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please help me

  1. Puddles1999

    Almond oil in Benazapril? Safe?

    I ordered Benazapril for my Guinea through a compounding agency. I had it strawberry flavored. I was going to give her some this afternoon and noticed it says it contains almond oil? Is that safe for her? I wouldn’t think they’d put something in the medication if it wasn’t safe for her but I’d...
  2. Puddles1999

    Please help

    I’m sorry I’ve posted a thread kind of about this about milk thistle. The last week, my last remaining girl randomly puffed up and had soft poops. Took her to er and found nothing out. She’s been on metoclopromide and meloxicam. Her diarrhea got worse and I seen metoclopromide could make poops...
  3. aniasandyogurt

    Hamster squeaking abnormally please help

    Hi guys this isn’t guinea pig related but i’m freaking out about my boyfriends hamster. She periodically makes these wheezing squeaks for a profusive amount of times. She’s about 9 months. It’s been happening for about id say two weeks give or take. She is eating and drinking normally and she is...
  4. N

    Teeth/Mouth Problem

    My guinea pig is doing something weird and I don’t know why. I gave him a carrot this morning and he tried to bite it but for some reason could not. I went to school thinking he just did not want the carrot but when I came back he did the same thing. My entire family keeps saying that it’s fine...
  5. G

    Please help my guinea pig is twitching and has sneezed

    Please help I really don’t know if she is ill and she’s a baby I would say they are under 2 months old pleassseee help me I’m really concerned please help me 😭😭😭😭😭
  6. H


    Help my guine pig won’t move eat or drink. She is only a few months old Does anyone know what’s wrong
  7. Stella&Twist

    My Guinea Pig had a stroke please help me with questions :(

    My baby Stella couldn’t walk Tuesday when I woke up she seemed kind of disoriented and was walking slowly in circles and had a head tilt, figured maybe it was an ear infection so I was gonna take her to the vet Friday.. well that wasn’t the case at all she started getting bad throu out the night...
  8. Laura M.

    lip infection?

    I went to see my guinea pigs after over 24 hours away from them (my Mum looked after them) and I saw something on one's lip. It was like a bit of feeding hay stuck to his lip with dried up pellet mush. Ten minutes later I came back with a wet cotton bud and my Mum. When I came back it looked...
  9. E

    Thick layer of crust covering vagina?

    My little piggy has gone through alot. I think she's like two months old? Unsure. She's a problematic albino. She had gotten surgery on her eye. And while doing the surgery she was accidentally burnt on her stomach near her vagina. She had since healed from that but it has definitely left a bald...
  10. Milpal13

    Help I think my guinea pig is bullying her cage mate?!

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for some advice :) I’ve got 2 baby girl guinea pigs, 6 months old. One of them, Phinny, is extremely confident whereas Peanut is still very shy around humans. They’ve been getting on well, a few scraps here and there but not properly fighting. This last week however...
  11. B

    2 New boys... 4 bores total.....

    Please someone help me. I’ve my same boys for almost a year, Felix and Rufus. I think it was a bad idea in the beginning to take in 2 more bores just yesterday.... I couldn’t tell myself no though because these ones where severely neglected; both 3 year olds who never had their nails trimmed EVER...
  12. T

    What is wrong with his lip?

    I’ve attached an image below of Teddy’s lip, I have read some where that it could just be chapped lips however I’m not to sure. He lives outside and it is colder outside in the current months however I’m not sure, if it is what do I do to help him?
  13. Jesse's pigs

    Mo worrying pigmum again

    Hi guys (yet another post in the health and illness section regarding Mo). Yesterday, I noticed that several of the boys poos seemed softer than normal and smaller in size- I soon found the culprit to be Steve with Mo's poos still normal par a slightly smaller size (though they do tend to vary)...
  14. M

    My guinea pig is sick

    My guinea pig, Rocket, won't eat and won't drink. I've had him for about I'd say maybe a year or almost a year and he is supposedly a male but I'm not quite sure. He has milky pupils. He is very skinny, he seems to limp to a corner and just sit there. My other guinea pig,Neveen and a male...
  15. RawrOWolf

    I Need Help! - Settling And Making Friends

    I need help taming my pigs! Neither of my pigs trust me too much yet (after 5 months). i am a new slave to guinea pigs and My cavies run to their hut when i enter but if I'm in the room after a minute or two they will come out. if i take a piece of food and lure them out of the hut while...