1. R

    At A Complete Loss!

    Hello! However this is not my first set of guinea pigs, this is my first rescue set! Long story short I've recently rescued 3 boars from a very neglectful home. All of their nails are disgustingly long and curled round. The boys have never been handles (they're 4 years old) meaning they've never...
  2. Fuzz Pigs

    When Should I Handle My Pigs?

    I've had my piggies for a week now. They accept veggies from us but are still a bit nervous around us. When should we start picking them up? I've seen mixed opinions. What are your experiences and recommendations? Thanks :-) Lou
  3. Watermelon-Pets

    Is This The Right Time? Help!

    One piggy of my pair is very nervous and doesn't come out much, her name is biscuit. And I got her out one morning to bond ( thinking it would make her realise I'm a gentle giant) and it went really well, until she went back in the hutch. So I left her a couple days only popping my head in to...
  4. Guineapigfeet

    Handling Progress

    For the last few days the girls have been inside in my spare room as the shed would be too hot for them and I decided it would be good for us all to get a bit more handling in! None of them really enjoy it and would much rather be with each other running around, so I don't really do lap time as...
  5. 0ryanna0

    Handling Questions

    So today/tonight was the first time EVER that my baby girl guinea piggy ZERO! Gave me a kiss/lick! It was so cute. Omgosh I feel special! LOL. So the question is! Does your guinea pig warn you when they have to pee? How do they? And how soon after when you pick them up? Zero still runs away...
  6. Louspiggs

    Good Or Bad?

    ive had two boars for roughly a month and today i was sitting cross legged on the floor while they were out of the cage. one of my boys came onto my lap (i havent enticed him with anything) and he let me stroke him for about 5 minutes which is quite long for him as all he wants to do is run laps...
  7. Louspiggs

    Does My Piggie Hate Me?

    i have 2 baby boars that i got about 3 weeks ago. the more dominant boar lets me stroke him while hes eating, on my lap, out for floor time etc and he is very easy to get a hold of and pick up. to get to this point ive tried every piggie taming tip out there and it's definitely paid off for him...