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  1. Y

    Is Hay Rattle/Yellow Rattle poisonous to guinea pigs?

    Hi all, With it being winter, we're using a lot more hay than usual for our guinea pigs to use as bedding and also to eat as they quite enjoy it. The only problem is that the best hay we can find has tonnes of Hay Rattle/Yellow Rattle seeds in it (literally in every handful of hay) and we're...
  2. Kimicub

    Hay Help!

    Hiya all! I live in Southampton central and my piggies love Oxbow Timothy hay and meadow hay. These 1kg bags are quite pricey (£13 roughly on amazon). Just wanted to know if you guys had any ideas of good Hay for someone to get for fussy piggies with expensive taste lol
  3. dannif_piggies

    Those of you that have a hay box...

    Hey guys, those of you that have a dedicated hay box, rather than a hay rack or just using hay as bedding, what do you use below the hay? I would love to have a dedicated hay section/box for the piggies especially Willow as she is always jumping in the hay rack to run through it... I used to...
  4. A


    Hello, My guinea pig has recently had dental surgery because the pet shop never actually told us he had teeth behind his front, which can be a very common mistake, just wanted to know if anyone had any tips they use to shorten their teeth, I’ve heard that Timothy Hay works, anything else I can...
  5. Gemm

    Cheaper hay?

    Hi everyone I have 4 guinea pigs and They have oxbow orchard timothy blend hay. They get through 5kg per month and it costs me £44. Do you know of any cheaper hey but is of equal or even better quality? I want to give my pigs the best but don’t want to break the bank. Thanks
  6. AlvieOB

    Fleece bedding - how much hay?

    Hi everyone, Currently, my two boys are in a C&C cage with Aubiose bedding (similar to wood shavings. We cover the whole floor with hay, so they never walk on bedding, they walk on hay. We are going to switch over to fleece bedding. Do we need to cover the floor with hay, or are they okay with a...
  7. oofitsnaomi

    Hay Feeder

    Hi:D I was just browsing around and I found a post of someone saying that their piggy died because it got caught in the hay rack? I just wanted to make sure mine was safe. It's this one All Living Things® Wooden Hay Feeder | small pet Feeders & Water Bottles | PetSmart Thanks!
  8. GeorgiaHarris

    What hay should I use?

    I want to bulk order some hay from Hay and Straw but I'm not sure which hay to get. They have 3 different types: Ings hay, Timothy and Rye hay and Meadow hay. Does anyone order from here and have any reviews/preferences?
  9. saba

    Hay Storage

    Looking to save some money in the long run and buy hay in bulk. Any suggestions on how to store it to retain the quality as long as possible? Thanks in advance.
  10. Rinn

    Best Hay Rack/ Hay Rack Suggestions.

    I was wondering which hay rack would be the safest? This thread can also be a suggestion for hay racks. I know that ball hay racks/wheel hay racks/the V shaped wire hay rack had caused more than a few accidents. Here is a hay rack I'm currently using for the pigs. They are from daiso, I cut a...
  11. S

    HAY HELP! Timothy or Alfalfa?

    Hi! I’m looking to get a couple of guinea pigs soon and have done a lot of reading! There’s so many different opinions on what the best type of hay is to give them. What do you guys do? I am moving soon and will have a small garden and no lawn so I’ve looked into getting grass trays and having...
  12. Konira

    Piggies Not Eating Hay!

    Hey, so i got 2 new guinea pigs a couple days ago (Both of them are about 3 and a half weeks old), I'm almost positive they are healthy, but neither of them are eating hay, they give small bites on the hay but never seem to actually eat big pieces... I wonder if this is related to them being so...
  13. S

    Are They Bored? + Shed And Hay Advice

    Hi everyone! Just wanted some advice/answers to a couple of questions. Firstly – hay. I give my two girlies loads of hay every day, in two different places, and also in a hay rack. I read that guinea pigs won’t eat hay that they’ve gone to the toilet in, but my girls seem to just go to the...
  14. J

    Poops Sticking To Fleece

    Hello, Ive owned 2 guinea pigs for about a year. I originally used fleece bedding but it was too difficult to clean the cage because the poop and hay kept sticking to the fleece.I had to switch over to paper bedding but now i want to give fleece another shot. I created a kitchen area so the hay...
  15. B

    B&m Bargains Timothy Hay: Dodgy Batch?

    I've had piggies for about a year and a half now and I've always used B&M Bargains Timothy Hay. The other day I bought 2 bags and it was completely different from normal. There are still green pieces but it's very dry (like straw), small, straight pieces- almost like the bits that you get at the...
  16. ElizaCavies


    any ideas to what hays I should get and any nice and good quality hay on a budget and how I can see if it is good quality or not? Thanks for your help (in advance), ElizaCavies xx
  17. Devyn50

    Not Eating Hay

    14 month Hamlet had stroke 4 months ago, Now stabilized. He weighs 520g and is quite small. He will eat pellets and veggies but no hay. Tried Timothy..botanical and oat. He will pick it up and bite it in half but can't or won't eat it. Sometimes he has issues with veggies and throws his head...
  18. Thiefelli

    Questions About Pellet Food!

    Hi everyone! I've had my pigs for about 6 months now and work in a pet shop so I'm always looking for good guinea pig pellet food. I know that anything with little colored chunks or flaked peas is bad for them so I avoid these mixes. I've tried all sorts, from Oxbow Organics (which they find...
  19. SweetClementine

    Hay Rack Help

    I've had my guinea pigs for 3 months now, and so far, they've been really awesome. They've settled into the rhythm of things really well. They're great at having their nails trimmed and they're not at all afraid to explore and exercise. But their hay rack is being a bit problematic for me. It's...
  20. Suki&Indie

    Hay Problem!

    So for the past few years ive been using alfalfa king timothy hay (11.36kg bag) but when I went to order some they were all out ! I looked at other sites but it was out of stock there too. Anyone know where to get some or something like it? All I need is for it to be nice (green, not dusty)...