male guinea pig

  1. C

    3 Male guinea pigs bonding problem

    I recently got two male guinea pigs for my senior guinea pig, whose cage mate died in March. Right away during the bonding time, my senior guinea pig (Coco) started humping and nibbling the other guinea pigs. Since nothing out of ordinary was going on, I continued with the bonding process and...
  2. liyahjane

    Two Male Guinea Pigs

    Hello, recently i’ve gotten a new guinea pig and i’ve put them in a new cage and put the divider up. My original guinea pig (Kade) started chattering his teeth at my new guinea pig (Kadien) , but i don’t think that Kaiden did it back. Anyway i don’t know if this should be concerning?
  3. W

    Male Guinea Pigs Fighting

    I would really appreciate some advice regarding one of my male guinea pigs. I am a new guinea pig owner and I've been having issues with one of my male guinea pigs from day one. Just to get this out of the way, let me explain what their cage is like: the cage is 2.5 feet wide and 5 feet long...
  4. Maddii.Maddii

    Sudden water bottle avoidance.

    My 3 boys have suddenly started avoiding their water bottles! 😣 I've had 2 355ml Living World glass water bottles (photo attached) in their cage for almost 2 months now with no issues. I cleaned them out 2 days ago throughly with only water, Qtips and rice (to clean out the inside) and I...
  5. Prasiddha

    Guinea pigs hair loss

    My piggy are all looking healthy and happy. Also I give them nutritious diet with fresh water. I have 2 cages with 2 girls and 2 boys. It is really hot and humid here. I have kept them in a room where there is a/c and fan. I somehow make sure I keep the temperature friendly and less hot for...
  6. JuliaDunne

    Pregnant Male Piggy?!

    Hi! Was looking for some advice really, we bought 2 piggies for our sons 3 months ago (spiderpig & batpig) obviously i had nothing to do with their naming! But in the last few days we’ve noticed spider pig getting a lot rounder! We were told they were boys.....can anyone offer any advice...
  7. Prasiddha

    Male guinea pig white substance in anal area

    Hi all, Please help. My guinea pig icy (8 months old) is recovered from his URI. When I was weighing him today I found a white smelly mucus like this in his anal area below his penis. What could it be? Can I clean if with q tip dipped in coconut oil or should I take him to the vet? Please help
  8. Prasiddha

    Guinea pig nose congestion - initial stage uri

    My male guinea pig icy had sneezing with wheezing sound while he was breathing. I took him to the local vet. Since in my place I don't have exotic pets veterinarian I discussed with him elaborately the symptoms. After a check up and examining online the prohibited antibiotics for guinea pigs. He...
  9. Madi

    Male Guinea Pig Bum Sniffing/licking

    I recently got 3 male guinea pigs (Ed, Al, and Mustang) they’re about 5 weeks old. They’re brothers as far as I’m aware, and therefore have been together since birth. I’ve only had them about a week or 2 and recently Mustang has been obsessively sniffing/licking/possibly eating poo from Ed’s...
  10. Newpiggiemom

    New Piggie Mom, Help Please

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across this site after my endless google searching and I’m glad I can finally just share my own story. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve wanted pigs all my life and now I’m in my 20’s and finally got my dream! About 3 months ago I got two male pigs (from the same...
  11. A

    I Am Desperately Looking For A Spayed Female Piggy

    I live in Georgia.I have a 1 year old male piggy.I have been looking for a partner for him.I CANT FIND ONE ANYWHERE!Any advise or links to adoptable piggies?
  12. TawniJade15

    Lonely Male Guinea Pig

    Hi all, Just first wanted to say what a wonderful place this forum is, it's so lovely to see so many people with a shared live of Piggies helping eachother out. I had 2 male Guinea pigs; Arthur and Merlin. Sadly, I returned from work on Thursday to find that Merlin had passed away :'( After...
  13. DanielleParkes

    New Guinea Owner!

    I recently bought 2 male guinea pigs at 20 weeks old and I was advised to hold them for at least 30 minutes a day so they can get used to human contact. One of them if very active and makes squeaking noise and will take food from my hand whilst the other just scuttles up to my neck and will lay...
  14. Alex Martin

    2 Males Suddenly Not Getting Along?

    So I have two male Abyssinian Guinea pigs. Shaggy is about 9 months old and Olaf just turned 3 months old. I've had them living together for the past month or so and suddenly Shaggy, who's also the dominant one, started getting aggressive towards Olaf who's super passive and submissive normally...
  15. J

    I Have Just Found One Of My Guinea Pigs Dead :(

    Hello I am new here but I had two Guinea pigs... Ozzy & Lemmy unfortunately today I found Lemmy dead! The strangest thing is he had no hands or feet! Completely gone! And parts of his face was missing too! So upsetting! And I havnt had these pair long Any ideas what could have happened? Is it...
  16. Alex Martin

    Need Help With Introducing Two Males

    I have 2 male Guinea pigs, both from the same store and same cage but bought a week and a half apart. The smaller 10 month old ones name is shaggy and the bigggggg 1 year olds name is scooby. I got shaggy first and he acts like a moody teen but he's getting a lot nicer everyday so i figured I'd...
  17. T

    Boys Not Getting On:-(

    hiya i have to 8 month old guinea pigs who have had small fights before but only ever lasted for seconds, but when i came in this morning a small amount of blood was in the hutch but when i checked them over their was no sign of cuts ect and have been getting on fine throughout the day in their...
  18. Turtz

    Frantic Behaviour

    My male guinea pig, who is just over a year, is behaving extremely frantically. I heard some noise from his cage which woke me up, and when I went to pick him to see if he was ok, he ran as fast as he could into the bars on his cage and fell backwards. He also frantically ran around his entire...
  19. Caitlin Wilson

    Swollen/enlarged Testicles

    My 18 month old testicles have recently been noticeably large and seemed to have enlarged overnight. I took him to the vets, they seemed to think there was a lump on his testicle, and he had tests that came back inconclusive. They told me i could either do the test again or have him go under gas...
  20. Luna1

    I Have One Male And I Think He Is Lonely :(

    I adopted my male guinea pig from the adoption centre at pets at home and I want to find him a friend, but obviously being a male there is a large chance of fighting if I got another male, I've thought of neutering him and getting a female, but he is only around 1 year old so I don't think that...