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  1. kerry3383

    is this bumble foot or something else?

    *I’ve got a vet appt in a few days anyways but still wanted some opinions!* does this look like the beginning of bumble foot or something else? guinea pigs feet look red & irritated! back paws have red irritated patch towards the ‘heel’ of paws & the front paws are really quite swollen and a...
  2. P


    I am trying to get her to a vet right now but I want to see if I can get suggestions sooner through here. I just found this wound yesterday, I feel so bad that I just noticed it. It looks like it's filled with pus, it has a this scabbing and missing hair around the wound. I don't know if a cage...
  3. Chippervb

    Please help my piggy has swelling with pus

    We will immediately call the vet tomorrow morning (its closed now) what do you guys think it is? I first didn't see anything wrong until I put her back in her case after giving her some cuddles. She was squeeking from pain, then I picked her up again, and saw the infection.. There was also a bit...
  4. C

    PTS? Is it time?

    Hello everyone I have a 6 year old sow called Bessie. Has been unwell past month or so started with a rattly chest, very noisy breathing, treated with antibiotics and cleared up. Next noticed her eyes and nose were crusty and also had a swelling under her chin that grew quite large within two...
  5. G

    Post eye removal swelling

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, so hello! My little man Herbie had to have an eye removed about three weeks ago, which went well. Since then, the no-eye side of his head and jaw have swollen up a good bit. It doesn’t seem to be hurting him, and it doesn’t hurt him when I touch it...
  6. Piggiepops

    Guinea Eating But Losing Weight?

    There's something wrong with one of my 10 guinea pigs, she is around 4 years old recently she has lost a lot of weight, has diarrhoea and smells of urine? We like to bath our guineas in tepid water in the summer months so we've been bathing her a few times a week for the past couple of weeks to...
  7. MadKatter

    Advice Please: Sow With Swollen Genetalia

    I've noticed my girl has a lump/ swelling at genitals. (Pictures attached) Not smelly No discharge noted Given it a clean Cannot see any debris (hay/bedding) there Remains very active Pooing and Peeing ok No weight loss I am able to apply pressure to the area with no reaction I give my...