1. Puddles1999

    Female being mean to the others?

    Good evening! So I have three girls together. Minnie, Penelope and mocha. Mocha has always had an attitude and but they’ve all gotten along. However, today I have been cleaning their cage and mocha has been chasing Minnie around so violently Minnie will accidentally hit her head on the water...
  2. N

    Which Guinea Pig should I separate?

    Hello, Just under a year ago we adopted a Boar (about 2-3 years old) called Bob from my partner's sister. For a few months he was really coming out of his shell like we've never seen before but we always thought he looked a bit lonely. So after some research and asking someone at Pets at Home...
  3. WorldsBestBoars

    Teenage tantrums.

    So, I got my boys one day apart, from different litters, same breeder, when they were both supposedly 10 weeks old. I got the nutty (King) Louis (tortoise shell, his highness) first and we bonded pretty well right away. He was instantly territorial when I brought home She-Ra (Princess of Power...
  4. Zelsi

    I Separated My Boars - What Next?

    I have just separated my two boars, same cage but a divider down the middle. While on holiday my family took care of them and when I returned I checked each one thoroughly and the younger one (12 months) had some bald patches / nips on his back and cheek. The larger one (2.5 years) did bite him...
  5. Lil3piggies

    Help! Bitten Ear!

    Hi everyone, I've just come to check on the piggies and Arlo has got a bitten ear! Il post a photo but you can't see it clearly, there's a bit of blood. What should I do :( do I have to separate them or not? I have 3 boars and they are currently in a hutch together but inside. I'll try and...
  6. G

    Boars Fighting, But Anxious When Separated?

    Hi! I have two boars, they are brothers and I adopted them when they were likely a year old. I've had them since January, and when I adopted them I was told that they occasionally get into little tiffs but nothing to worry about. Lately they've been fighting a LOT. At least two or three times a...