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guinea pig advice

  1. K

    skinny pig w swollen skin around penis

    hello, my skinny guinea pig dorian has a very visible swollen skin around where his penis would peek out (photo). he's eating well, doesn't show any signs of pain even when i touch it. however it looks inflamed(?), red and quite concerning. what do i do? unfortunately i don't want to rush him to...
  2. S

    6 Pigs Cage

    I currently have a 3x13 cage for my 6 female guinea pigs. I recently adopted my 6th one which was a baby maybe around 6 to 8 weeks. 3 of the adult females have been kind of aggressive towards her when she walks up or tries to cuddle against them. We had to separate her for now because she did...
  3. N

    My guinea pig has an infection.

    Hi all I have been giving my male antibiotics since last Friday I have checked him today and there is still puss coming out of him also I have been seringeing the medication into his mouth but he is managing to spit the liquid out what should I do also he has an appointment next Tuesday to see...
  4. B

    new piggie owner

    Hi! I just got two new 3 month old guinea pigs two days ago and I’m super eager to start bonding with them. I’ve made it a point to chat with them softly and sit by their cage with my hand resting near the door, and they’ve started eating and drinking in front of me. Yesterday I tried hand...
  5. Lovespigs

    Hair loss help

    my 4 year old piggie has bald spots on all of her legs, i haven’t noticed it until today, what could it be, it’s making me panic, my mum won’t let me call the vet saying that she is acting fine.💔 i’m so scared
  6. MP95

    Hip pain? (Long post)

    Hi all, I’ve been trying to get some help for one of my piggies and am honestly at a bit of a loss with what to do and wondered if some more experienced minds could help. So, myself and my partner have been noticing that Chip (crested boar) has been very sensitive to anyone touching his hips and...
  7. H

    Guinea pig advice after a viral infection

    Good morning! I’m hoping someone can help with a a question I have, just to note first I am waiting for the vets to contact me to finish registering my two Guinea pigs so I can get professional advice/treatment, just hoping someone on the forum may of experienced before… Back in July 22, we lost...
  8. Oinkpiggies

    Baby piggy drinking water constantly

    Hi everyone my baby piggy (not sure exactly how old he is), is drinking a lot of water compared to my other pig. Pretty much everytime i come downstairs to see them he is drinking water. Is this maybe a sign of diabetes? I have a vet appointment on Monday but just wanted to hear any insight.
  9. C

    Guinea Pig Probiotics

    Hi! My 3 year old male guinea pig was on antibiotics prescribed by the vet after his brother passed away from pneumonia. We stopped it after he had a bad reaction to it. He is still having diarrhea from the antibiotics. Not full on, his stools are still somewhat formed. I thinking I'm going to...
  10. S


    I recently got a full time job and am struggling, I still take good care of my two boys like cleaning the cage, feeding, health checks ect, but I am not doing okay, it takes a lot out of me as when i get come from work i just want to have my dinner, watch tv and go to sleep, but i am torn...
  11. P

    Thinning fur on back

    Hi guys, My lovely teddy sow seems to be missing some of her fur on her back / rump area. I haven’t really seen her itching or anything so don’t know if it could be mites. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas?
  12. B

    Bonding Questions

    Hi, so I have two boars Bill (approx 8months) and Bean (approx 2months). I have started the boing process and was wondering if you can help me figure out the behaviours I'm seeing and if things are going smoothly. I've noticed: Some rumble strutting form Bill Some happy squeaks from both Both...
  13. elena

    Is my guinea pig mad at me?

    Hello! Ive had this guinea pig for three years now, I thought our bond was made, he used to let me pet him, he would come after me, etc ... but now, he seems mad at me? He doesn't let me touch him, he avoids me, he runs away from me... I am so confused, how do I know what i did wrong? :( He is...
  14. K

    Guinea pig having trouble peeing

    I’m at my last resort posting here as i’m not sure what to do with my guinea pig Wilson. It’s been just over a month now that he has started making little squeaking noises when he pees, and a few weeks ago started hunching and seeming like he was struggling to go, hiding in his corner and making...
  15. A

    Does my pig have a URI ?

    About six months ago I got my second guinea pig, Coco. She had ringworm from a petstore and I treated her. About a month ago I was on vacation and a family member sent me a video, she was making an odd sound and I was very worried. It sounded similar to a wheeze, which I heard again when I got...
  16. allisonochuko

    Our guinea pig died due to heat stroke

    We have two lovely and amazing guinea pigs. Their names are Tilly and Leon. Unfortunately, Tilly died as a result of heatstroke, and we discovered that today. We traveled last Friday and returned today, Sunday, and found that one of them is long gone because of the heat. The heat these past days...
  17. W


    I have owned guinea pigs for the first time, so i have no experience. My guinea pig is sneezing since a week, but its not very frequent and they are perfectly active and eating normally with no other symptoms like watery eyes and nose. Should i be concerned about it or is it normal ? Please any...
  18. Joscelyn


    My guinea pig was overweight last time she was weighed at the vet. Its been about a month or so now and I've been limiting her food as much as I can. I have 2 guinea pigs and this one likes to steal my other guinea pigs pellets. I also give veggies at night, but I've been trying to limit them a...
  19. BasicKayla

    Guinea pig wont eat or drink

    Hi! My guinea pig is 4 years old. About a month ago, my guinea pig stared acting different (i.e. not eating as much, sort of shaking when she walked, smaller, liquid-er poops, and she had eye crusties). I took her to the vet and they said everything is fine, and the eye crusties were probably...
  20. A

    Guinea pig scabs

    My guinea pig has been scratching and biting at his back. I looked at his back and it looks like there are red scabs and some dry skin. I decided to wash him with some special shampoo and after that he stopped constantly scratching and biting but he still has these red scabs on his back and hair...