1. V

    Guinea pig losing balance

    Hi! My guinea pig is nearly a year old and he had a castration month and a half ago. Since then he has slowly started losing weight and losing balance. He was 900g and now is 650g. I'm force feeding him with emeraid intensive care and he is eating on his own too but less than before. He doesn't...
  2. A

    Guinea Pig Has Difficulty Breathing - What Actions To Take?

    Hello. I am very new to this site, though I have looked at some earlier posts for reference when finding out the best solutions to some difficult situations I've had with guinea pigs in the past. We have two guinea pigs currently. Both boars; one older and one younger. The older one is about 3...
  3. M

    Guinea pig still won’t eat or drink

    Hi, I’m really desperate for help. I noticed my boar Milo wasn’t himself just less than a week ago. He wasn’t eating much, wasn’t moving around, had a weepy eye and crusts around his eye, was really lethargic and not himself. I took him to the vet and they said it was an infection and he was...
  4. kamoe407

    Guinea Pig Not Eating/Drinking

    Hello, over the past 2 days, I realized that my piggy was not eating or drinking and becoming more isolated and reclusive. He did not eat much at all yesterday and my dad and I just gave him some veggies we pureed and mixed with water through a syringe that he took willingly tonight. We're...
  5. Pig_mum

    Is my guinea pig in danger of rat poision?

    On Sunday morning (20th December) my mum became aware of a rat stumbling around in our garden and looking very disorientated, before shortly curling up and dying by our shed. We suspect it had been poisoned. To give you a bit of context, we live in a semi-detached house and our previous...
  6. MochaLocha

    Sick Guinea Pig

    With Chestnut dying in September of this year I was hoping I would be able to get over her death and have no more of it but now one of my other piggies is sick I think I can't avoid it. She cannot breathe very well and is super stuffy, the smell of her reminds me of these cats I knew that had...
  7. eliotron

    Guinea pigs bum; rectum sticking out?

    There’s something sticking out of my piggies’ bum; it looks like his rectum, maybe rectal prolapse? I’m kind of concerned, and on one side of his bum there’s a lump. He can still pop normally but I’m just very worried :( Anyone experience this? Not sure how to link a picture; if I knew I would
  8. lucyr

    Urgent eye problem

    My friend’s guinea pig Dusty, 5 years old, his eye has suddenly become really swollen/bulging (see the picture attached) overnight, it wasn’t like this yesterday. He is still eating and acting normally but it looks terrible, they have an appointment booked for today but the vets aren’t...
  9. lucyr

    Guinea pig eye lump

    Hi, my 4 year old guinea pig Trixie has got a red lump on one eye? I just noticed it and it wasn’t there 3 days ago when I last checked her eyes. I have attached a picture. I think I need to contact the vet, I’m wondering if anyone has any idea what this is exactly. Should I attempt to clean it...
  10. Hnrpiggies

    Diarrhoea type poop in 2y/o sow pictures attached

    Hi, I’m really scared right now, never had an issue quite like this. my Guinea pig Blondie has either poo, or brown mucus coming out of her anus. There’s also been some blood but I don’t know if I caused that by wiping her and trying to open her genital area up to see what was’s...
  11. W

    Winnie's illness + treatment (Rapid Weight Loss)

    Hey everyone! I wanted to document my pig's, Winnie, illness and treatment over the past few weeks as a future reference for those who may experience something similar in the future, and just a way for me to discuss her progress with fellow piggie parents! Looking online, I couldn't find many...
  12. D

    Crusty red spot on belly

    Hi there, just went to hold my skinny pig Stella, and noticed this weird mark/rash on her belly. It's a reddish circle with dry skin on it. I'm new to this form and don't know how to upload pictures so if someone could let me know how to do that it would be much appreciated. I'm seriously...
  13. S

    Pericardial effusion

    Hello, I’m after some experiences from other owners with piggies with heart conditions. My 3yo female guinea pig was started on treatment for heart problems around 6 months ago. She was doing so well no further issues until 4 days ago when she stopped eating/drinking, lethargic. I took her to...
  14. Natashaaaaa

    UTI/bladder stones?

    Hi all, we recently lost one of my guinea pigs very suddenly (Cinna). We still have her two beautiful sisters (Butterscotch and Humbug) however Butterscotch has fallen very ill during and since her sisters passing. We noticed mucus on her bum to begin with, but it was rarely there so of course...
  15. Jasmined

    Does this look like a fungal infection?

    Hi! I’ve just spotted this on one of the guinea pigs. I’ve got a vet appointment booked for Monday, but just wondering if any one has any clue what it is. Is it a fungal infection? I can’t tell if it’s on the skin of the eyelid or just crustiness but the lid is also a little swollen. With the...
  16. A

    Poorly Piggy & now strange poops!

    Hi Everyone, I am new here, and a new Guinea pig mum (Got them last October at 12 weeks old, they are the first I have ever had!) We have had quite a week with one of our boys, he has been weeing pink for a week and yesterday it looked like it was just blood. Today is his 6th day of 7 days of...
  17. Erinmartinx

    guinea pig is lethargic and isn't eating much.

    hi all, i have noticed over the past few days that my guinea pig is becoming increasingly more lethargic and isn't eating/drinking as much as usual. i have started to pull her out of her cage a few times a day to give her some vegetables, as i am worried her cage mate is taking it all. she eats...
  18. D

    Guinea pig not eating

    Hey - first time doing a post as I am desperate! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for a piggie that isn’t eating? We took him to the vets as he wasn’t eating and the vet examined him, said that there isn’t anything *obvious* wrong with him; checked his teeth, breathing, stomach for...
  19. M

    Is it just her time?

    Hello everyone, I have just created an account this minute as I really need your advice. (she has been to the vets lots of times for this) My 4yr old pig Maisy has ovarian cysts. She had surgery to remove everything but stopped breathing when the anaesthetic was given. So they stopped before...
  20. Makaiobaby

    Help! What is on my guinea pigs nose?

    Last night I found this strange patch on my guinea pigs nose. I can’t seem to get a good picture of it but it’s a small hard patch that just seems like matted fur but why is it there?