1. G

    My guinea pig is ill

    My about 5 month old guinea pig (His name is Spot) has been feeling off for awhile. He would always squeak when I would give him food, but I noticed his eyes started to get discharge and he became silent when I gave him food. Spot still ate, but he wasn’t happy and squeaky like always. That was...
  2. J

    Guinea pig making strange air sound

    Hello everyone, I have two male guinea pigs. They seem to be around 6 months. One of them makes a strange sound, like pre-wheeking. I recorded a short clip of the noise. I’ve only had these two for 5 days, I do not touch them, they seem to be potty trained already, I am trying to get them to be...
  3. L

    HELP ME - piggy not eating and facing wall

    My guinea pig has been behaving strangely. She hasn’t been taking her vitamins, she has a powder sprinkled on her food and she always eats it but she isn’t now. She’s been leaving some nuggets as well. She keeps sitting in corners, facing the walls. And her poop pellets have been half the size...
  4. M

    I feel like my guinea pig is sick,but I don’t know with what...plz help

    So today when I got home from school my 4 year old guinea pig was acting different then he usually does. The first thing I noticed was that there was white stuff around his eye, and he wasn’t moving a lot like he usually does when I get home. Then I started to realize that he hasn’t been eating...
  5. A


    Hi I have a guinea pig named bubbles. Recently he's lost a lot of weight and there was crusting round his eyes and nose. I took him to the vet and they said it's a nasal infection so I've been syringe feeding him hourly over last night and he put on some weight and it seemed he was getting...
  6. Scott&Cinnamon

    Undiagnosed Illness, Very Worried About My Piggy

    Hi guys, this is my first ever post and I’m sick with worry about my piggy Scott, chronically ill myself and sleep deprived so please be kind. Scottie started showing symptoms 3 days ago. Unfortunately we’ve not noticed his weight loss which I really feel bad about. His eyes are small and as...