1. S

    Urgent Help Needed: My 7-Year-Old Guinea Pig CC is in Poor Health, No Vet and Limited Funds - Need Advice!

    Hey, I'm really worried about my guinea pig, CC, who is 7 years old. He's breathing a bit noisily, and while his Bumblefoot on his back feet is getting better (no more white sores), his front feet are now showing symptoms like redness and swelling. His back legs are weak as well. Unfortunately...
  2. Angelina_97866

    Bereaved Guinea Pig

    My 4 year old boar (Rhubarb) has recently been bereaved (3 days ago) and his health appears to be deteriorating rapidly. I’m in holiday right now and have been for 2 weeks and I won’t be getting back for another 4 days. My pigs have been with a paid pig sitter and she has told me that...
  3. A

    High calorie diets

    I have a guinea pig that is eating but losing weight, constipated frequently. Vet visit and hundreds of dollars later we have ruled out thyroid and dental issues. Vet feels a tumor is likely, but that if that is the case there isn't much we can do except keep him comfortable as long as we can...
  4. Sir Cheeseballs


    My guinea pigs name is cheeseballs, and he is a few weeks away from being 4 years old. I took him out onto the couch today and noticed he fell while I wasn’t looking, and thought nothing of it. A few hours later and he is constantly loosing ballance, falling over, and leaning to the right. He is...
  5. J

    worried about my boy with GI Stasis

    Hi all, hoping for some help/advice if anybody has any, or know what to expect! My piggie (male) has GI stasis, he was taken to the vet on Wednesday and was given gut stimulant medicine, painkillers and a gut stimulating ‘rescue remedy’ type thing. We’ve been giving that to him, but not seeing...
  6. Oinkpiggies

    Nose whistle?

    Hi guys, another one of my paranoid thoughts with my piggies. My piggy Bear has had this nose whistle for a few months. (Video attached below) I can’t remember if he’s had it forever, because i just noticed it a few months ago. My hearing is bad so I’m not sure how long he really has had it...
  7. C

    5 days old head tilted on one side

    Hello, I really need help. My mommy guinea pig recently gave birth to 4 babies. Just a moment ago, I suddenly noticed 1 of them can't walk nor sit straight, head tilted on side and one eye is unresponsive (sclera can be seen). He can move and wiggle his legs but when I put him down, his head...
  8. J

    Struggles and squeaks when going to the toilet!

    Hi everyone, I’m writing this post about my gorgeous guinea pig jasper. He is just over one and has been suffering for 6 months with an illness which I am struggling to finding answers to. He has always been (and still is) a very happy guinea pig, eats and drink’s constantly, runs around with...
  9. holleelaurie

    Suspicious lump? Please help

  10. F

    Bloated guinea pig - Now passed away

    Hello, we had a 1yr 6 month old male guinea pig named Luquorice who showed symptoms of bloat, but had been eating normally, pooping and running around the hour before. Within 20 minutes of the first sign of swelling, we took him straight to the vets. The swelling got worse and he was in immense...
  11. gonebanhannahs

    Critical Care for New Piggy

    Hello everyone! I've posted one other time regarding my new piggies, but I've got quite the situation here. I recently adopted 4 baby guinea pigs from a nearby rescue, and while I understand there's a transition period where the piggies will need to get comfy and feel safe, I feel this is...
  12. basicpiggies

    Intermittent Hooting/Rasping

    Hi all! I gotta rush my guinea pig to the emergency vet in the morning…only weeks after the death of my last one (due to a mass, not a contagious illness) I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar and what the outcome was, or if anyone had any input while I wait...
  13. lauryn1289

    Gut stasis?

    I’ve posted about my pig Bobby and his bladder stone here Does anyone know what this noise means? (I didn’t wanna keep adding to this thread incase nobody sees this) Today he’s not pooping normally, I’ve seen 2 poops in about 2 hours. Earlier there was maybe 5 huge poops in one go. He’s...
  14. lauryn1289

    Does anyone know what this noise means?

    Hi everyone, my last post here was about one of my boys Bobby who seems to be having some health issues we can’t quite pin. Just wondering if anyone knows for sure what type of noise this is? I’m assuming it’s pain but since I could be wrong just want to double check. I only ever heard it before...
  15. F

    How to gain weight + mystery illness

    My guinea pig Zebbie is 4 years old and he's recently been ill, but we can't tell what with. We've been trying to help him gain weight after this as he has been in much better spirits and seems to be improving. Through the entire duration he has had critical care feed, pellets and plenty of hay...
  16. lauryn1289

    My 6 year old piggy is walking weird and his balance is off?

    my guinea pig Kip is around 6, i just got home from being abroad for just 5 days and straight away noticed his balance is off. hes bumping into things a bit, moving weirdly and fell sideways climbing up a small slope and struggled a small bit getting into one of his beds. my mother’s been caring...
  17. V

    Increase in water consumption

    Hello I just wondered if anyone else has experienced a Guinea pig suddenly drinking a lot on a daily basis. She never used to drink at all, now she's by her bottle alot. The vet has given her rheumocam for a week and it hasn't helped. I would be grateful for any ideas, thanks
  18. BennyandHumphrey

    Orange pee and slightly smaller poos after a UTI

    Hi guys I’m new to the forum and worried. I have two rescues ( was meant to be fostering but fell I love ) with me, Benny ( Benedict)and Humphrey. Had them a few months now. Benny has always been more outgoing and wheekish, whilst Humphrey is more of a grump…hates being stoked etc …they were...
  19. annaandpigs

    Hard, pea sized lump above male guinea pig’s genitals

    Hi, I’m hoping someone might have some advice for me. My male piggy, Dumby has a hard, pea sized lump just above his penis. When I first found it, it was higher in his lower abdomen but it can be moved down to sit at the top of his genitals - it seems to move back and forth by itself and also...
  20. M

    bald spot on guinea pig

    hi theres a bald spot on one of my guinea pigs and I'm really worried about it. hes been drinking, eating and everything. no sign of illness or stuff like that. he just has this small bald spot that I'm worried about. but my mom doesn't view guinea pigs as a pet worthy of a vet at all. what should...