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hair loss

  1. Isabela

    Ill piggy?

    I have a piggie and she started losing some hair around her nose in the past couple of days and today I noticed she has a scab (I don't really know the word for it) on the nose. What could it be? I really hope it's not a fungal infection. The piggies have been having some ''dominance vocal...
  2. S

    Hair Loss and Itching

    Hi- I am new to this fourm and I hope you all can help me. This morning I noticed my pig had lost a patch of hair just above her right front foot (not too big but noticeable). I have also noticed she has been itching (or gnawing, she I guess chews on it then pulls, my previous pigs did the same...
  3. T

    What could this be

    Found this on guniea pig today,his brother died this morning so want to know if should get this one checked too .
  4. GeorgiaHarris

    Bald spot?!

    I’ve noticed my 5 year old boar has got a bald spot on his bum. We’ve previously had problems with lice so I immediately thought he had got them again or maybe had mites so he’s been through a treatment of ivermectin and I’ve washed him with georgeous guineas lice shampoo but it’s still there...
  5. Stewybus


    Older sows can be prone to ovarian cysts & also bladder stones stuck in their urethra. Please check your girls regularly especially if they are making any unusual noises. It usually affects over 4 year olds more but isn’t unknown in 3 year olds. For ovarian cysts there are 2 things to look...
  6. S

    2yr old female guinea pig rapid weight loss

    Hi, my 2 year old guinea pig, Lily, has suddenly lost a LOT of weight. I don't know how much she weighed originally, but I do know guinea pigs usually weigh 800g and Lily now weighs 500g. She is very skeletal and I can feel all of her bones. I took her to the vet yesterday and the vet checked...
  7. Celine298

    Hair loss in sows - insight?

    Hi all! I was browsing through the forum there and I'm seeing a lot of posts come up about sow's losing hair on their backs periodically. My Lola loses the hair on her back (just above her hips) randomly from time to time. She has been treated for mange mites, twice, and aside from the bald...
  8. Prasiddha

    Drastic Hair loss

    Hi friends, All my guinea pigs are shedding hair now. Most problem as the vet suggested it is due to the very hot and humid climate here. I am doing my level best to maintain the temperature and keep my piggies in a cool atmosphere. But fluffy my lovely girl who had under went a tough life with...
  9. C

    Hair Loss

    My piggie Zeus is losing hair on his bum. He lives with Apollo, who is fine (no hair loss) and Zeus is not scratching often, so I don’t think it’s mites. What could it be? Please help!
  10. Pigsneedlovetoo

    Why Does His Face Look Like This?!

    I rescued a very young sick pig from a countrywide pet store. When I first got him he just had crusty fur around his nose but the fur and crust fell off and now looks like this! Look familiar to anyone?
  11. Siikibam

    Behind The Ear

    Today was weigh-in day and overall check for the boys. I noticed that Toffee had an area behind the ear that was a little bare. The skin looked kind of dry, but I haven’t noticed him scratching himself a lot there or anything. He didn’t like me moving his hair to look at it, and shook himself a...
  12. RJade

    Skin Trouble Again

    I can honestly not tell you how much trouble I've had with two of my guinea pigs and their skin. I'm. It exactly sure what it is this time because it's occurred in 2 guinea pigs that don't live together, but they have the same symptoms. Dry, irritated skin and thinning hair. These two pigs must...
  13. Leah&Penelope

    Shedding Hair

    Hey Guys, My guinea Leah who is about two months old has started to shed hair. She is a short haired, smooth coat Harlequin (i think!). Anyway, we live in Australia where it is just about to be summer and I am wondering if it is just that she is losing her winter coat (similar to how dogs do)...
  14. Annie Robbins

    Hair Chunks

    Hey Piggy People, I have a found two small chunks of fur from one of my guinea pigs. I only have two guinea pigs and they are both 6 months old females. I have inspected the guinea pig with the matching fur, and there are no bald spots on her. Also, her activity level is normal...
  15. T

    Hair Loss, Flaky Scabby Skin. Help:(

    hi there! I have an elderly Pig at 7 years old and she has been the happiest, healthiest pig ever until recently. I noticed that on her neck and stomach area she has lost a lot of hair over time it hasn't been drastically and I'm wondering why? :( Someone suggested that it could be dental...
  16. court29x

    Piggy Losing Hair

    My auntie's guinea pig bubble is losing her fur on both of her sides and she's confused on why? Any thoughts?
  17. K

    What Is It?

    Does anyone know what this looks like? only noticed it today and so so worried it looks sore. He does seem to a bit moody and making some annoyed noises, not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Thanks :bye:
  18. Celine298


    Hello all! Just a quick query for those with boars and sows together. Is it common for a board to nibble a sows hair more if she's in heat? Lols has two bald patches on her back. The skin is perfect and there's no evidence of extra hair being shed in the cage. She got them about a month ago as...
  19. cinn&sugarmybbs

    Guinea Pig Skin Conditions?

    Hi, I have two guniea pigs that are around 8 months old. Both of them have been itching occasionally so I had them checked for mites fleas and lice at the vets. They all came out negative. They had a uri when I took them (3 weeks ago) so the doctor prescribed baytril to kill that and she said...
  20. Celine298

    Little Sow With Bald Patches....

    Hey all! I noticed my young sow Lola has two matching bald patches on her back, just above her hips. The skin is fine, no irritation or scaling, and she doesn't mind me touching it so I know it's not sensitive. I only noticed this week as she's an Abyssinian and some of her tufts and rosettes...