1. tianna

    HELP! Dry patch on guinea pig ear?

    So I recently got two guinea pigs, and one of them has a medium sized dry patch behind his ear- I don’t know what it is and I will post a photo as and when I can! Please help! :nod:
  2. G

    Guinea group favoritism

    Hi! In August I had adopted 3 female piggies (Ginger, Bok choy, and Zucchi). They were housed together before I brought them home and at first they were bonding pretty well with normal interactions such as playing and running together. Soon after bringing her home, Ginger had to be taken to the...
  3. A

    Need some help ASAP

    Male piggie around 3/4 years old (not sure as i didnt buy/adopt him) Been dealing with poop issues for 4 days Day 1 --> couldnt poop and was clumped together --> gave him critical care mixed with probiotic to get him better Day 2 --> muddy poops, coming out as 1 big paste thing --> stopped...
  4. honeydew_eden

    Guinea pig throw up?

    I left on a trip to another state and left my brother to take care of my guinea pigs. Before leaving my guinea was losing her hair at a drastic rate and i thought it was barbering so i set an appointment with the vet for when i come back. I come back around 1:20 am and my guinea pig is laying on...
  5. Xmolxlie

    Renal failure in guinea pigs

    Hi, My guinea pig Foxy is 4 1/2 years old, and in the last couple of days he’s seemed to lose interest in food and not be as bothered about even his favourite veggies, he’ll have a few small bites and give up. He’s also been more lethargic and sleeping in his safe space that he enjoys. I was...
  6. H

    Skinny pig showing spine & hips

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on my story with my skinny pig. Ive been a little worried because he was on antibiotics for 2 weeks for early symptoms of a URI. I had a Guinea Pig recently pass from a URI so I knew to get him checked and luckily I caught it early. During these 2 weeks on...
  7. thepiggies

    Big guinea pig?

    I have a herd of 4 - one neutered boar and three sows. I recently noticed 1 year old, Athena, getting bigger. At first I was scared of pregnancy, but I’ve checked many times, and am positive everyone besides Bunny (the neutered boar) is female. My next thought was bloating, however when I felt...
  8. C

    Sick guinea pig

    Hello. My piggy started breathing really fast and noisy since the last week. There was no wheezing so I thought it was something normal like dust. Then yesterday (I am not sure if it is classified as wheezing but) there was a noise like some sort of cap is being opened/closed with each breath...
  9. elijerr

    Can't find the cause of blood in guinea pig cage.

    I started noticing what appeared to be bloody urine two days ago (I'm getting them into the vet within the next day or so). I put down a pee pad and waited for both pigs to pee but both of them had completely normal urine. I checked them both over for injuries multiple times and I checked their...
  10. Echo_n_co

    Sick dominant boar getting bullied by submissive

    Hi! I am new to the forum and would appreciate any advice you can give! My boars issues are partly medical separation and behavior, so I am sorry if this is the wrong thread. Recently I noticed that my dominant boar Echo (~2.5yrs) has started developing a red sore on one of his front feet, I...
  11. R


    Hello! Someone dropped a guinea pig off at my work, so I decided to take him home. I would say he is about 6 months old. I have him quarantined away from my other pigs. He has been sneezing quite often since I brought him home. I have antibiotics from a few months ago, when one of my other pigs...
  12. H

    Diet after bloat

    Hallo, how long diet my piggy need after bloat (no antibiotics)? which first food i may start feed her ? and how much of this food?
  13. E

    Guinea pig suddenly twitching

    Hello all! I am very concerned about my pig, Mr. Stinky, and was hoping someone would be able to help. Yesterday I had to travel 7 hours because I’m moving back to school, and stinky came with me. He was in his carrier, which is a bit small for him now seeing as we got it a couple months ago...
  14. M

    Clumpy poops

    Hello all! I am new to owning guinea pigs, I have had my piggies for about 2 weeks now. Both piggies are males around 4 months in age, their names are Milo and Mason :) Unfortunately, when I adopted my piggies they had a URI that the current owner was not willing to treat. So, I took them to a...
  15. B

    Blood in poop?

    Hi everyone, I have a 1 and a half year old guinea pig named Bubbles and this morning I noticed he had a small amount of what seemed to be blood in his poop? It was quite a big poop so it could of just be where he had strained and it was a small amount but should I be concerned? He has had no...
  16. A

    Bladder Stone Advice - Exercise

    Hi, I hope someone can offer some advice for me. I have a 1 year old Male pig who has had repeated UTI's and now diagnosed with substantial bladder stone. He has been sent home with a bottle of loxicom which he has twice a day. i'm reducing his nugget intake, upping his water intake and the vet...
  17. wackychick20

    Ovarian Cyst and Spaying

    I’m new here. I’ve got two piggies both 3 1/2 years, Charlie (a she) has been off her food, crusty eyes and generally not herself. Got her in the vets and she hasn’t got an URI, lungs clear etc but could feel a cyst and potentially one that had popped. They’ve given her antibiotics, some...
  18. annapanutsa

    Guinea pig URI/possible pneumonia please help!

    Hi everyone, we got a young girl 2 weeks ago as a new friend for our existing guinea pig (we initially had 2, one died suddenly from suspected heart condition, so we had to get a companion for the surviving pig). I knew something was wrong with the new one right away: crusty eyes, nose boogers...
  19. V

    Guinea pig losing balance

    Hi! My guinea pig is nearly a year old and he had a castration month and a half ago. Since then he has slowly started losing weight and losing balance. He was 900g and now is 650g. I'm force feeding him with emeraid intensive care and he is eating on his own too but less than before. He doesn't...
  20. A

    Guinea Pig Has Difficulty Breathing - What Actions To Take?

    Hello. I am very new to this site, though I have looked at some earlier posts for reference when finding out the best solutions to some difficult situations I've had with guinea pigs in the past. We have two guinea pigs currently. Both boars; one older and one younger. The older one is about 3...