1. S

    Bad rash on guinea pigs butt

    Hi I got my guinea pig from petco a couple of weeks ago and she started developing a scab that soon turned into a bald spot and is sort of bleeding, I’m worried and confused if it’s mange or ringworm, she doesn’t have any hair loss anywhere else but that place. I started treating her for...
  2. F

    Possible Ringworm In New Piggie

    Hi everyone! So yesterday in our boy piggie (Approx 11 weeks old) I noticed a bald flaky looking patch at the bottom of his back. Called the shop we got him from to ask what we needed to do etcetc. I've ordered the spot on stuff he's suggested for if it isn't ringworm but honestly from...
  3. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    Is it ringworm or did his hair get pulled?

    Is this ringworm, at first his hair was stuck together and looked like he got boar glue on it but today a piece is missing. So I'm unsure if it got stuck somewhere and he pulled or if its ringworm? I won't be able to get to the vets tonight so I need to know what I can do, I might have to take...
  4. Alicevftroy

    I have ringworm, what do I do about the pigs?

    I am a fairly new guinea pig owner* with three guinea pigs and today I found out that I have ringworm or some other kind of fungal infection on my scalp, I'm not sure what to do. I don't know whether it has come from one of the pigs - one of them did have a patch of red inflamed skin a couple of...
  5. K

    Hair loss

    Hello everyone! I am new to this app and also a New Guinea pig owner. My guineas; Ronnie and Reggie and both around 9 weeks old and have been fine so far until I noticed last week reggies fur above his eye has been falling out and today I checked up on him again and more hair has been lost! The...
  6. D

    Decontamination after ringworm

    Hi 👋 My guinea pig was fine for about three weeks, then developed a mild case of ringworm. I am following the vet recommendations and using a shampoo recommended by a reliable source, but I am having trouble finding information on decontamination. Most websites say top to bottom house cleaning...
  7. cashewandpeppa

    Spreading ringworm to guinea pigs

    I’ve searched this forum and other reputable veterinary websites online, but no one has been clear about the possibility of a human with ringworm transferring it to their guinea pigs. I don’t have ringworm, but my girls finally got rid of theirs - they were both from pet stores. In the case I...
  8. cashewandpeppa

    Dry skin on ears

    Hi everyone! Any advice on how to treat dry skin on ears? One of my girl’s very dark ears get a white-ish cast on them, where it comes and goes, and looks like dry skin. She’s been treated for ringworm for 1.5 months, has had Ivomec drop treatments, and topical anti-fungal. She was just...
  9. S

    Guinea pig scab

    Hello! We have just noticed this little scab on my guineas belly. His brother was treated for a fungal infection a couple weeks ago and everything has been disinfected since then. They were also treated for mites over a month ago. Any idea what it may be? Thanks!
  10. J


    Hi, I have a three month old hairless guinea pig. He has been itching and biting himself very frequently and has one major spot where I believe he scratched raw that has now began to heal, but it is dry and flaky. First I thought he had mange mites, but after being given a topical dose of...
  11. T


    Hi all, I got a guinea pig from what I thought was a reputable source, but she turned out to have quite a severe case of ringworm. I've taken her to the vet (prescribed oral antifungal meds) and have nearly finished the treatment course. I've also given her 2 baths. The ringworm is looking much...
  12. Hanniespiggies

    Lice / hairloss / stress advice please!

    Hi all I have 2 boy guineapigs, both around 8 months old now. They moved into their new cage setup downstairs last week so I could make their enclosure bigger, I have noticed since then one of my piggies moo, has started to loose some hair around the front of one of his eyes, his other is fine...
  13. Arwhal

    Dry patch on forehead. Ringworm?

    I’ve had my Mocha for a little over 2 weeks now and noticed a dry bump on her forehead Thursday May 14th that got larger in a few hours. I did some research and it seemed to match up with ringworm. I’ve been using Head & Shoulders on her and Tolnaftate after washing her down. I haven’t had a...
  14. Bebimbars

    Ringworm ? On lockdown, need help

    Hi everyone, I really need help as we are in a sticky situation. I live in France and the whole country is under lockdown, we can only get out of the house to go to the supermarket, pharmacy and emergency doctor appointments. Our young sow (7 weeks old) has come up with a white crusty patch...
  15. R

    White scabs on my guinea pig cookie

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help as I am a bit stuck over what to do with my guinea pig cookie. I can post some bettter photos this week if that helps. I took cookie to the vet just over 2 weeks ago as she had some scabs on her sides and back in various places, mainly in the roset middles. They...
  16. ashimay

    Crust and sore on the nose!

    On Friday I noticed that one of my guinea pig’s fur on the nose had gone slightly yellow and a little crusty (as can be seen in the first two photos). His breathing sounded just fine and his eyes showed no signs of cloudiness, discharge, watering etc, he has been eating and behaving as normal...
  17. ashimay

    Separating two bonded boars whilst treating one for ringworm

    Whilst carrying out the daily health checks on my two boars last night I noticed that Otis had what I suspected to be a fungal infection on one of his ears, a quick trip to the vet this evening confirmed that it was indeed ringworm (in the early stages) and checked over my other boar and...
  18. G


    I dont know what to do! My sweet baby has these spots on him and theyre getting worse! I cant afford a vet, I need some home remedy help, please.
  19. NightingaleTear

    Fungal infection on my pig's inner thighs/belly?

    I have been watching two spots on my pig, Sundae, for the past 3-4 months. they are located on his inner thighs almost on his belly, and they're symmetrical to each other. They almost look like nipples, but he is a male, not a female, and he hasn't had them there before, so i was able to rule...
  20. P

    Do Not Use “Nu-Stock” ointment!

    About a month and a half ago, one of my three piggies (Buffy) got ringworm. A family member of mine told me she used a product called “Nu-Stock” animal ointment on her dog when she had ringworm and it went away. I did a lot of research on it, but found no information about it specifically...