hair loss

  1. Sammoo101

    Weird hairloss

    I have a male guinea pig almost 2 years old who has sudden unexplained hair loss right above his testicles. He is on a vitamin C supplement from oxbow and gets daily fresh veggies so I don't think its scurvy. It is also not another guinea pig he is housed alone( he is extremely aggressive with...
  2. M

    URGENT ADVICE NEEDED. 3 year old boar showing multiple signs of illness.

    Hello everyone! My guinea pig has been having multiple issues in the recent 3-4 months. The following health issues have been really concerning me. This is going to be a long post but please please kindly take the time to read the whole post as it could potentially save his life. :( 1) Soft...
  3. YourPigness

    Pig with scab like skin condition getting bigger

    Strange skin condition on pig's hind end. Loss of hair, it feels a bit hard. It dosen't seem to bother him though, no biting or scratching. He otherwise seems like a perfectly fine piggy. He eats fine, his energy level is normal, he poops fine. His brother pig doesn't seem to be interested in it...
  4. H

    Guinea pig crusty hairloss

    Hey all! I'm in desperate need of some advice! My poor Wilma has a big bald patch on her backend, it appeared a day or so after she had given birth (accidental pregnancy which resulted in just one large stillborn boar). She is completely well in herself, eating and drinking, doesn't seem unhappy...
  5. D

    Help! My new guinea pig worries me!

    Hi, I recently got my first pet a new guinea pig (pocket), last Thursday. A person in my neighborhood was giving him away because his new guinea pig wasn't getting along with this one. Pocket was slowly opening up and at the beginning wasn't eating but is now eating well. I have a few things to...
  6. L

    New Pigs Hair Loss

    Hi there, I got 2 new G pigs about 3 weeks ago, 2 weeks ago one of them developed a scab on her nose. The place where I got them said it was probably mites so they treated her for that (and the other one, peach). Now the Peach also has some hair loss around her eye. I have done some research...
  7. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    Is it ringworm or did his hair get pulled?

    Is this ringworm, at first his hair was stuck together and looked like he got boar glue on it but today a piece is missing. So I'm unsure if it got stuck somewhere and he pulled or if its ringworm? I won't be able to get to the vets tonight so I need to know what I can do, I might have to take...
  8. E

    Help! Piggy Sores? Won’t Stop Itching!

    Hello All! Just a few days ago I noticed on the left side of my pig’s nose the hair was falling out and then saw a small pea sized sore behind his left ear. Then yesterday I found 3 more sores on his chest and near his bottom. He keeps chewing at the sore on his back and is worrying me that...
  9. P

    guinea pig excessive hair loss/shedding

    hi. does anyone know what could be the cause of my guinea pig suddenly starting to excessively shed? she's always shed a bit but for a few days i've noticed huge patches of hair on the floor where she lays and today I lightly tugged at some of her back hair and it came out with little to no...
  10. K

    hair loss on nose?

    Hi all. Only had my biggies 2 weeks- noticed one had a slight bump on her nose- now there seems to be hair loss. Its nose sore or red etc..any ideas?
  11. Guineapigsmcr

    Lice / hairloss / stress advice please!

    Hi all I have 2 boy guineapigs, both around 8 months old now. They moved into their new cage setup downstairs last week so I could make their enclosure bigger, I have noticed since then one of my piggies moo, has started to loose some hair around the front of one of his eyes, his other is fine...
  12. X

    Guineapig suddenly lost a patch of fur

    First of all, my 4 guineapigs have hay mites or *static lice* these do not cause any harm or hair loss and most guineapigs carry these. I bathe them with medicated shampoo and give them ivermectin behind the ear to help keep numbers of lice down. One of my girls (juno) has suddenly got a bold...
  13. S

    Hair loss and runny eyes

    Hello, We adopted a guinea from Petsmart where my daughter works. This female guinea (Nova) had health problems when she was little with runny eyes and some other issues that I can't remember now. Petsmart put her in quarantine and had a vet looking in on her for a couple of months. She was...
  14. BobaBabyUwU

    Dry skin around the eye and hair lose

    Hello! I'm relatively new here and I only signed up to ask a question about my Guinea Pig, Boba. I got Boba about a week and a half ago and he is no older then a year. About 5 days ago Boba started losing hair around his right eye and I noticed the skin was very dry. (Sorry if its blurry) I...
  15. WillowCL

    Regular Hormonal Injections? Ovarian cysts

    Hello, One of my guinea pigs, Lucy, has small ovarian cysts (the kind that stays small, but can be aggressive). She's almost 6 and our vet is reluctant to perform a surgery (she's a guinea pig specialist that we found on this forum). We gave her a course of Chorulon (1500iu) injections...
  16. M

    Scab like and hair loss

    Hello, me and my sister recently noticed a scab like thing on the back of my piggy i didn’t realise he was having hair loss in that area until i took the photos, should i be worried and is there anything i should do?
  17. T

    Sneezing for weeks?

    Good evening everyone! My name is Kris. I've got 3 beautiful female piggies, but my baby Oreo (I'm not quite sure of her age, but my guess would be about 3 months old) has been sneezing for exactly 22 days now. The minute I'd first noticed, I took her straight to the vet, who put her on 2 weeks...
  18. beautifulcat83

    Patch of hair loss

    Hi I’ve had guinea pigs in the past but it’s been at least 10 years since my last piggies passed. We have since adopted three girls who are three years old. Fuzzy my teddy piggie has lost a patch of fur - I haven’t noticed any scratching etc ... any ideas? :( Thank you x
  19. ellie208

    Guinea pig hair loss

    Hi, I have a 3 year old female guinea pig, Recently we've noticed she seems to be loosing hair around her neck. She isn't completely bald there but the hair does seem to be thinning. Any ideas on why this is happening? I don't think it is a fungal infection as it doesn't look like pictures I...
  20. Isabela

    Ill piggy?

    I have a piggie and she started losing some hair around her nose in the past couple of days and today I noticed she has a scab (I don't really know the word for it) on the nose. What could it be? I really hope it's not a fungal infection. The piggies have been having some ''dominance vocal...