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  1. Fluffy17

    Nizoral shampoo

    Hi guys! So i was watching Saskia from LA Guinea pig rescue and she said in a video that a prevention from ringworm is using MICONAZOLE shampoo every 3 months or more which i would’ve definitely bought but it would cost me 60 Euros including the shipping 🤦🏽‍♀️ she also mentioned that if there’s...
  2. B

    How to remove oinment from fur

    My sister's guinea has an eye ulcer, therefore we have to apply ointments and gels on her little eye 10 times a day for two weeks! The application has been incredibly difficult, at first we (and the vet) failed miserably as Gogo did everything to keep us from putting the ointments in her eye...
  3. W

    Guinea pig shampoo

    Some of my pigs need baths and grease gland cleaning, I was just wondering what shampoo people would recommend?
  4. TheLottiediarys

    How Can I Make Baths Easier For Baby?

    Hi guys! Unfortunately Baby has some medicated shampoo she has been prescribed for her skin as it gets very irritated and flaky, But she hates having a bath! It's like she's being tortured the way she reacts to it! I'm trying to think of ways to make the whole process less stressful for her...
  5. Liane

    Has Anyone Used Vet's Best Waterless Shampoo?

    Has anyone used this? http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/small-pet/guinea-pig/guinea-pig-healthcare/vets-best-waterless-small-animal-shampoo-150ml The description: Vet's Best is a unique blend of naturally occurring plant extracts, which are recognised to provide a range of health benefits...
  6. bumbling-bambi

    My Shampoo Sucks!

    So both my boys are very long haired, particularly around their bottoms - as a result they seem to get a lot of matts which is obviously very uncomfortable for them. If i can't brush them out without hurting them I have to just cut them away. This tends to lead to the most horrendous hair cuts...
  7. kerri Davidson

    Mites Or Lice?!?

    Hi, I bought 2 beautiful little peruvian sisters just over 2 weeks ago so they must be about 8/9 weeks old now. Built a new cage for them to come home too out of wood which gave them plenty room to roam! They both seemed to settle in fine, still a bit nervous but we handle them plenty so...
  8. D

    Itching Piggie

    Hello. We took my daughter's elderly female guinea pig to the vet after we noticed some hair loss and her scratching and biting her hind quarters. We have got some Ivermectin to treat her with for possible mites. I'm just wondering if there is a recommended shampoo or bath treatment we could...
  9. Parnassus

    Guinea Pig Shampoo In The States

    Hey all! I have a guinea pig who peed on some cardboard, then squatted on the urine puddle. Her fur around her bottom is now grimy and matted. I'm trying to find guinea pig safe shampoo that I can get within the next week, but I'm not finding anything. I live in the USA, Oregon. I looked up...
  10. Keiko The Pig

    Bathing Young Boars

    hi guys, I need some advice. So my recently adopted white baby boar Milo has got a dirty backside. He is an Abby but his fur is on the longer side. I checked thoroughly to make sure the brown stains are indeed from piggy business and not any scratches. So now I must wash him to keep his fur...
  11. Piggiekisses

    Human Products For Piggies?

    Hi there, I've heard that there are some human products that are safe on piggies, and I wanted to know which ones they are and what it's used for. I am starting a first aid kit for my piggy and am wondering what kind of creams or ointments are safe for a skinny pig, in case of a scratch or...
  12. crnyng

    Fungal Infection Shampoo Search; Usa

    Hi, I'm on a search for safe fungal infection shampoos for young pigs in the United States. Specifically Wisconsin if that makes a difference. I have a probably 4 month girl and shortly after getting her I realized her ear was infected. I picked up a cream to treat it while I waited to get into...