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  1. stellarosie21

    Possible Fungal Infection

    Hi Everyone, Rosie, my 4 month old pig, has had what the vet and I believed to be a fungal infection. It started on her nose and there were bald/dry/itchy spots behind her ears and inside her two back legs. I was given some topical treatments since she was too small to be treated orally, and...
  2. H

    ill Guinea Pig Help

    Hello, I've had two guinea pigs for the last 5 years, both boys and they've lived together since they were around 8 weeks old. This morning, one of them was very lethargic and not very willing to eat so he went to the vets. The vet examined him and said he has either sprained his spine (he was...
  3. G

    Small Black Patch by Butt

    I have just gotten a new guinea pig today and he seems completely healthy behavior wise, but when I was letting him run around in a pen by himself for a bit I noticed a little black patch right above his butt/lower back area. It seems like a scab and I tried pulling it off and it didn't bother...
  4. S

    What happened

    Hi. I want to preface this with that I am new here, but I needed to share my experience. I lost my precious baby girl Cocoa last night, and the pain is still very fresh and graphic in my mind. But there’s something bugging me about it and it’s killing me. Cocoa was 5 years and 11 months old...
  5. A

    Red eye?

    My Guinea pig has one eye thats suddenly red around the edge and swollen. Is it an infection? How do i treat it?
  6. Livy

    Inflamed lymph node

    Hello I normally do a body check at least once a week on my piggies to check for lumps etc. Unfortunately today I did find a small lump on my 5 year old piggies neck. It is around the size of a pea and is free moving. I called the vet and got an appointment same day. She was diagnosed with...
  7. A

    URI recovery

    Hi all! Recently my guinea pig Gingerlily has come down with a URI. I was quick to act and booked in a vet appointment the next day where she was given an antibiotic jab which lasts 10 days and an anti inflammatory. She picked up an appetite and began to act normal that night, however seemed to...
  8. basicpiggies

    Giving A New Guinea Pig Medicine

    Hi. I’m taking one of my new guinea pigs to the vet because I suspect she may have a URI. I’m not 100%, but I’m leaning more towards she does than she doesn’t. The problem is she is still adjusting to her environment and is completely terrified of me. I need advice on how to quickly &...
  9. basicpiggies

    Guinea Pig Sneezed After Cage Cleaning?

    Hi! I have three guinea pigs and two of them I just recently brought into my family, and now they’re all living happily together! They have all been getting along, eating, chasing each other, popcorning etc, and things have been smooth. However, today, something concerning (yet pretty...
  10. DizzyD95

    Surolan - bruised appearance on ringworm patch?

    One of my piggies came to us with ringworm. The vet prescribed Surolan to put on the patches and we've been giving them both Imaverol baths. We're off to see a guinea pig specialist this weekend to get some itrafungol and a second opinion because I haven't seen any improvement (I know we should...
  11. Piggiepops

    Dying guinea pig :(

    Hi everyone. A couple of days ago we noticed that our 6 year old piggy was becoming very lethargic and not eating as she usually would. Today she has become even more lethargic and is closing her eyes a lot (not sleeping). She’s been alone from about 9am when we all went to work, and I just got...
  12. T

    HELP: Yellow Sticky Discharge From Vagina

    My 1 year old female guinea pig has yellow sticky discharge from her vagina. She has shown no sign of pain when urinating, she is eating and drinking normally, she only showed signs of slight discomfort when wiping the discharge away with wet tissue. Does anyone know what could be the problem...
  13. Molly03

    Emergency My guinea pig isn’t moving and hasn’t eaten

    Usually my albino guinea pig Alfie is full of life and loves having a run about, when I went to clean his and his brothers cage I realised he wasn’t acting himself, his eyes looked tired and his fur was puffed up. Usually he gets very excited when I clean the cage because he gets more time to...
  14. Sophiiiaac

    I think my piggy has a fungus! PLZ HELP

    My guinea pig has a bumpy white fungus looking thing behind her ear. There is some blood but I watched her for a while and she hasn’t been scratching excessively. I googled it and it said that it could be ringworm or mites? I’m not sure how to treat her and there aren’t any vets near me that are...
  15. TheLottiediarys

    Whats the best way to reintroduce after a illness bout?

    Hi guys I'm wondering what's the best way to reintroduce my girl Aurora to her Husband and two female mates after she's been away for 2 weeks due to illness. Aurora got a bit skinny and had funny greasy looking hair so i was quite worried, mainly that it would be ringworm but she's got a clean...
  16. K

    Boar Not Recovering Well Post Neutering

    Hi there, My boar Spike is not recovering well post op, he’s just sitting there and barely eating anything. I’m feeding him critical care (started today), and he’s been back to the vet, who gave him pain killer and antibiotics as well as fluids. He’s seeing and pooping a little bit now. He is on...
  17. C

    Help My Female Guinea Has Problem But I Don’t Know What To Do.

    My guinea pig has some dark yellow brown stuff around her butt/vagina. And once I found that one part of her hair near to her vagina has is wet and orange, a little bit red
  18. H

    Sick Piggie

    Hello Our 7.5 month old Ginger is ill. I'm not sure what it is, but she's lost weight, is very listless but she is eating (not huge amounts like her much bigger sisters) and drinking. She seems perkier today so I'm wondering if I should get a vit c supplement into her and if there's anything...
  19. GuineaPigger

    Sick Guinea Pig - Emergency!

    My guinea pig is having breathing problems, as we are experiencing a bout of pneumonia. We thought that it was over, but today she started showing very serious symptoms, mainly that she is heavily heaving and clicking when breathing. I am worried that she will not last the night. We have given...
  20. Streaky

    Possibly Impacted? Help!

    Hi Everyone! I noticed a huge ball of poop half way through Streakys bum on Sunday. I managed to get it out gently with some gloves. He’s a 4 and a half year old boy. I searched on the forum about what it could be and it seems like it could be impaction. It’s happened again tonight as well I’m...