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  1. D

    are these toys safe for piggies?

    my mom ordered a bunch of stuff for the piggies:) but she doesn’t know a lot about guinea pig health so i just wanted to make sure these are safe? (the corn cob arch seems pinkish, not sure if it was dyed or not, and the balls are rattan)
  2. Lunapxggies

    Worry about toxic toys

    Hello! I have been having a lot of anxiety about using the wrong toys for my piggies for enrichment so I was wondering what everyone on here recommends for enrichment toys for their pigs ! Thanks so much!
  3. thedosboys

    Boys don't chew is that a problem?

    I'm the dad of Diego and Manny, they are a bonded pair about 3 years of age. When I first thought about getting guinea pigs everyone says that they are going to chew, so make things chew proof or give them things to chew on. But I've had my boys for almost a month and.... They don't chew. I...
  4. bambiandzinnia

    Are finished toilet rolls safe for guinea pigs?

    I've heard and seen from popular guinea pig youtubers that finished toilet rolls (just the cardboard piece) can be good entertainment for them, my guinea pigs aren't too big on toys and prefer hideys that have have hay or carrots in/on them (they're very food motivated) so as i was mentioning i...
  5. G

    Toys & enrichment

    Hiya! Do any of you piggie owners have any suggestions for good brands/names of toys & enrichment? My girls love to chew things so I’m looking for any of ideas of good toys to keep them entertained and teeth healthy! Thank you :)
  6. Dixiebaby3

    DIY toilet paper roll crafts

    I really would like to make tunnels or a house out of toilet paper rolls for my piggies to play in. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to stick them together? I know I can’t use normal glues or tape. Are there any pet safe ones? Also my piggies seem to eat the cardboard not just chew it...
  7. D

    Guinepig toys

    Hello just wondering what the best toys for Guineapig’s are and something that will keep them entertained x:ple:
  8. ashleemelda

    What To Chew On?

    About 3-4 weeks ago, I moved my guinea pigs into a new, larger cage. Since moving them in there, they have shown absolutely no interest in the cardboard and toilet paper rolls I leave around for them to chew on - they would go crazy for them in their old cage! Based on this, I was wondering what...
  9. Mikknu

    Such A Thing As Too Many Toys?

    Is there such a thing as too many toys? I'm preparing for my pigs and trying to buy in bulk what I can. I'm getting a large pack of small animal wooden chew toys, A couple timothy and apple wood chews, a bag of apple wood sticks in general, some wooden bridges(less for toys and more for getting...
  10. dannif_piggies

    Toy/boredom breaker ideas

    Hi all, I'm wanting to get a larger selection of enrichment together for my piggies, they have some enrichment and I often make them things from toilet roll tubes etc, but I was wondering. Is there anything that others have used that may have not been originally intended for piggies? Looking...
  11. dannif_piggies

    Guinea Pig (and hamster) accessories websites?

    Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knows of cheap (but good) guinea pig (and/or hamster) accessories websites. Ive used zooplus and petplanet, but are there any others that people recommend. Ideally looking for the smaller (less obvious) places, so not eBay... Amazon... etc. I would also...
  12. LothianCavies

    Preferred brands and stores UK

    Hello, My three boys are doing very nicely so far and we have made them a rather large indoor enclosure in the hope we can avoid a fallout during their upcoming tricky months. Now I am hoping for advise and recommendations from uk piggie owners. Which food brands do you recommend? Is there an...
  13. oofitsnaomi

    What do piggies like to do?

    I went shopping for guinea pig supplies yesterday to prepare for when I bring the piggies home and I got some things. Hideouts, bendy bridge, chew toys etc. I got the mandatory stuff. But what do guinea pigs like to do for fun? I know hamsters like puzzle toys but what do guinea pigs like to do...
  14. GeorgiaHarris

    online toy shops?

    I want to get some new toys for my two boys and I really like the look of the ones from Zoe and Lilos toy box however they're pretty expensive and I live in the UK. Does anyone know of any good online stores that are similar to them and are decently priced?
  15. J

    Bored, lonely guinea pig?

    I have a four year old guinea pig whose friend passed away about six months ago. My guinea pig didn't really care that her friend was gone, she was eating and drinking normally and she didn't gain or lose any weight. She didn't get depressed or anything like that. But lately i just don't know...
  16. Kiko+Peanut

    How To Keep A Piggy Entertained

    So I have seen many methods of people doing different things to keep there piglets happy. Some really cool. Some really bad. Some just plain dangerous. What do you do to keep your babies happy?
  17. alf1et

    Safe Guinea Pig Toys

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please help me, I have been doing lots of research for about 6/7 months because I am getting 2 baby American guinea pigs and I can't find any information on weather or not RUBBER toys are safe for guinea pigs. I was wondering if anyone could please help me...
  18. Gia

    Favorite Etsy Shop?

    I've been looking through Etsy for cozies lately, but can't seem to find a ton I like. Do you guys have any favorite shops for cozies or toys? Also, do you guys have any tips for making your own?
  19. Gia

    Treats And Enrichment

    I just thought I'd share some of the things my pigs really like, that are easy to make. 1. Dried Carrots Slice carrots into thin coins. Put in oven at 175 F until desired dry-ness (Is dry-ness even a word?). 2. Dried forage Collect forage and dry it the same way as the carrots. 3. Forage...
  20. RebelsHope

    Making Toys With Local Sourced Wood

    I have two guinea pigs, two gerbils, and one chinchilla. We all live in Illinois, so, not the UK.I can go though a lot of toys! I was totally psyched to find out that they could eat cottonwood and grapevines. So I have been making a lot of toys as I try to rid my garden of wild grape. I also...