1. court29x

    Lump on back

    Hi I’m looking for opinions as my guinea pig Bean has got a lump on the bottom of her back just above her bum. When I touch it she moves away but doesnt squeal. She’s eating and drinking fine, I only found the lump last night and ever since then she’s been very feisty with my other Guinea pig...
  2. G

    What is this substance coming out of my male guinea pigs hole?

    My male guinea pig who is at least 2 years old has not been peeing for 2 or more days but instead, has been having this substance come out of his urethra/peehole. I’ve looked up symptoms online, trying to find this exact substance but haven’t been able to find anything similar. It can either be...
  3. M

    Soft, smelly poops after death of cagemate?

    Until recently I had two guinea pig extremely bonded boars housed together, though last weekend one of them suddenly fell ill. He lost a lot of weight very quickly, was hot to touch, making pained noises, and occasionally gasping in pain. We rushed him to the vet, and were given an extensive...
  4. Cherrychops100

    Specialist Abscess on face - HELP

    Hi there, my guinea pig had a large lump on her face so we took her to the vet. She examined her and said that she had 2 abscesses, so cut them open to drain the puss and bacteria. She's on antibiotics and we're draining it with hibiscrub to try and squeeze everything out. However there is a...
  5. M

    Weird noises

    Hi guys, my guinea pig is making these noises but only seems to make them at night (theyre house pets) but doesn’t make it every night and not all the time... It’s accompanied by sometimes coughing. it sounds like very low effortless squeaking I’ve taken him to the vets and they examined him...
  6. A

    Baby guinea pigs eaten bulb leaves

    Hello, my two baby guinea pigs have eaten about a 1.5cm squared piece of bulb leaf. They are this together, so it would be less for each one. Please help, will they be okay?
  7. R

    Piggy seems quite sick, need advice quickly!

    I know the first thing everyone will say is take them to the VET, i will explain why i'm having issues with this. I've had 2 young piggies for around a month now, within the first couple of days i noticed one of them was highly energetic and twitchy, sneezing, lazy eyes (squinting a lot, just...
  8. Kyubi0302

    Red marks on nose , please help

    Hello everyone! I'm so glad that I found this site... Its 4 am here and I noticed my guinea pig has red Mark's on her nose. She had a weird crusty nose a few days ago and I put some fungus cream on it because other owners told me she had a fungal infection. I bought her from petsmart and ever...
  9. basicpiggies

    Sudden Aggression From Sow

    Hi everyone. I have three guinea pigs. Two of them I adopted at the same time and they’ve always been glued at the hip and very close. Starting last night, one of them has seemed to not be able to coexist with the other one. Even if her friend passes her, she starts loudly chattering and getting...
  10. wstretnababa

    weird behavior

    Hi, i’m new to this site and english isn’t my first language, but i hope you will understand my problem. I have two guinea pigs, both male, they’re about 2 years old. They live together since then. One of them(Bialas is his name), started behaving unusual. He doesn’t have appetite, won’t eat or...
  11. doodlecountry


    I’m a fairly seasoned guinea pig owner as I have now four guinea pigs, but am not familiar with bloat. I just got the fourth about two weeks ago, and she eating well and drinking lots. However, I noticed she was a little pear shaped and was wondering if it could possibly be bloat? I picked her...
  12. SmiggleBrownie

    Why my male guinea pigs keeps on yawning?

    I have a 4 months old guinea pig, today i noticed an excessive yawning whenever he eat, he walks or lying down. Anybody knows why? Is he sick? It makes me worry though...hope someone can help me with this :)
  13. J

    Weird lump. Tumor?

    I noticed this weird thing in my guinea pigs fur this morning and thought it was just goop in his hair. At closer examination, the skin around it is raised almost like a lump and it seems it split open and now this hard white goop is coming out of it that has dried. Does anyone know what it is?
  14. A

    Weight & Hair loss

    Hi all, One of my pigs, female aged around 3-4, has been losing weight for around a year now. She is very skinny but eating normal (huge interest in food!) we noticed an increase in how much she is drinking, but the vet said he couldn't find a problem. She has now seen 3 vets who cant seem to...
  15. eve1234s

    Breathing Issues

    Hi, My guinea pig has been struggling to breathe. She sounds as if she has a stuffy nose and has crusty discharge. She’ll breathe normally for a while and then all of a sudden will struggle for about 10 minutes, and then be fine for a while again. I assumed it was a URI and brought her to the...
  16. stellarosie21

    Possible Fungal Infection

    Hi Everyone, Rosie, my 4 month old pig, has had what the vet and I believed to be a fungal infection. It started on her nose and there were bald/dry/itchy spots behind her ears and inside her two back legs. I was given some topical treatments since she was too small to be treated orally, and...
  17. H

    ill Guinea Pig Help

    Hello, I've had two guinea pigs for the last 5 years, both boys and they've lived together since they were around 8 weeks old. This morning, one of them was very lethargic and not very willing to eat so he went to the vets. The vet examined him and said he has either sprained his spine (he was...
  18. G

    Small Black Patch by Butt

    I have just gotten a new guinea pig today and he seems completely healthy behavior wise, but when I was letting him run around in a pen by himself for a bit I noticed a little black patch right above his butt/lower back area. It seems like a scab and I tried pulling it off and it didn't bother...
  19. S

    What happened

    Hi. I want to preface this with that I am new here, but I needed to share my experience. I lost my precious baby girl Cocoa last night, and the pain is still very fresh and graphic in my mind. But there’s something bugging me about it and it’s killing me. Cocoa was 5 years and 11 months old...
  20. A

    Red eye?

    My Guinea pig has one eye thats suddenly red around the edge and swollen. Is it an infection? How do i treat it?