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vet advice

  1. Azver

    Possibly a stone in bladder - treatment in London

    Hi, Can you recommend any good guinea pig vets in London at reasonable price? Suspect that my guinea pig has stones in bladder. Two days ago I spotted blood in guinea pigs urine. No blood in urine since then. Pig does not show any symptoms of illness. Pig was taken to a vet and examined...
  2. B

    Help please!

    Hi , My guineas name is Hendrix , he’s 3.5 years old and I can’t really explain how scared I am for him. Right now I am going through a bit of trouble financially. I just had enough to get his teeth & nails clipped this month, not enough for a 100$ exam like I know he needs. They didn’t give me...
  3. H

    Young Female Guinea pig with abscess! I need help!

    I have two beautiful guinea pigs named Henry and Celestine (both female). Celestine, the younger female piggy, has had struggles with abscesses. She first had an abscess that was lanced and drained and healed but a new one has grown back. The abscess is on her chin/neck area and is quite large...
  4. Molly03

    Emergency My guinea pig isn’t moving and hasn’t eaten

    Usually my albino guinea pig Alfie is full of life and loves having a run about, when I went to clean his and his brothers cage I realised he wasn’t acting himself, his eyes looked tired and his fur was puffed up. Usually he gets very excited when I clean the cage because he gets more time to...
  5. Y

    Should I take my piggies to the vet?

    Heyo, so this is my first post on here and I just have a couple of questions, and I'm super sorry if this is long but I'm kind of paranoid. I'm a new guinea pig owner and we got them in February, we were told the two piggies were both girls, and that they got along fine, and were only around a...
  6. Moana

    Cyst Care

    Hi! I've recently encountered my first cyst with my guinea baby, Moana. She has never had problems (other than a gunky eye not too long ago, but it's all better). She's a pretty fluffy guinea, being an abbey and all, so I didn't see or notice the cyst till today, and my initial reaction was...
  7. Shelby._.

    New Piggie + Vet Visit = Stress?

    So I have to bring my new piggie to the vet tomorrow because he is sneezing a lot and it is worrying me. I have only had him a few days and am worried about him being stressed as he is very skidish now and doesn’t like my hands near him. Does anyone have any tips to make him less stressed? I...
  8. sazmatazz

    Ovarian Cysts - Draining Procedure In Older Guineas

    Hi everyone. I've been meaning to post about Mabel's cyst situation for a while in the hope that it might be helpful to others. We've now had Mabel for 4.5 years, when we got her from a rescue we were told she was 3-4 yrs, so she's around 7-8 years old. Our old lady piggy <3 In the last couple...
  9. Ketoprofene17

    Vets In/around Birmingham

    Hi all, New member here, writing on behalf of a 5 months old boar I got about 3 weeks ago. I'd like to take him for a general health check in January and have been looking on this forum for vet recommendations in the Birmingham area. Marie Kubiak seems to have left Black Vets based on info I...
  10. Jesse's pigs

    Mo's Ear

    Is This Squabbling Or A Sign The Bond Isn't Going To Work Out? On this thread I shared a picture of Mo's ear that had a white spot on it because I wondered if the pairs squabbling had anything to do with it.I'm happy to say both boars are still together (still the odd squabble though!) Now...
  11. Gia

    3 Nails, One Toe

    I have owned guinea pigs for about a year and half now. I just got another pig about a week ago, and I noticed he has three nails on one toe! I just wanted to share this, because I thought it was extremely bazaar. Any vets who could tell me why he has them? Gia xoxo
  12. D

    Guinea Pig Miscarriage Please Help!

    Hello, My little guinea pig just had a miscarriage yesterday and it came to me as a shock because I wasn't aware she was a "she" when I got her and her companion from a pet shop I took them to a local vet who has a specialty on exotic animals and the vet sexed them, the vet said it was 2 males...
  13. Roopa

    Sick Cavy

    Hi All, I made a post on pet forums about this and was advised to ask around here to help shed some light on my piggie's situation. I have a boar called Theo who was bleeding when he urinated. I took him to the vets who said he had a penis infection and said that I should give him baytril and...
  14. Coconut piggy

    Quiet & Congested Sounding

    About 1 year old female pig was out of the cage for cuddling, when I noticed she was very quiet. Usually, she would be loud and happy, but for some reason this time she only made very faint chutting noises when I pet her. When listening closer, I realized that she was making a strange congested...
  15. D

    Possible Bladder Stones/infection?

    Last month, my gorgeous 3yr old piggie Robbie passed a huge plug of some kind out of his urethra and had to get it removed by the emergency vet. His normal vet then prescribed him a week's worth of Baytril and said we'd keep an eye on him. He seemed to be doing okay, eating fine and everything...