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  1. cola.thepig

    My piggy isn't eating hay and he has mites

    Hello, i am new in this forum. And english isn't my first language so if i make any mistakes please excuse me! 🥲 I had 2 guinea pigs, and one of them (his name was Chips) sadly passed away recently. And Cola (8 months, male) is still with us. I took him to vet after his mate passed away. The vet...
  2. MoruMum

    Lice on Christmas Eve 😮

    Hi, Just have to be Christmas Eve to find lice on my guinea pigs. My two are 3 and half years old rescue, Squeak and Butterscotch. They love each other and sleep together and I am sure the recent rescue may have transferred it to the other. We have a small microscope and I have caught an...
  3. cinnamon7

    how to get rid of lice

    3 of my guinea pigs have lice, how do i get rid of them?
  4. J


    I’ve kept guinea pigs for three years now. I started off with two long hairs (Pebbles and Pretzel) and a year later added another (Pip). I’ve had Pip for two years now and when I’d not had her for very long I thought she had some kind of mite. The older piggies are blonde and grey/brown but Pip...
  5. L

    Hole/Abscess on guinea pig’s back

    Hello, I’m very new here and in need of help from this forum, I am well aware that I should go to the vet to get this checked out, but money is tight at the moment and we’re still making decisions, I own six guinea pigs currently, and two of them (my oldest ones, Smores and Callie) have been...
  6. Fluffy17

    Lice! Help!

    Hi guys, So today i was cuddling with my guinea pig and as i look closely to her fur i noticed lice! It’s so weird to me because even right after we got her (3 months ago), (yes we got here from a pet store, we weren’t familiar with adoptions but we’re looking into getting our next female by...
  7. GeePeeMama

    Great news about Chip!

    My husband and I adopted 2 guinea pigs 2 weeks ago. Our daughter named them Chip and Chuck. 2 days after getting them my husband and I noticed a pretty gnarly scab on Chips back, we had no idea what it was, also Chip had been itching a lot. We brought them both to the vet today and it turns out...
  8. RheMae

    Guinea pig eating normally, drinking a bit more, but losing steadily?

    Hi guys! So I recently lost two piggies, my Judo and Guts. It's been hard going, but of course, Bert had a check up. I noticed he was drinking more water than normal. His poos are very dark, regular shaped, sometimes pinched off, and shiny. So overall, healthy, as far as I know. He was treated...
  9. Thrymskvida

    Boris, his URI, and other problems

    I have been advised to start a new thread here for my poorly boar, Boris. His previous thread with background and problems up til now is here. Short summary: Boris is a neglected boar I recently adopted. He is very skinny, has lice, a bad URI, and probable ear infection. He wheezes a lot, and...
  10. RheMae

    How to help lice until vet appointment

    We're just going through it over here. So, I lost my Guts today. And at the vets yesterday, she mentioned he had some lice. Which was surprising, considering they're indoor piggies, but it could have been an off bag of hay or a hospital stay I suppose. Either way, now my last boy, Bert has...
  11. adussiaQ

    Static lice / hay mites in young boar!

    Hello everyone, I’ve had my new piggy for just over a week now and today I saw he has static lice! Everyone keeps recommending the “lice and easy” shampoo but he is only 7 weeks old and the shampoo shouldn’t be used on piggies under the age of 12 weeks... what else can I use to get rid of...
  12. T

    Lice help?

    Hiya, Unfortunately I'm back with more (different) skin issues. I noticed some tiny white worm-looking things moving in my guineas fur - I think they're lice, but will get them checked by a vet to be sure and get treatment for them. I have noticed them scratching a bit, but no...
  13. H

    baby guinea pigs excessive itching

    recently i have adopted 2 baby guinea pigs (around 6 weeks old) and i have noticed they tend to itch quite alot. Their coats are soft and nice, with no dry patches, oily/greasy patches, etc. they also jump and run around the cage sometimes with a high pitched wheeking. (is this related to the...
  14. zoe.sterns

    New Baby Guinea with Issues? please help

    ok so today i picked up my two 5 week old silkie board from a breeder. one of them has me a little worried. he has a weird scar on his eye and what seemed to be a pimple or scab on his neck? both small. he also is pretty slobbery and has a lot of saliva in his mouth? the next off thing is that...
  15. Guineapigsmcr

    Lice / hairloss / stress advice please!

    Hi all I have 2 boy guineapigs, both around 8 months old now. They moved into their new cage setup downstairs last week so I could make their enclosure bigger, I have noticed since then one of my piggies moo, has started to loose some hair around the front of one of his eyes, his other is fine...
  16. D

    Guineapig lice

    Help I’ve just found lice in my guineapigs fur ( I adopted them Monday) any help and advice please. They live in fleece bedding too ! X
  17. S


    Hi there, I am new to this forum. My name is Ana and I am (or better my children are) a proud owner of two guinae pigs, Sky (9 weeks old) and Chip (11 weeks old). Today we realised that Chip has lice, white worms running around his head 😱. I am hoping you can help me with this. What should I...
  18. Posie&Coco

    Concerned about piggy fur

    Hello 👋 I’m a new Guinea Pig owner so I’m not sure if I’m worrying unnecessarily but today I spotted black specks on my Dutch piggy, Coco’s white fur. They brushed off easily and I checked the rest of her fur and found what looked like nits attached to the black hairs of her hind legs (these...
  19. P

    Lice or mites?

    Recently I've noticed tiny grayish specks on my guniea pig. Most of them seem to be on her behind. Some of them appear to move but none of them are attached to her skin it's all on her fur. Shes also not experiencing any hair loss as of now but she does bite her side an awful lot. Can anyone...
  20. C

    Guinea Pigs Have Lice?

    I noticed today that my 2 male guinea pigs seem to be very irritable and itching themselves much more than usual. When I tried to pick them up they chittered angrily and did not want to be picked up. After I wrangled one, I looked at his fur an noticed there were moving parasites on his back...