1. dabel101


    Hi! Was inspired by a picture i took the other day to start a thread where your piggie is photobombing the photo! Ill start! Here’s my Mabel photobombing Doris’ sunlight photo shoot😂
  2. Sonnet

    If Sprout could write a advert for seeking a friend

    It would probably go like this: " Friend wanted for sensitive boar. Bullies and crybabies need not apply. Must have a loud wheek, and enjoy a good shout at birds, the dogs next door, traffic noises and the wind in the trees. Also must join me in abusing the slave when she's late with the food."
  3. Sonnet


    Myself and Chutney got to have grass time yesterday. Chutney was being antisocial and avoiding the camera, while I went to see if there was anything yummier coming. Slave said “no, you can eat the grass”, so I popcorned away in disgust. - Sprout
  4. Sonnet

    Noisy boy

    Hi. I’m Sprout, and I’m a shouter. Though I don’t just shout when I want food. I shout when I hear people on the path, I shout when people walk past the run, and I shout when there’s absolutely no one around, for seemingly no reason. No seriously, I do. Even if there’s nobody within distance...
  5. Sonnet

    Nice place to take a nap

    Radish. He used to live with Chutney, until he (very) unexpectedly died last year. Broke my heart, it really did. He loved cuddles, and just snuggling up round my neck, or wriggling under my hoodie and pancaking. Was also a right little character, and proved to be something of an escape artist...
  6. Sonnet

    Chutney disapproves...

    Of the fact that it’s Monday again.
  7. Sonnet

    It’s An Ice Rink Out There...

    Donkeys at the sanctuary enjoying (not) the snow this morning. Went for a little wander earlier, just to enjoy the snow, since Cornwall so rarely gets it. There’s a hill that goes down to the beach just across the road from my house. Tried to walk back up it. Nope. Not happening. Feet slid...
  8. Sonnet

    Grumpy Old Man

    Haven't posted here for ages, so thought I'd reintroduce my piggy (as it were!) Did have four guinea pigs when I first joined, but unfortunately lost three at differing times through this year. So now I've only got Chutney, a five year old boar, who can be a bit of a grump at times! Still love...
  9. Jesse's pigs

    Piggy Photoshoot

    For those who may not have instagram (yep my boys have an account :lol!:which has way more followers than my own) Mo & Steve recently won a giveaway (well were one of three winners). Their prizes came today- a bag of dried veg and a nice mix of dried herbs etc that smells wonderful. Obviously I...
  10. Kallasia

    Diy Photo Shoot + Bloopers!

    Errol: Binky: Bloopers: And my personal favourite:
  11. Banbh

    Radish Was Happy

    ...Until he realised it was nail trimming day! Don't post here nearly as much as I should, and apologies for the poor quality photos, but the look on his face just makes me laugh. Relaxed Radish Don't touch my feet, human! Bonus chooken leg!
  12. Merrypigs Sanctuary

    Sanctuary Peeeegs

    Many piggies :D Toffee and Fudge were surrendered to my work place, and because Toffee has lots of unusual cysts and both ladies are elderly they are now permanent Sanctuary residents! Toffee is left and sister Fudge is right. The mysterious stretch-pig! Kissy kissy! And little Jakob! Such a...
  13. AdamFrench

    Anyone Had Experience With This Lip Sore?

    Hi Does anyone have any experience with lip sores? I've just noticed a sore in the corner of Belles mouth (a photo attached). It hasn't affected her eating, or behaviour at all but doesn't exactly look healthy. We'll be making an appointment at the vets asap, just trying to get a bit insight...
  14. Jesse's pigs


    I've officially owned my boar Mo a year now and he's completely stolen my heart -and my money :lol!: Hopefilly we'll have many more years together and if all goes well then he should very well be having a brother to share those years with very soon!
  15. Megannah

    Piggie Photo Shoot

    My pigs love there photo being taken:)
  16. Sonnet

    Make Sure You Get My Best Side...

    Tried to have a photoshoot with Chutney today, but he wasn't being very helpful!
  17. ChewyTheGuinea

    I Put Those Two In A Cage Together To Take This Picture

    theyre back in their cages now :T but anyways