1. I

    I’m not sure what my piggies gender is?

    Hello! SO, I got a New Guinea pig and ever since getting chewy ... The cage has been a little wild! One of my piggies, Oreo, is getting preeeeetty chunky looking! Like .. I feed them all the same amount, I give them all the same amount of treats .. and she just looks to be gaining so much more...
  2. S

    What gender is my 4 week old guinea pig?

    So my 3 guinea pigs are approaching 4 weeks old and we're trying to determine what genders they are so we can try to separate them and get the males neutered. We're pretty sure of the genders of the other two, however the other one is black and the genital area is very small. I don't have great...
  3. GeorgiaHarris

    Is she a girl?

    I’ve never had female piggies before but I recently got two, one I’m certain is a girl but the other is confusing me a bit, one time I look and I think girl but then sometimes I doubt whether or not she is. I was told she was about 3 months old and she very small (500g) so I cant really tell. As...
  4. min eleanor

    female guinea pig rumble strutting/purring to other female, need advice

    hi! so i got my pigs not long ago and they are both female (well supposedly, i’m hoping they are) and one has been rumbling/purring to the other. i understand that it can be a dominance behaviour for females and the one who does it is definitely the bigger pig and more brave but i want to rule...
  5. Alexemond97

    Guinea Pig Genitals Problem

    Hi, I am a new guinea pig owner and the vet currently doesn’t have disponibilities and it is the only one in my region who treats exotic animals, but I have a problem with one of my guinea pig’s genitals. I got him (or her?) in a rescue and they didn’t said anything about it expect that it...
  6. K

    Boy Or Girl?

    hi I've had my guinea pig for a year and I'm just now learning about the intricacies of taking care of your piggie. I thought he was a boy but we looked and we thought it was a girl but I looked again and I really think he's a boy but none of are too sure. can someone help me gender Finn, please?
  7. TheCavyFamily

    Crested Gecko

    Anybody has any pets other than guinea pigs? I have a crested gecko that doesnt have a name still because I can not find a name suitable for a unspecified gender gecko. Any name ideas?
  8. L

    Gender Crisis!

    Hello wise guinea pig people My lovely little friend, Ginny, had two gorgeous babies just about 3 weeks ago. Good time to start getting a clue about who's a boy and who's a girl. I'm kinda hopeless - ive done my reading and kinda get the idea, but to be honest, they all look the same! I've took...
  9. G

    Guinea Pig Died, New Friend For His Brother?

    at the end of christmas break one of my guinea pigs suddenly died :( its taken a few weeks for me to process and move past it but I'm mostly okay now. my guinea pig is named haytham (like the assassin’s creed character!) and he and his brother have been together for all their lives (3 years!)...
  10. Nat_Piggy

    New Guinea Pig! Gender...?

    Sup guys! I'm getting a guinea pig after the holidays--happy christmas/hanukkah/kwanza/etc!--and I just want to know: is there any better gender, female or male? Please don't bombard me with comments like "They're the same" or "It doesn't matter" because I will love my piggy so much no matter...