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  1. J

    Run outside with no grass

    Hello, I’m after some advice. We are going to be moving house and the back garden doesn’t have any grass at the moment, it is all paved. What would you recommend I put down for the guinea pigs in the run outside? *They have a 2 tier hutch also. Many thanks, Jo
  2. X

    Hutch recommendations

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can tell me what their preference is on Chartwell versus FeelGoodUK hutches? We will be new owners next weekend of piggies, and I want to make sure we get it right. I see that the FeelGood versions have trays that you can pull out to clean, but not sure if that is...
  3. piggie.slave

    Scared outside

    Hi, I see so many people posting photos of their guineapigs outside and it looks like they’re having a great time. About 6 months ago I went to amazon and brought a run. I put in hay, houses water and toys and went to bring them outside (they are indoor pigs) and I left them outside the first...
  4. M

    New Owner Handmade Enclosure

    Hi all, I am due to get two female guineas at the beginning of Sept. I had two boys years ago but know things have changed somewhat since then. I have researched and decided to make my own enclosure from an old book case. It measures 1m x 1m square with a top platform that I hope they will use...
  5. MiloAndJake

    Guinea pigs won’t come out of their hutch.

    I just got my 2 baby guinea pigs on Tuesday, they’re said to be about 8 weeks old. They have seemed to of settled into their outdoor hutch really well and all however they will not come out into their run through the day to play on the grass. I have attatched their run onto their hutch so they...
  6. TheLottiediarys

    How To Safely Attach Run To Hutch?

    Hi, I was wondering what's the best way to safely attach a run to a hutch that isnt an all in one hutch/run, so its safe to let then wander in and out through the day?
  7. KathT

    Guinea Pig Friendly Wood Preserver

    I need to apply a wood preserver/paint to my wooden outdoor run in preparation of finer weather for my boys to go out. Has anyone used an animal friendly preserver/paint that they could recommend please?
  8. HeatherW

    Outdoor Run Recommendations

    Seeing as the nice weather is drawing closer, I've started looking at outdoor runs for my piggies. Do you have any recommendations? Ideally it would fold down so it can be stored away, but I obviously don't want it to be flimsy. Thank you!
  9. Abbie Brooks

    Ideas For Exercise Runs?

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and do not have any guinea pigs. I have had a pair of boars previously. I have been longing for another pair of guinea pigs (I can't due to timing and money). Also I do not know if this thread is in the right topic but I assumed it came under care. I wondered if...
  10. Guineapigfeet

    Bank Holiday Sun!

    Yeah girls are out (in the shade) for some yummy grass, unfortunatly OH mowed it yesterday, so there's not as much as normal! The air temp at human head height is 24C but at piggy head height it's only 20!
  11. SabreRose

    Is This A Good Setup?/run Questions.

    Hi. I'm getting a pair of Guinea pigs in the near future and I was just wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on my setup idea for them. They'll be living in a shed and my plan is to buy them a double hutch and connect it to a run for them. My plan is to buy this hutch And connect...
  12. Siikibam

    In/outdoor Run

    I'm looking for a run I can use both in and outside. Something that can be folded for storage. I was going through old threads and found a link to some storage from Argos and eBay. Would something like these work? Metal Wire Storage Cubes DYI Shelving Unit Bookcase Locker Room Cabinet Black |...
  13. Guineapigfeet

    Finally Have A Lawn!

    OH has deemed the back lawn (finally) suitable for pig habitation so out they went! It's still a bit sparse and I'm not allowed to put them out too often this summer to allow it to establish fully, but it made me very happy to see them out there! Can just make out Rey in the box and Chewie...
  14. C

    One Or Two Story Hutch?

    hey, I was wondering if people had found that getting two storey hutches with a built in run are worth getting (we have a foldable run at the moment but we probably won't be able to get it out for them to play in everyday). Our two sows are new so if we are going to get a different hutch is it...
  15. Guineapigfeet

    Floor Time Videos

    These are from floor time this past weekend. The light isn't great but hopefully you can see them scampering around (and jumping the chair legs) well enough! There were three but one has music in the back ground that was blocked :(
  16. Sach15

    What Age Can Babies Go Outside?

    In good weather the adult guinea pigs go outside into a run with a hutch attached. Now olive has had the babies she stays in the shed during the day with the babies whilst the older girls go outside in the run. At what age can the babies start going outside with all of the other Guinea pigs? I...
  17. Sach15

    Sun Cream On Pigs?

    hiya I have one lilac pig, a pink eyed white, a torteshell and a ginger and white. One has pink ears, one has a ginger ear and a pink ear, another has a pink ear and a black ear and the lilac has grey. I was wondering do they need to have sun cream rubbed on their ears as they're out in the day...
  18. Sach15

    My 4 Littl Girlies

    all my girls are ex-breeders that we rescued. I have 3 Swiss's and 1 self. Pink eyed White Swiss is called Olive, the torteshell Swiss is called Martha, the ginger and white Swiss is called Elsie and the lilac self is called Violet. They range from 1 year old to 2.5 years old
  19. Guineapigfeet

    Grass Time - Pic Heavy

    Grass time for the girls after an early finish from work - a lightening strike took out our internet, server and phones on the early hrs of Thursday morning and the engineers who I'd been on the phones to for the last 2 days were fixing it. The pigs don't care about the political situation, as...
  20. coco&chanel

    Outdoor Run On Grass

    Hello, I have 2 pigs that live outside in a hutch. I let them into their run daily (weather permitting) with plenty of shade and tunnels/ houses etc. They have lots of safe grass to nibble on and food and water available. I was wondering how long I should leave them in their run for. Is there a...