rainbow bridge

  1. uikyo

    goodbye cookie! i hope youre with teddy eating cucumbers:)

    my little cookie died last night while giving birth , she was my first guinea pig and she needed a companion so i got her one. The petshop owner said it was a female which ultimately ended up being false. last night she gave birth to a still born and a few hours later passed away i called so...
  2. Vicvac28

    RIP Sweet Houdini

    I lost my 2.5 year old little boy yesterday from GDV, making the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep. He was visibly in so much pain and I know it was for the best but it doesn’t make it any easier and it was so sudden. I have photos of him on Friday having cuddles, and by Sunday he was...
  3. L

    Bear 03-11-2020

    My guinea pig Bear died today. He had been feeling unwell for the past week so I made the decision to put him down to spare him any more pain and suffering. He was an older piggy. I never knew his exact age since I got him from the animal shelter almost two years ago( the vet suspected between 4...
  4. jsamantha

    Peanut my baby... 2018-2020

    My poor Peanut crossed the rainbow bridge this morning around 5am. He was 2 years old. He is no longer in pain. He was a good guinea pig. I can’t stop crying. I will always miss you and I will always love you my strong boy. Please come keep your step-brother Lucky company in spirit sometime, he...
  5. HappyCavies

    Rest Easy Sweet Lon-Lon

    After a long and exhausting few weeks of us fighting our local vets and Lon-Lon fighting her abscess, this morning it was decided by us and the wonderful Simon, Kim and their team at the Cat and Rabbit Clinic in Northampton that she was ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. We plan to make a longer...
  6. Piggyowner3000

    Nibbles ❤️😢

    My munchkin nibbles does not too long ago and I cry atleast once a day. I truly wish there was a way I can have closure. We already buried him and said our goodbyes but somethings missing. My Tribute I made of him 😢❤️
  7. Gemm

    Goodbye my Alvin

    A week ago I said good bye to my favourite little guy Alvin. He finally lost his battle with ongoing illness and was put to sleep. He was the most beautiful, well behaved, super guinea pig ever and he stole my heart. He was not only a guinea pig, he was my friend and I miss him dearly. My home...
  8. YodaVaderBinks

    Goodbye Yoda

    My precious little boy. Just shy of your 4th birthday. I do not understand why you were taken now, you were so full of life. A people pig for sure, I've never met any other like you. I hope you're running free again with your baby brother Vader, try not to bully him too much! I miss you both, my...
  9. CrazyHairedPiggies997

    My little girl.

    Hi everyone, I've only made one post before introducing myself & in that I mentioned my old piggie who was living out her golden days, she has shown no signs of suffering at all over the past few months and has been coping well on syringe feeding, metacam and eating the odd bit of...
  10. TheLottiediarys

    Anya is dying

    I found poor Anya when I checked the animal room this morning to see how everyone was She’s slumped on her side and is gasping every so often, I know she’s dying? This is exactly what happened with Baby before she passed, I’m just glad I found her I’ve got her against the skin on my chest and...
  11. PiggiesAndPaws

    Over the Rainbow Bridge

    Goodnight my Piggy Piggy, Buds bug, Booday, Gorilla. I love you Buddy.🌟🖤
  12. TheLottiediarys

    Goodbye Baby, My special girl 😢😢

    Unfortunately Baby passed away in my arms about an hour ago, The animals seemed to be struggling with the fireworks today, I was checking all of them and making sure they were okay when I found Baby Unfortunately Donnie was trying to protect her and I had to literally pull him off her to get to...
  13. TheLottiediarys

    Bear passed away today, I feel so broken 😢

    Unfortunately I found Bear had passed away today, He had been struggling with his feet, arthritis had caused his front paws to swell up and become scabby, we had been fighting a battle to get him better again for a few months now, to vets and back again trying to get him better. Two days ago I...
  14. A

    Rest In peace

    Sadly my 3 year old piggy passed away October 4th, thank you to everyone who has helped me along this rocky road, he recovered amazingly after surgery, then the other day he just stopped eating all together and started shaking, then passed away a few hours later; he shall always be in our memories❤️
  15. TheLottiediarys

    Could I be traumatised from Losing Lottie?

    I’ve been feeling very bad just lately, The Guinea have needed cleaning out for a few days and I’ve been putting it off and off, till last night I finally broke down to my partner and asked if he could clean them out because I’m struggling to do it. He said yes and I lay in bed while he cleaned...
  16. N

    My 5 year old guinea pig was put to sleep ..

    In June I found out my guinea pig Mickey had a tumor not knowing if it was possibly a cyst, I went to the vet and sadly told me that it was a tumor and there was no form of removing it without it growing back, this left me with knowing she was either going to live until she got to the point it...
  17. A

    Lilly 8/27/18 🌈

    My sweet Lilly passed away today, on National Guinea Pig day of all days. She was my furbaby for 4 of her 5 years alive. She showed me unconditional love, especially when opening the fridge in the kitchen. Unfortunately, Lilly got sick on Friday, but she just wanted to have one more weekend to...
  18. TheLottiediarys

    Saying Goodbye to my sweet Lottie..

    It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform everyone that my old girl Lottie passed away at 5.30 this afternoon in my arms, I found her unresponsive when I returned home from work at 4.45 and attempted to revive her with CPR for 45 minutes with no result. I’ve spent the time since then...
  19. D

    My guinea pig died last night...😢💔

    So, My guniea pig (Joseph) went to rainbow bridge last night and I am heartbroken, he was my first pet. I have another guniea pig (spencer) and they used to live together and the one who died was the more dominant one so the other guniea pig is finding it hard. He only comes out for food and...
  20. CookieBoo

    Mourning The Loss Of My First Piggie: Sherbie

    I am in such grief over losing one of my three sister piggies, Sherbie. I am a first time owner (had all other kinds of pets previously) and I am glad that I got to spend 3 good years with my little girl. However, I can't help but feel guilt, sadness, and a broken heart for that little girl...