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new piggy

  1. D

    Female bonding advice?

    I recently lost 2 of my 3 guinea pigs within 3 months of each other (they were both 4 years old). My third piggy (Chino, female aged 2) was alone and I couldn't bear her being lonely, So I got her a friend (Treacle, female rescue who had also recently lost her cage mate). Not sure of this new...
  2. D

    Help! I’m a new Mum

    My dear little Daisy (7 weeks) and half sister Delilah (11 weeks) were adopted by me very recently. I know it is natural for them to be terrified by this giant who feeds, cleans etc for them. I’d really like to get it right. I left them alone for the first 48 hours. Since then, due to an...
  3. Babycables

    New Piggy Blues

    Hi, I recently - five days ago - purchased two 7-week-old Male Guinea Pigs. I am absolutely in love with them, and we seem to be bonding well for such a short period of time. Naturally, before I bought them, I did weeks of research on Guinea Pig care, and I thought I was capable of meeting the...
  4. Sonnet

    George the explorer

    Only of the bathroom, since it’s the safest room in my annex. Please excuse the hay everywhere, haven’t swept up yet!
  5. Alssa

    Is This A Good Thing?

    I’ve had my new baby piggy for almost a week and I want to know if what she’s doing is normal or good. Whenever I take her out for floor time or to just hang out, she likes to crawl up my chest perch on my shoulder like a little parrot. She also likes to climb into and up my sleeves and gets...
  6. Jennybug89

    Does She Need A Supplement?

    So as some of you know I have been giving our first piggy Rosie Vitamin C supplement since I realised the state she came to me in. We got a new piggy today from the pet shop. She came to them from the breeder yesterday. (yes she is quarantined and yes I would have rescued if there was one near...
  7. Jennybug89

    Ringworm Update

    So Rosie seems to really be on the mend! I'm treating her with the stuff the vet gave everyday but the hair is already starting to grow back, after just a week! So either I caught it super early or it wasn't ring worm at all. She's back in two weeks for a check and a mange injection but I'm so...
  8. Jennybug89

    New Piggy Home

    New cage arrived today from Zooplus! Can't for the life of me manage to get the handles or clips on it! But I'm glad with the size. Rosie is much better now, her face is starting to clear, so soon she'll be moving into this cage with a pal! Got a few little toys and bits of the new arrival too!
  9. Jennybug89

    Should I Get Her Companion Now?

    So my little Rosie is ill, with ringworm (we think) at the moment. I'm treating her and she's due back to the vet in three weeks. Before this came about I had intended on getting her a little friend. The cage is already on its way. So I'm wondering once the cage comes should I get the new...
  10. Elgifu321

    Need A New Cage Mate For My Bereaved Piggie

    my piggie Rupert has been on his own almost a week now and his behaviour has changed- he's hiding more and not moving around etc. I've been giving him extra cuddles but I know it doesn't make up for piggie company. I was looking for rescues near me and found cavy haven and made an appointment...
  11. Watermelon-Pets

    New Additions To The Family!

    Due to the recent death of my piggy Brownie. I was left with a very timid little girl named biscuit. So I decided she needed a friend. I gave her time to come to terms with everything, and unexpectedly my dad got me TWO piggies! He let me pick them out, so I picked a black/beige and a...