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  1. B


    hi, my guinea pig died about 5 days ago now, and i just feel awful for the cagemate she's left behind. as far as i know she isn't experiencing acute pining. she's fine with walking around the cage, drinking and eating, but seeing her alone in there just breaks my heart since she's never been a...
  2. K

    Losing a brother.

    Hi everyone. Unfortunately today one of my piggies lost his battle with an infection :( He was sick and old and it was just his time to leave us. Unfortunately he has left behind his brother, who’s been with him pretty much all of his life. I don’t really have the energy for a new pig, so I know...
  3. M

    I'm still really struggling following the death of a pig

    In late October my guinea pig, Chip went downhill rapidly. He had no prior symptoms, one morning I woke up and noticed him audibly crying, and it was as though he'd lost half of his bodyweight overnight. Luckily I work from home, so I was able to rush him to the vet but they struggled to...
  4. G

    Goodbye Billy

    Hi! I know this is a guinea pig forum, but I really need support. Today I went to check on my hamster (Billy) and found him dead! I just can’t help thinking that I should of done more to help him. He was there when I was sad. He would always listen. He would rarely bite. Today we will be hosting...
  5. Gemm

    Bereaved Guinea Pig

    Hello! Sammy (neutered two year old boar) lost his companion on Friday and I am very upset but I know I need to focus on Sammy. Sammy is quiet, lonely and not himself, more scared than usual. I need to get him a friend regardless of my feelings of grief. I have looked around rescues near me...
  6. blacklegkat

    One of our boars passed away - what should we do next?

    On the 1st of February, one of my beloved boars unfortunately passed away due to a problem with his digestive system. Me and my father are very sad about this, as you could probably guess, but we feel even worse because now we have a lonely boar. We love him with all our hearts and want the best...
  7. roseriley

    Grieving Guinea Pig :'(

    Hello everyone. Last year was the worst year of my pet owning life. It was full of so much illness and loss from cancer (three different animals), heart failure (two of them), and other completely unpreventable illnesses. Tragically, I lost three out of my four piggies. Only my little Puddles...
  8. dannif_piggies

    Still grieving after 6 months

    I'm sorry for the morbid post in light of Christmas but I am an emotion wreck right now. Just over 6 months ago we had to say goodbye to my childhood best friend, Crystal. I had grown up with her since I was 4 years old, and don't really remember not having her around. She was my absolute best...
  9. France

    Can't cope- need answers

    A few months ago in September my baby Honey died from mysterious causes. I've posted a couple of times about him for other, minor issues. I usually can move on in about a few weeks or so, but his death was far different from all the others and has left me grieving for longer than usual due to...
  10. TheLottiediarys

    New Friends since losing Bear and Lottie, Possibly combing two pairs?

    Sadly for Anya and Aurora, They have now lost their two cage mates, Bear and Lottie in a space of a few weeks, Obviously this has been an upsetting time for everyone, But I'm thinking mostly about how the girls are dealing with losing Bear. Since we now have two pairs, Anya and Aurora and Baby...
  11. Haylezz

    Helping a grieving guinea pig.

    Hello guys! I just lost my guinea pig which was with my other little girl and now she is not eating and really upset. Any ideas what I can do to help her get though this. I have got another 2 but they are boys. This is the first guinea pig I have lost, so I have no idea 😭 Thank you in advance!
  12. Shelby._.

    A New Buddy.

    My make guinea pig Fin passed away suddenly yesterday. I came home from school to find him looking very ill I did everything I could for him and wouldn’t be able to take him to the vet until the morning. He unfortunately didn’t make it and passed away. My dad was in the room with me and held Fin...
  13. Julie P.

    My Sweet Abe

    Hello, long time (4 year) follower here, but I have never posted, until now. My sweet, beautiful Abe passed away this morning. I'm devastated. He was the most gentle little pig I've ever known. I was lucky enough to adopt Abe 1 1/2 yrs ago from a rescue in Indiana (I live in Kentucky), when my...
  14. Sporgan

    Unexpected Death Of A Young Boar, Do I Need To Get Another Playmate For His Brother?

    Over the weekend a tragic accident resulted in the very tough decision to have one of my fur babies put to sleep to end his suffering. The whole day was very emotional, unusual and difficult for me but also for my other guinea pig - his brother and cage mate of 2 years. I have been monitoring...
  15. T

    Dealing With Aging Guinea Pig

    Hi! Because I'm new to this forum, I'm not sure that I put this in the right spot. I have 2 female pigs, both 6 years old. My alpha pig, Cheers, has become very sick over the past few days. I took her to the vet just then, and the vet said that it was probably because of old age, and there's...
  16. JoannaMarie

    Monty My New Addition With His New Friend Alan The Lion

    I've had Monty a few weeks now, him and Alan seem to have bonded (finger's crossed) they were introduced over two weeks ago now. Alan does love to mount Monty but no real aggression and Monty has learnt to stick up for himself so Alan knows he can't push things too far! Monty is pretty cute it...
  17. leahp1803

    Can Guinea Pigs Delay Their Grieving Process?

    i lost one my my piggies about 3 weeks ago now and he left behind his little friend who has been with him since he was 4 weeks old. when my other piggie first past he seemed OK, he was eating playing, popcorning, and he basically did nothing that I was expecting as him grieving goes! but now...