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  2. Animal lover

    Guinea Pig Videos

    New Guinea pig videos. Please like and subscribe! Thankyou if you watch it.
  3. Animal lover

    Guinea Pig Videos

    New Guinea Pig videos. Please like and subscribe! Thank you if you watch it.
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  5. Animal lover

    Guinea Pig Youtube Channels

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  6. Guinea Days

    Hay Or Shredded Newspaper

    we are wondering what is best for guinea pigs to sleep and live in...obviously they go out on the grass to have a run around but is hay or shredded paper better for them? because very rarely they sneeze..(we use hay)... but in the winter they have shredded and they don't? is this because of...
  7. G


    Hi all, today whilst I was cleaning my Guinea pigs Duke and Aladdin's hutch, I noticed some awful little wriggly things. I instantly knew they were maggots because I have been experiencing some issues with flies even though I have a fly net on the hutch! I feel like such an awful owner and have...
  8. L

    Concerned About My Piggies

    I've got 2 boars that used to like live side by side in different cages, one day they managed to push their ways into each other's cages and they've been together ever since. the original plan was they were both going to be neutered and would have new girlfriends after their little friends died...
  9. Bella & Trixie

    Princess Bella

    Bella is loving her crown! Lol. The girls are adjusting well and both are very sweet!
  10. Brianna Nordin

    What Could This Be?

    I just got my baby girl Mina and noticed her eye was different the other. Any clue what it could be?
  11. B

    Moving Hogs Outside

    Hi guys. Hoping someone can help me out. I have two male guinea pigs who currently live indoors together in the same cage. I've had them since September so kept them inside for the winter months. Now that it's nearly may and the weather should (hopefully) be starting to pick up I'm thinking of...
  12. katie19

    Should I Get A Third?

    i currently have two girls who are fairly well bonded. i stumbled upon a rescue near my house and i would like to look into getting another, but i'd have to persuade my parents. their cage is plently big and i clean it once a week, cleaning their hay bin every other day. it stays plenty clean...
  13. E

    Guinea Pigs Fighting

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum. I own five young male guinea pigs. Two of them, I just adopted yesterday. And since I adopted them, two of my older guinea pigs have been fighting non-stop! One of them even managed to draw blood overnight. I have separated them for now and am taking the...
  14. M

    Guinea Pig Or Rabbit

    Hi! I know this has been asked a lot (I've been trawling through both this forum, the rabbit forum and even yahoo for good opinions!). Originally I was set on getting guinea pigs, but unfortunately with the death of my cat 2 months ago (passed away just before her 21st birthday, can't believe...
  15. S


    hello, I have 2 male Guinea pigs and was wondering for some advice. I've had the piggies for a week now, I have spot cleaned the cage everyday and changed the fleece blanket I use twice in the space if the week, under the fleece blanket I have a roll of carpet and under that some newspaper. This...
  16. TammyGuineapig

    Guinea Pig Facts/ 10 Reason To Get A Guinea Pig

    Guinea Pig Facts That May Surprise You 10 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets PLUS lilychloeplussizefashion | Clothing, Shoes & Accessories
  17. Lottie_Guinea

    New Guinea Pigs, Need Advice Please

    Hello everyone, I brought two baby guinea pigs today that are 8 weeks old, they're called Alice and Dinah (I really hope some people get that reference!) (Dinah is said like Diner) (My avatar is a picture of them!) I would like to know what veggies and fruit they should/shouldn't be fed? I had...
  18. kitkat1

    How Much To Feed?

    So I am currently feeding 6 teaspoons of pellets daily to my piggies, but am I supposed to be feeding them each 6 teaspoons? They always seem very hungry when I go to feed them.XD
  19. kitkat1

    Can Guinea Pigs Catch Human Illnesses?

    So I was wondering if guinea pigs can catch human illnesses the way hamsters can. Thanks!
  20. kitkat1

    Dominance Issue?

    Okay, so yesterday I got to guinea pigs that were from the same place. They were from the same cage. The first couple of hours home they seemed thankful to have each other, but today they started acting different. They started slighly nipping each other (NOT to the point where it draws blood)...