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  1. Kath Thompson

    Impaction And Neutering

    I have a three year old boar who suffers impactions about twice a week. I have managed to reduce the size of the impactions by regulation of diet as I think I was previously overfeeding him veggies. He has lost a little weight as part of the new regime, which I expected, and has now levelled...
  2. Zelsi

    I Separated My Boars - What Next?

    I have just separated my two boars, same cage but a divider down the middle. While on holiday my family took care of them and when I returned I checked each one thoroughly and the younger one (12 months) had some bald patches / nips on his back and cheek. The larger one (2.5 years) did bite him...
  3. C

    Fighting Boars..... Advice Appreciated...

    I am new to the site and thought I'd post a question as I am unsure how knowledgable my vets are on these small little creatures having read conflicting advice on the internet. The problem... I bought 3 boars for my 3 young sons in August. All boys are from the same breeder but they are all...
  4. F

    Fighting Boars: What To Do Next?

    Hello A little background on the situation first: Early this year we lost one of our older boars leaving another by himself. He seemed very unhappy alone so I spoke to a local rescue I have used before and we agreed that the best option was a baby boar to keep him company. As the remaining boar...
  5. Finty

    Post Neutering Op

    Hi, my guinea pig was neutered yesterday and his behaviour is what I expect to be typical for a recovering guinea. For example, being less active etc. I have laid towels out in his cage to make sure nothing sticks to his wounds. However, I have discovered that his urine has become extremely...
  6. Julesie

    Neutering Risks?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum topic, I wasn't sure quite which it went in. Anyway onto my question. I've had a guinea pig neutered before and he acted as though nothing had happened which was very out of the blue. It didn't phase him the slightest and he acted as normal. But I've just...
  7. RJade


    ive posed before about little fights and things, it's not really any worse. I have noticed more marks on them now, like grazes, but nothing serious. I took them to my vet for other reasons and he recommended neutering them if their fighting became any worse, he did say though it often calms down...
  8. pnwgranny

    Max Will Be Neutered Next Month

    Can anyone share with me what to expect and how to take care of him after neutering and he comes home?
  9. JodiXD

    Lone Guinea Pig Wellbeing

    Hi everyone :) Beforehand tl;dr : I have a single 1yr old boar, I'm a bit worried that he's depressed, he won't mix with other boars and I am unsure about getting him neutered. General advice? The details: So I have a lone guinea called Oliver, and he's almost a year old now. I'm a student...
  10. Chancey


    Hi there! I wasn't sure where to put this in so I apologise! I currently have 5 sows but we've fallen for two boars that we've come across. I'm from Scotland, Fife and I'm not too sure about an exotic vet that is experienced with neutering as it's something I'd like to consider if I do bring...
  11. bethaleio

    To Neuter Or Not To Neuter..

    Hey guys! I will quickly tell the story of my piggy, Tumnus, and then get to the point of this thread! What would have been around 3 months ago now, there were 3 male piggies that some jerk had set loose in a field by my apartment. Tumnus was caught fairly quickly, but the other 2 were much...
  12. Danielle Smith

    Timeline For Recovery In The Hours After An Operation

    My two boars have just been neutered. I've brought them home from the vet and set them up in their respective hospital cages, and they're just sitting and staring straight ahead. This is very unlike them, they won't even touch a pea-flake or tomato. Initially they wouldn't move off the puppy...
  13. Celine298

    Snip Snip

    Hey guys! Today is the day, my little boy Sunny is going for 'the snip'. Not only did I feel soooo guilty last night for not feeding him (his 12hr fast began at 9.00pm) but I'm also really worried about his operation today! My vet is excellent, all our pets have been to them in the past...
  14. Dannii clayton

    Recommended Neutering Vets - Liverpool

    I'm planning on getting my boar neutered so he can go in with the three females. I'm currently located in Liverpool and wondering if anyone can recommend any vets highly experienced in neutering guinea pigs. I'm really worried about the complications so want the most experienced vets possible...
  15. Celine298

    Sunny Is Getting The Snip

    Hey guys! The time has come to introduce my little man to a little woman, but not until he get's his 'business' removed. He's 8 months old, lively, good weight and we've bonded really well, so I'm hoping all will go well with his operation. This has to be done as he needs a little cage mate and...
  16. Liv

    Boars: Unrequited Love And Repeated Bloody Nose :(

    Hi All, I have two 5-months old boars, Bhalu and Puck. They live in a 6x2 C&C cage with a 2x2 loft, and I let them roam around the room they are in everyday. Bhalu, my larger boy, adores Puck, always wants to be near him and gets very anxious when I separate him from Puck, even if it's just for...
  17. crnyng

    Looking For Advice/possible Housing Situation

    So my story goes, I have 9 pigs. 6 female and 3 male. All my females are or will be housed together in a roughly 20 square foot C&C cage. I then have two males housed together and my last one alone because he fought with both my other boys regardless. The two males housed together (Mocha and...
  18. Squidgypigs

    Is Boar Neutering Particularly Risky?

    I've heard of four (!) boars just this week (it's only Wednesday) that have been neutered then died within a few days. What is it that is so risky about this preceedure? Is it the anaesthetic? Other drugs? The aftercare? The fact that it's reasonably rare to neuter guinea pigs at the moment...
  19. Abbie's Piggies


    hey just out of curiousity i was wondering how safe is having your boar neautered and can they go back with an uneautered male?
  20. Stayc1989

    Advice On Neutering Please

    Hi I have 4 guinea pigs, 2 males and 2 females and I would like to let them all play together because I don't feel like they are all getting the attention they deserve I usually give them 1 hours play time each twice a day and I have them out throughout the day too but individually, to groom...