bring my gunie pig to the vet and I'm worried because I'm not sure what's happening to him or what's going on my gunie pig keeps losing clumps of hair under his chin and idk what's causing it it's...
  3. honeybee<3

    Brown spots on skin and fur loss on my piggy

    I was checking my two piggies health and one of my girls appears to have lost some fur loss around her ear (she has always had small bald patches behind her ears but now it's a bit bigger) She also has dark brown patches on the skin around her ears. I've never seen this in my piggies and I'm...