1. W

    I'm allergic to my guinea pig's hay

    3 weeks ago I brought home my two boys, Womble and Bear. Whilst I love them dearly my respiratory system isn't coping very well with their hay and I'm getting a cough, sore eyes and an itchy throat. I've been taking anti-allergens but I need a long term solution. I've heard air purifiers can...
  2. K

    Will my guinea pig be comfortable sleeping on hay?

    Hi! Sorry if this is a silly question but if i stuff the pig igloo with hay, will it be uncomfortable for my pig? I use linen and sawdust bedding and I’ve always stuffed the igloo with hay but it seems really scratchy to me? Will he be uncomfortable sleeping with hay in the igloo, should I just...
  3. Spoink

    Weaning back onto hay after Recovery?

    Hello, me again! Just looking for some advice really - I am wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks on getting your piggy’s interest back into hay after syringe feeding? My little girl Biscuit is now gaining weight again and is beginning to thrive, she is more active in herself and more...
  4. Stephanie 784


    Any one on here in the USA? What hay do you feed I’m fed up with oxbow there just not consistent. I’m looking for a new orchard grass. I have been buying there 50 pound box of orchard grass and it has either been very moldy or had a funny smell or the last box I got was just dust and small...
  5. Spoink

    Territorial over food?

    Hi, any help would be so appreciated. I have 2 females, Biscuit was adopted and is at least 2 years old (actual age unknown) and one new addition that we got 2 days ago, Piglet - she’s a baby. :love: We did an introduction and all was really smooth. Biscuit seemed to take Piglet under her wing...
  6. R

    C&c grid hay rack

    After the hay rack I bought tuned out to be too small for my 3 greedy pigs and the hay was running out in the night I have DIYed this from spare grids. Does it look ok? I have watched and they have all managed to eat from it easily.
  7. ashleemelda

    Question Re: Hay, Weight Gain Food

    Since getting my girls back in late May/early June they have always been on the petite side. I have since gotten them up to approximately 840g. After a discussion with my vet and looking at several forums on here, I began slowly introducing small amounts of dry, old-fashioned oats and grated...
  8. Wheeky_pigs

    Farm hay okay to eat?

    Hi all, I’m just wondering if untreated greasy hay from our local farm is okay for the guinea pigs? Thank you for your help.
  9. SydneySharkk

    Guinea pig making weird faces

    I just checked on him right now and he’s making weird faces. Like he has something stuck in his mouth. I know my old guinea pig would make these faces when she was having trouble eating, so it’s just making me worried. I’m hoping it will correct itself soon, maybe it’s just a piece of hay stuck...
  10. 2Pigs2Many

    Bramble in 3rd cut Timothy Hay?

    This might be a strange question, but is 3rd cut Timothy Hay supposed to have these sharp brambles? I usually buy from RabbitHole Hay but they were out of stock on a 3rd cut I wanted to try, so I went to Small Pet Select (Which seems like a big mistake). I ended up cutting my hand so bad it...
  11. P

    rice weevils

    my guinea pigs always have hay but recently we’ve been getting rice weevils all around the house but mostly in my room where my pigs are, rice weevils go after rice wheat and grains, is there any alternatives for hay for them just for a couple weeks until we’re sure the bugs are gone?
  12. Guineapigfeet

    Why they get hay-pokes

    Just had a new 10kg of HayBox Club meadow hay delivered. I topped up the girls’ hay tray and this happened: It’s not just a hay tray, it’s a hay tray with three pigs hiding in it! I’ve never ‘seen’ them all in it together like this!
  13. C

    Hay poke causing damaged eye

    Hello all, one of my guinea pigs who is 2 had a sunken eye which didn’t quite look right - took him to the vets turns out a sharp piece of hay has damaged his eye ☹️ he recommended we use paper bedding like what they sell for hamsters. However in the stores around by me I have only ever seen...
  14. jenibee

    Hay in back of eye?

    Today morning I saw my guinea pig had a small piece of hay in his eye and as I tried to get it out but it just seemed to have gone on further into it. When I look at it now there isn't any sign of it so I'm not really sure whether it fell off or not. He's not squinting or anything right now and...
  15. A

    Recommended hay for young piggies

    I have two seven week old boars and it doesn't look like they're eating hay.ive only ever seen them eat pellets and starting to get concerned. My other 4 piggies love the excel Burgess feeding hay but the two babies don't by the looks of it. Can anyone recommend any other brands/types of hay...
  16. RoxyGuineaPigLover

    Candy in her Igloo! 😊

    This is Candy! 😊 one of my little cuties! Right now she is relaxing in her igloo. Sorry if it’s kinda hard to see
  17. Guineapigfeet

    How often do you get hay pokes?

    I’ve just been to the vets with BB for a hay ‘poke’ - it was actually a bit of super soft hay lying under her bottom eyelid, so not really a ‘poke’ at all! which is the third time I’ve been for this sort of thing with my trio. The vet said I may want to re-think their bedding as I’ve had a lot...
  18. B


    Hi, I’m torn between using straw or wood shavings from Pets at Home? I was just wondering what all of you use in your bed and if anyone knows what type of wood shavings Pets at Home sell as we can only really use Aspen. :)
  19. pepperandrosie


    Hi, I was just wondering if you can feed guinea pigs fresh grass as I've had an idea that i can buy a mini hay rack (like a hamster sized one) to put grass in but also have a big one for the hay during the winter so when its summer they can go on the grass and eat more of it? I don't want to...
  20. Celine298

    Hay Online - Recommendations?

    Hi all! I'm looking to change my hay brand for the girls. My local choices are limited so I'm looking into purchasing online, but that poses the risk of getting shoddy produce. Can anyone recommend a good brand that's reliable in it's quality? I'm from Ireland so American sites are out...