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  1. Piggiepops

    Guinea Eating But Losing Weight?

    There's something wrong with one of my 10 guinea pigs, she is around 4 years old recently she has lost a lot of weight, has diarrhoea and smells of urine? We like to bath our guineas in tepid water in the summer months so we've been bathing her a few times a week for the past couple of weeks to...
  2. MadKatter

    Advice Please: Sow With Swollen Genetalia

    I've noticed my girl has a lump/ swelling at genitals. (Pictures attached) Not smelly No discharge noted Given it a clean Cannot see any debris (hay/bedding) there Remains very active Pooing and Peeing ok No weight loss I am able to apply pressure to the area with no reaction I give my...