1. MJG

    Best Toys For Floor Time?!

    Hey guys :) Just wondering everyone's opinion , so for floor time I let boys explore my spare room and I've got tunnels , a house , couple of chews , some guniea pig chew balls . Is there anything else anyone could suggest to add to their playtime? I just don't want them to be bored :)
  2. TheCavySlave

    Important- Are These Toys Safe?

    I recently bought these and want to make sure they're not going to hurt my babies (sorry for the huge pics): The house is made from card, covered in hay and the top is dried carrot
  3. coco&chanel

    Brown Paper Packaging?

    Hi, So I've had a few deliveries lately and have loads of card board boxes and brown paper stuff. I was wondering if this was piggy safe? If so, any any ideas of what I can make out of it?
  4. Charlotte Lines

    Curing Boredom!

    i got my 3 boys about 18months ago, they were fine at first but eventually started getting a little fed up with each other and other time it's gotten worse and worse. I clean out there cage as often as I can and wash there house and food bowl etc. to rid of their scents. I also have a hay ball...
  5. ally_mav

    Diy Piggy Toy Ideas........

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering what other DIY toys people make for there pigs... Pig toys from pet shops, even Ebay can cost a fortune, and even the best pig toys around don't last that long with my pigs, there chewed within a inch of life within a day or two...... My pigs like the usual...
  6. M

    Should I Get Her A New Cage?

    My Guinea pig is around 4-5 years old, I don't remember exactly when we got her but she is a little old. Her sister recently passed away from an unknown health problem, so I've been keeping my remaining piggie busy. Getting a new pig is out of the question, I just can't afford it. Plus, when my...
  7. Chewbacca2004

    Diy? Houses Treats And Toys

    Hello Recently in the colder months I have been trying to find cost effective and fun toys treats and houses for the pigs as it is too wet and chilly for them to go out in the run I have tried lots of options but would like to hear your tutorial suggestions! To start it off I'd recommend the...
  8. Chewbacca2004

    Diy? Houses, Toys, Treats?

    Hello there My pigs are always looking for fun toys and houses to explore but unfortunately they are rly expensive and often my pigs won't even use them :td: so I was wondering if any of you have found any easy tutorials that your guineas have liked!
  9. REBrowning

    Soft Toy Recommendation

    Hi :) I have two pairs of male guinea pigs. To keep them distracted from getting excited over each other i've been recommended to buy a couple of soft toys to put in their hutches that might distract them from basically humping each other (sorry to be blunt!) I'm a bit nervous about which...
  10. FayeM

    Toy Ideas..

    Hi everyone I've got a few days off work and looking for some new ideas for toys for my boys! I've had to separate one of my pairs into singles after a bloody incident yesterday and don't want them to get bored whilst they're on their own for the time being.. Cleaning my fridge out I came...
  11. CavyLover28

    Favourite Toy?

    I thought it be nice to share our piggies' favourite toys and give ideas of new toys that we could treat our piggies to. For mine the good old fashioned tube is their favourite: providing something to nibble and hours of fun as they practise their tag team event! What's your piggies' favourite...
  12. Jane the piggie slave

    New Toy Idea :)

    Made my boys a new activity table today :)