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  1. Arwen

    Ear Falling Off

    Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new guinea pig owner, and I seem to be having a problem right now. My girl's left ear always had two patches of black skin, and we thought nothing of it, I kind is dismissed it as just the colour of her skin. But Today I can see one of the patches of black is...
  2. K

    White Ear And Big Cut

    Got my boy out tonight and noticed this on his ear. Anyone know what it could be? Or if it is a vet visit needed? Any help and advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  3. piggie.slave

    Scabby Lump?

    Hi, I was cleaning out the pigs today when I noticed that he had a rough bum, when I had a look he has a scabby like raised lump. He is a 3 year old sheltie male, that lives with another male, they get on most of the time, have a few squabbles but never drawn blood, I will attach photos, an...
  4. am02theinternet

    What's This On My Guinea Pigs Ear?

    I have had my piggies for about a month and a half now. They're both about 1 year old. My Abyssinian piggy Chary has a scaly, scabbed wound on his left ear and I am worried about what it could be and how it got there. Any ideas what it could be?
  5. PeanutandGus

    Scabby/crusty Nose

    My pig has a really crusty nose and seems to have something brown under the fur and I can work out what it is or what's causing it.. He's eating and behaving normally, I will book a vets appointment in the morning but just wondered if anyone has any ideas or had similar things?:soz: Thank you...