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  1. Cryptillian

    When to say goodbye?

    I hope it’s ok if I skip the usual care rundown since he’s terminal and I’ve done everything I can, I have been struggling so horribly with this because my grandma is also dying and one of our dogs has cancer as well. Going to start by saying Pumba is 7 1/2 years old and had a massive bladder...
  2. Puddles1999

    Lost both bottom incisors

    Hi everyone. So a few weeks ago penelope had broke her top left incisor. Didn’t really cause any issues, had the opposing one filed as it grew a bit long and that was it. It grew back in just fine. A week or 2 later, she breaks off her top right incisor. Same thing. Ended up being fine. I...
  3. F

    Guinie pig head tilt

    My guinie pig has some sort of head tilt and I don't know if it's something wrong he dosent eat anymore and my vets in my area are closed. Let me know what he has.
  4. P

    Crystals in urine

    Is having crystals in urine the same as sludge please? I can't find much about having crystals. Has anyone had a piggie with crystals? Nancy has them and I think that maybe why she keeps squeaking in pain.
  5. lauryn1289

    Gut stasis?

    I’ve posted about my pig Bobby and his bladder stone here Does anyone know what this noise means? (I didn’t wanna keep adding to this thread incase nobody sees this) Today he’s not pooping normally, I’ve seen 2 poops in about 2 hours. Earlier there was maybe 5 huge poops in one go. He’s...
  6. MP95

    Hip pain? (Long post)

    Hi all, I’ve been trying to get some help for one of my piggies and am honestly at a bit of a loss with what to do and wondered if some more experienced minds could help. So, myself and my partner have been noticing that Chip (crested boar) has been very sensitive to anyone touching his hips and...
  7. M

    Guinea pig metacam dose

    Hi everyone, I’ve posted about my guinea pig tony before, hes been losing a lot of weight and the vet can’t find the cause despite doing a lot of different tests. They’re going to refer me to a specialist but in the mean time have given me metacam as he seems to be in pain. He’s barely eating...
  8. N

    how to reduce the pain of my guinea pig with Arthritis

    Hello all, My guinea pig fluffy was just diagnosed with Arthritis two days ago 😭He is about 5.5 years old. He has it in his spine and knees and it’s painful enough that he’s not walking. The vet prescribed Meloxicam for pain relief but he’s still crying when I pick him up to clean his poop. I...
  9. Chippervb

    Please help my piggy has swelling with pus

    We will immediately call the vet tomorrow morning (its closed now) what do you guys think it is? I first didn't see anything wrong until I put her back in her case after giving her some cuddles. She was squeeking from pain, then I picked her up again, and saw the infection.. There was also a bit...
  10. S

    Bladder Stones & Pain Advice Needed

    Our almost 6 year old pig Willow started hunching over and squeaking in pain when weeing on Thursday this week. We took her straight to the vet. He managed to manually extract some wee and tested it. He found blood and signs of stones. They kept her over night and did x-rays. They found 2 large...
  11. S

    Accidentally kicked my guinea pig :(

    The kick was more of a forceful push, as I was getting up to get him and his brother some food (he got caught in my foot’s crossfire). He’s not fully grown yet, but he seems okay for the most part (no problems running around, wheeking, eating, etc.) I saw him breathing a little heavily, which...
  12. Bethanie97

    Guinea pig eye advice (warning: photo)

    >>TRIGGER WARNING PHOTO<<<<< Hi I have a 2year old Sheltie Guinea pig, she has already been diagnosed with fatty eyes, apparently as she is more “flat faced” than normal piggies. she has recently developed the problem in the photo, it’s like extra skin popping out from behind her eye (only...
  13. J

    Any ideas anyone?

    Hi, I've not long joined the Guinea Forum but have read it a lot before for advice. I trust this forum and need some advice from experienced guinea owners as my poor Marcus has been passed from vet to vet (in the same practice) as they can't find the problem. Three weeks ago during a general...
  14. Lazw

    Emergency 7 month old guinea pig - pain and weight loss

    Hi all, So my lovely young piggy Holly is producing this bright yellow and orange pee this morning. I saw some orange and very dark brown stains in their hutch this morning so I put them in an enclosure on just puppy pads to see who it was, and it's Holly. ☹️. The pee is coming out this...
  15. al34ex

    Pelvic Symphysis Dilated - Pain Management

    Hi everyone, One of my piggies, Charlie (about a year old) gave birth last November to 3 healthy babies (she was unknowingly pregnant when I got her last September). Since then, she has been struggling with dirty wet urine bum (with no other symptoms) and despite my best efforts to keep her...
  16. Livvysquish

    Please help & advice!

    Please!help/advice! Hey! I really need some advice or help before going the vet. My piggy spice has recently had hay poke and recovered with eye drops. I found out by her squealing when being picked up. Once the hay was out she didn't squeal again. Its been a bit under a weak and when I...
  17. adussiaQ

    My piggy is suffering, what’s the best option?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for your opinions My skinny pig Jelly is suffering a lot. He has been showing signs of aging (although only 4 years old) for a few months now but since this month it’s been getting worse and worse. since summer he’s lost a lot of weight despite eating well. He then...
  18. Lorenslittlepigs

    Guinea Pig in pain when he wee/poo

    Hi everyone, Jerry my guineapig is 7 years old. On Monday I noticed a case of fly strike starting on his back (during the heat wave it has been incredibly hard to keep cool whilst keeping flys away) it was early days so luckily got rid of the maggots and took him to the vet where she checked him...
  19. piggydobz

    Pig squeaking when peeing / pooping

    Hiya, Our piggie Howard has suspected bladder stones. Unfortunately the vets he has seen haven’t been the quickest to diagnose anything and its been about 3 weeks since the first symptoms started. Vets gave him a week of Baytril to try incase UTI, however there was no improvement. In the last...
  20. A

    Squealing and not eating

    Hi PLEASE HELP, I have been having trouble trying to decipher what is wrong with my guinea pig. He is only 5 years old and has never had a problem before. This morning I woke up and went to feed him and noticed he was squealing a little too much and they didn’t sound like his normal squeals is...