1. J

    strange behaviour in my piggie

    hi, new here, just looking for some advice. i have a 2 year old rescued guinea pig named oswald, and he has been concerning me for he past hour or so. he's never had any health issues or concerns prior. when he's eating his hay, not when eating pepper or anything else, he makes a sort of low...
  2. heejung

    Help! Something stuck on coat near mouth.

    I just discovered this thing on my guinea pig’s chin. At first, I thought it was vegetable juice that hardened his fur again. But then I looked closer and thought maybe a piece of food or something was stuck. But it doesn’t look like food and I can’t get it out. It’s solid and hard and seems to...
  3. Piggiesxoxo

    Help! Guinea pig’s foot!

    I just noticed this on my guinea pigs foot I got yesterday. What is it? is it contagious? to humans, pigs, both? Need to know asap. Begging, please help!
  4. Potatoandwombat

    Help! Odd Wound On Genitals?

    I recently bought a guinea pig infested with ringworms, this was on purpose because his owner were going to throw him away. I have been treating the fungus with Conzol 1% and started treatment two days ago. However a couple hours ago I found an odd mark on Charlie's testacies. It looks red and...
  5. Livy

    Lump Under Chin

    This is something that just showed up today. benny had this white lump underneath the chin. I just brought him to the vet less than a month ago for what turned out to be a bacterial infection in the genitals but no other problems were discovered. Benny is eating and drinking and acting perfectly...
  6. pabloandscrat

    Help! What Should I Do?

    I have recently got my new pink eyed white sheltie cross Pablo, but we have just found out he has lice. He has long hair so I'm not surprised but theres a problem. We had a dog which had fleas not so long ago, long story short after we had to rehome her because we couldn't be there for her...
  7. Benjofranco

    Sore On The Belly Of Our Boar

    We've just discovered this sore on the belly of our long haired Peruvian Boar - Drew. Just wondering if anyone could point us in the direction of what this may be. Think he does have some mite issues at the moment as does seem to be itching a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!