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  1. lavender91


    So I have 2 female pigs about 2-2 1/2 years old so I have a general question. Is it normal for pigs adult pigs to sit in their igloo most of the time or is this something I should worry about ? She comes out for Pets and to eat and drink then goes back in and takes a nap 😴 . Is this a normal pig...
  2. cola.thepig

    My piggy isn't eating hay and he has mites

    Hello, i am new in this forum. And english isn't my first language so if i make any mistakes please excuse me! 🥲 I had 2 guinea pigs, and one of them (his name was Chips) sadly passed away recently. And Cola (8 months, male) is still with us. I took him to vet after his mate passed away. The vet...
  3. Isabellajones

    On going poop issue

    Hi guys, I’ve posted a few times in the last few months about Shaun’s ongoing loose/soft poops. They stick to his feet etc. I’ve posted a long thread about this.. So we still have the ongoing issue. I’m looking for advice. Any thing to try to solve this. Here’s his daily diet: I provide: A...
  4. A

    Help identify these hays

    Hello. Would you help me identify the three certainly different types of hay in this picture? I've marked them as A, B, and C. Please note that the C type is what small amount was left in the bag. It's not usually this leafy. In fact, it's the thinnest hay I've ever bought and snap quite...
  5. Suki&Indie

    Hay burrowing tub set up?

    Hi all! I’ve seen a lot of piggy parents have a big tub of hay for their piggies to burrow in. I never set one up because I thought it would be expensive and messy but I recently got them a hay cube (a little box filled with hay) and they obsessed! So I think it’s time I set up a burrowing box...
  6. D

    Constant and repeated hay pokes

    Hi All, I am the proud dad of 4 piggies (3 skinny 1 hair - all same family) and I have had the issue of hay pokes for almost 3 weeks now. I wanted to reach out to some more educated guinea pig caretakers and see if maybe I could get some advice on how to prevent this in the future. One of my...
  7. thedosboys

    Boys don't chew is that a problem?

    I'm the dad of Diego and Manny, they are a bonded pair about 3 years of age. When I first thought about getting guinea pigs everyone says that they are going to chew, so make things chew proof or give them things to chew on. But I've had my boys for almost a month and.... They don't chew. I...
  8. Luke&Bo

    Storing hay outside

    My question is about storing hay outside in the cold in Canada. Will it mould if it is in a sealed container outside? Anyone with experience regarding this topic? All suggestions welcome.
  9. Isabellajones

    Hay giveaway!

    Hi guys, I have 4kg of premium Timothy hay to give away. It comes in two 2kg boxes from Little Hay Co. I bought it for my Guinea Pig and discovered I’m massively allergic to it as well as my pig preferring his original silky soft hay. I don’t want anything for it but you would have to come...
  10. A

    Not eating hay even after dental surgery!

    Hi! My 7.5 y/o guin pig Nut has been refusing to eat hay for a while - while having a monster appetite for anything that isn't hay (pellets, veg, critical care, joint supplements I feed him). After a visit to the vet we found out that he has overgrown molars trapping his tongue, and today he...
  11. Isabellajones

    Pointy poops and are a veggies a must?

    Hello everyone, Just a bit of information about my piggie before I go into detail: I adopted a boar in December last year, I’m not sure of his age but Pets At Home said he was about 9 months at the time of his adoption. He is on a table spoon of burgess nuggets. Silky soft hay (a mix of...
  12. nipz58

    Hay feeder, too many wasted hay, dummy pigs

    Hello, first of all, I'm new to the forum and I wasn't really sure in which topic to post my question, so I apologize if I'm in the wrong topic. The thing is that I have a hay feeder that my guinea pigs eat from, what happens is that they look for specific stems of the hay, and in the process...
  13. Queenjellybeany

    Favourite brand of hay?

    Hey everyone! I’ve had my two Guinea pigs for 3 years and I’ve made an odd discovery. Mine have been on and off sick recently, I’ve took them to the vets a few times as they’ll get pain when weeing/pooping. No sign of bladder stones, but seems like they have too much calcium but the veggies...
  14. TokeHound

    New Piggies - Veggies or Not?

    Hello, I just got two male baby guinea pigs from a pet store. They said the piggies are roughly 10-12 weeks old. They told me that they need to be on pellets and alfalfa hay for another four weeks before I slowly introduce veggies to them. However, I'm finding other information online saying...
  15. PiggyPack

    The Scam with Nuggets

    This has probably been discussed to death here, but I wanted to just express my anger at the very poor amount of information given to new guinea owners about the correct amount of nuggets to give their pigs! I can’t believe all in the pet food companies. More nuggets used, more bags bought...
  16. Megham

    Recommended hay suppliers?

    Hey guys! Looking for any trusted hay suppliers you have in the UK. I've now got my second infestation of hay mites within a year for my poor girls and I'm DONE :'D So I'm wondering what hay suppliers do you guys use because I'm eagerly searching for a new supplier with a good reputation...
  17. PiggyPack

    Changing hay with a bloated pig?

    Hi! For those who know about Bea’s situation, I want to thank you again, she’s put back on 100g and is eating more than our other two combined! A hay rich diet really is helping her. But I noticed today, our usual hay supplier has really been letting us down, it’s Helmes Hay if any of you UK...
  18. S

    May have accidentally fed Alfalfa

    My dad works on a farm and gifted me a bale of hay for Christmas. I forgot to double check and ask what kind it was. I’m going to ask in the morning but at the moment I’m worrying. What if I’ve been feeding my 2 year old piggies Alfalfa hay for the last 2 days? Will they be okay?
  19. ZenexPiggies

    Hay bathing?

    Hey there, I have 5 piggies and I have noticed especially in the last 5 weeks that they all like to take a big nap in the hay. I have a 7x3 cage + an extra 1x3 room for hay, and they all like to go in there and take a big nap, but not at the same time, maximum 2 at the time. Whenever 3 or more...
  20. PigMummyEm

    Piggies grow up too fast + Hay question

    I got my girlies in December 2020 and they were small enough to fit through the grids in the c&c cage🥺 I can’t believe how fast piggies grow up! Also - does anyone have any good Uk hay recommendations? My pigs love the really green Timothy hay as I am sure most pigs do, but it’s so expensive...