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  1. H

    Dental My guinea pig is not eating and we are not finding a concrete solution

    Hi Three weeks ago, we noticed that out three year old female guinea pig (Jupiter) was unable to eat. She was trying to eat, but was unable to bite. We went to a vet, but he did not gave a substantial cure. We changed the vet. Went to vet number 2. Even he didn't had the required expertise and...
  2. Lumie_

    My guinea pig may not make it

    Hello! I’m here to talk about my guinea pig. There’s nobody to ask about how to know what is going on with her and I just want to find clarity. My guinea pig, well where do I start? I have a guinea pig named Nickel and I got her and her play mate from a woman. That one died somehow and I woke...
  3. Lucyscavies

    Eye ulcer?

    Hi sorry if this is long but I’m concerned about Scooby’s eye. It started September/October time last year. It started out with just a tiny lump that you could only notice if you pulled his eye back so I took him to the vets and got given some eye drops (sorry I can’t remember the name). They...
  4. Lucyscavies


    Hello everyone, I’m just wondering how much should you take your piggies out of their cage or give them lap time? How important is this and how much do you let your piggies have floor and lap time? Is once a week enough or should it be more? Thanks x
  5. G

    Low calcium hay and diet

    Hello everybody! My name is Ryan, I'm a 29 years old Guinea Dad of 2 sweetheart female absynnians. Daisy at 9 months old and 995 grams as well as Lola who is 7 months old and 833 grams. I am became absolutely obsessed with providing the very best possible life for them in every single facet of...
  6. T

    My guinea pigs eye is popping out , cloudy , and red

    what do I do 🥺. I’ve had this girl for about 4+ years and I don’t know what’s wrong with her eyes , I’m no expert but from my Google research I think she has an eye ulcer . On her left eye , and on the right eye it’s gotten tiny or started to close I don’t know what to do , &’ I’m trying to take...
  7. R

    Guinea pig Urine Colour

    I have 2 guinea pigs. Donatella is about 5 months she is hospitalized because her GI are very swollen her pee color had changed to a very orange/red color so she is being treated. Hours after I come home to Coco my other guinea pig and all of a sudden she starts peeing a different color like...
  8. Lucyscavies

    Pet shops

    Hi all, I’m very curious about what you all think about buying pets from pet shops and any bad experiences you have encountered with them. I highly dislike pet shops for many reasons. So so many parents go in with their kids and end up buying a pet they know nothing about. I feel so sorry for...
  9. Z

    Apple sticks

    I give my guinea pigs Apple branches a couple times a week and I gave them skinnier ones and they both ate them completely-can’t find them anywhere in cage. Is this okay?
  10. Lucyscavies


    Hi I’ve noticed this white thing on Scrappys penis, I’m really worried as I don’t know what it is and I really don’t want everyone to say take him to a vet! How can I get it off? The 2 bits at the bottom of him are woodshavings it’s the penis part I’m worried about.
  11. Lucyscavies


    Hi I got baby scales from a friend today and weighed my one year old male guinea pigs for the first time. Scooby weighs 1,600g and Scrappy weighs 1,500g are they normal weights as I read that they should be no more than 1,200g? Thanks :)
  12. Lucyscavies

    Veggie time! 😍

    Veggie time for Scooby & Scrappy tonight, look at how fluffy they are! 😍😍
  13. Guptheguineapig

    Suspected mouse (hopefully not rat!) problem in apartment-- effect on piggies?

    So, over the last few days I have begun the journey of trying to (wild) rodent proof my third floor apartment. I found a hole in the wall by the cage which was thankfully plugged immediately with steel wool. I have also continued to keep all foods human and pigs in air tight bags or containers...
  14. Lucyscavies

    Veggies I can feed my piggies

    Hi, I’m just wondering what veggies you feed your piggies? I’m in the uk and I want to give my guinea pigs more a variety of veg. The things I feed them are: Romaine, cabbage, kale, cucumber, carrots, peppers, green beans, baby corn, gem lettuce, coriander, fruit (twice a week) and sometimes...
  15. T

    Is this a spur or something else?

    we have spotted this on my Guinea pig’s foot. We originally thought it was a spur however it now appears to have spread in a line across the bottom of the foot. It looks like there may be another one starting on her other foot. ( yet very slightly, so not pictured ) .She does enjoy jumping up...
  16. ItsKatyMS

    Best places to buy a guinea pig?

    Okay so I’m thinking of getting a guinea pig and my family wants me to go to a place called Fishbowl which has 50% Absolutely horrid reviews and 50% excellent reviews and my mother doesn’t want to travel across state to a professional breeder and I’m just wondering where do most of you get yours...
  17. LillyKormylo

    Petco Experience

    On May 4th I bought a baby male guinea pig from Petco. Which ended up being a mistake. I fell in love with him and named him Jelly (my other one is named Peanut-butter), he was the only one I’m his cage, and he looked so sad, I thought he could help my older guinea pig who just went through the...
  18. W

    Front leg paralysis

    I have a guinea pig that’s about 3 years old. Up until yesterday she was fine and I noticed she was staying inside her house all day. I thought nothing about it until I gave her food and an hour later she hasn’t eaten them. (When it comes to vegetable I feed her separately from the rest because...
  19. Muffin's great

    Happy Birthday Muffin! 🍰🍰🍰

    We don't know her exact birthday, (we know she was born in January of 2016) but my brother and I picked out this day 3 years ago when we were on our way home with Muffin and her sister Cookie. Although it's been an interesting year, (the death if her sister, 3 different moves, living in a bit of...
  20. Muffin's great

    Cake for Muffin?

    I would like to make a cake for Muffin's 3rd birthday, I've seen a lot of recipes online, and I really like the ones where you actually make the cake instead of just making a pile of vegetable's. The problem is I'm not sure which recipes are actually safe for Muffin or not. Should I make one...