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  1. toodledoodler

    Trouble handling

    Hello fellow piggie lovers! I have 2 beautiful boars named Wilbur and Fred, both 4.5 months old. They’re my second pair so I thought I had experience handling guinea pigs, but now I realise that my previous pair were really quite easy to handle. We have made some progress - they now happily eat...
  2. kerry3383

    What does this noise mean?

    For some context: this is my 1yo male guinea pig who I just rehomed 3 weeks ago with his brother! In the video I was holding him and petting him and he was making these noises? Not sure if they’re happy or annoyed squeaks? I think annoyed? He seemed to squeak specifically when I petted his back...
  3. P

    Need help piggie all of a sudden terrified of being handled.

    Hi Everyone, So I’ve had my 2 boars for nearly 2 months now, the more dominant piggie Angus has gone from absolutely hating being handled to allowing chin and head scratches a few times a day. However… My more submissive piggie Percy has gone from slowly relaxing for cuddles and burrowing into...
  4. S

    When can I start handling my new guinea pigs?

    Hello! I recently got two new guinea pigs, and they are long haired. I’ve had them for almost a week and think it’s really due time for brushing them. But I do not know if I should wait some more until I start handling them? thanks
  5. soupgirls

    First-time handling!

    Hey! I’m the owner of two young female guinea pigs and I’ve had them for almost three weeks now. They trust me, don’t run away, eat out of my hand, even put their front legs on my hand to get to food in my palm. I mistakenly thought it would be best to handle them right away - and stopped...
  6. J

    Help with handling and trust

    Hello. I rescued two boars this summer, Theodore and Pierre, and am looking for some advice with regard to handling. It has been a very slow journey with these boys but here is some background: -They are both approximately 2 years old (unfortunately no exact birth day) -They were both show...
  7. R


    Hi All, We have 2 guinea pigs female they are 6 months old been handled since we got them. Lately one of them is impossible to get out of the cage she makes a growling sound and walks around low to the ground almost crawling she also does this sometimes in the outdoor run to the other pig. Any...
  8. Hannahb2804

    Handling new piggies and floor time

    Hi I rescued two piggies Saturday morning and I’ve managed to stroke them a little and the more confident one Luna seems comfortable eating in front of me but Dougal seems timid and hasn’t come out a lot, I did pick up Luna for roughly five minutes to see how she’d feel and she didn’t seem to...
  9. A

    Guinea pig questions!

    Hi, I’m a new guinea pig mummy and have some questions please! I have had Albie (grey) for 6 weeks and Zeb for 5, they are brothers - both around 4 months old. Some days they will let me and my partner pick them up (when they are in their beds) and put them on us whilst stroking / feeding...
  10. T

    New Guinea Pig Mom - Need Advice!

    Hello! Just picked up two baby girls (sisters) from our Humane Society. They will be a month old on June 17th. They have been with us for 24 hours. Nice large CC cage is set up with all the goods and they are settling in. I have done A LOT of research, reading, and watching videos on...
  11. F3RN

    Scared of being picked up?

    Hi, I’ve got two guinea-pigs Eric and Ernie (Eric is the black piggy in my picture and Ernie the blonde one). Earlier today Ernie jumped out of my hands and miraculously fell into a hanging basket so he didn’t fall on the ground! I think he’s okay, I’m keeping an eye on him but there doesn’t...
  12. H

    Cagey in the cage advice

    Hi, I have 2 male guinea pigs aged about 9 months. I got them from a private seller as a Xmas gift from Santa. They were the sellers first litter, she had sold them to a friend but they were returned, so I bought them. Anyway, they live in my living room so that they are not spooked by our...
  13. T

    Advice for handling new piggy

    Hi, I have recently adopted a cute little piggy, called Viktor, he's a boar and around a year old, and I have had him for 2 weeks now. He is very nervous around people, though very confident when it comes to hand feeding, he will bolt around the cage and buck (sometimes he may chatter his teeth...
  14. P

    Guinea Pig Jumping?

    How likely is it that a guinea pig will jump when carrying them? I'm wanting to pick them up and walk over to the sofa with them for some laptime but I'm so scared they jump as I'm walking or jump of my legs when I'm sitting on the sofa :( just now I'm bringing the whole cage down right next to their...
  15. x3littlepiggies

    Settling in 3 piggies

    Hi everyone! New owner here :-) Myself and my partner welcomed 3 beautiful 6 week old female guinea pigs into our lives last Thursday (Tofu, Peanut, and Noodle). They have a large 4x2 enclosure with lots of places to hide, things to explore, and interesting chew items. Since they've arrived...
  16. honeybee<3

    How can I calm young guinea pigs while being held

    My guinea pig pumpkin is particularly bad for this. She is still young and fairly new but I've had her long enough that I need to clip her nails and take her from her cage from time to time for cleaning etc. However, she kicks and squirms so bad that I'm always scared she will jump and hurt...
  17. Kiko+Peanut

    Children And Guinea Pigs

    Hey everyone! I was doing some snooping around the forum and something came to my attention when I was looking at the children and Guinea Pigs thread. So I was wanting to know everyone's opinion. What do you think is the proper age of a child/teen when they can be alone with Guinea Pigs?
  18. C

    Nervous New Piggies

    Hi, I have two new guinea pigs about 9 weeks old and have never had them as a pet before. I've had them for 8 days now and they're slowly getting more adventurous. I started handling them on the fourth day and have had them out of their enclosure once a day since then - I've just been sitting...
  19. KaitlinH

    How Can I Build Their Confidence?

    We got some new piggies a while ago and they're still very shy and nervous. They are in a quiet environment with a big pen. They are two male piggies who get along well but can argue over veggies from time to time. They can also be handled by people but freeze and don't move because of nerves...
  20. court29x

    Excitable Piggies!

    My 2 girlies have just turned 2.5 months old and they are still as excitable as ever! However enjoyable it is to watch them popcorn about and run around like little rockets, they are quite hard to calm down when it comes to handling them! :)) I'm not worried as eventually after about 10 mins...