1. S

    Limping Pig?

    Earlier today I was grooming my 4 year old female Guinea pig,Sunny, on their normal grooming table when she jumped off. The table is only about not even two feet above the ground. She didn't land too hard, but she did land on laminate tile. When she fell she didn't wheej or squeal in distress. I...
  2. Liv

    Good Guinea Pig Vet In Dundee?

    Hi guys, I live in Dundee, Scotland, with two freshly adopted male baby guinea pigs and am hoping someone can recommend an experienced guinea pig vet nearby. I don't have a car so public transport accessibility is a must (ideally in Dundee)! Tried the Vet Locator (great tool!) but sadly found no...
  3. SazzaG96

    Emergency Vet!

    Hi Guys, So me and the Guinea pigs have had a very stressful day. Archie was diagnosed with a URI and is now on antibiotics but today Han in the evening starting falling over, eye twitching and tilting his head to the right continuously. I was very worried as Han usually is running about...
  4. SazzaG96

    Running Mites

    I believe my boys has got mites as i can see bug crawling in their fur! I was wondering what has caused this, is it common and how do i treat? Can i buy something to fix it or should I go straight to vet?
  5. Beans&Toast

    Too Old To Be A Vet?

    I thought I'd put this here just to hopeful get some honest opinions. I'm 24 at the moment (25 in May) I absolutely adore all animals and the one and only thing I've ever wanted to do since I was around 4 was to be a vet. The reason(s) I didn't go right to uni after highschool and do it are as...
  6. Squidgypigs

    Our Squidgypigs (including New Freead Rescues)

    Our original duo (named by my daughter) Ethel-Seal The Poo Banana Peppa Pea Pirate Soup The 3/2/2016 rescues (freead piggies - went for two young sows came back with four mature sows, all in bad condition, two obviously pregnant, and a boar. (we have space, veg & friendly vet). Blondie...
  7. E

    Ringworm (i'm New!)

    Hello I'm new to owning guinea pigs and keen to do everything right. One of our pigs has got ringworm (we suspect she brought it with her from the pet shop where we have just brought her from!). We've taken her to the vets and got Itrafungol to give orally (which we haven't done yet - is it...
  8. Natalia

    Poole Or Bournemouth Vet

    Hello, does anyone know a good vet around Bournemouth? I tried natterjacks but looking for somewhere else. thank you
  9. M

    Help? Guinea Pig Can't Pee And Is In Lots Of Pain...

    My Guinea pig, lucky (ironically), is a female and she's about 4 and a half years old. She's got a sister who's much much (about .5lb) heavier than she is and my Lucky got much thinner over the past few months, you can feel her bones all over. Recently I've heard grunting and squeals (painful)...
  10. Sporgan

    Confusing Symptoms - Blocked Nose And Hooting Sort Of Chirp

    i have recently been worried about my 1 year old Guinea pig Morgan. 2 weeks ago he started hooting and sniffling a lot and after research took him to the vets to check for an URI. The vet (a cavy specialist) couldn't hear anything wrong but just incase put him on antibiotics for 5 days. When I...
  11. VioletandLilith

    My Guinea Pig Has A Tumor

    Almost a year ago I got Violet from a pet store because I instantly fell in love with her. They told me she had been given to them by someone who didnt want her anymore and her cage was extremely dirty (they had to scrape all the poop off the bottom with a gift card) and her nails were overgrown...
  12. HaleyK

    I'm Super Worried For My Piggie's Eye! Please Help!

    Just today I noticed that she was squinting and it was a little wet around her eye. When I took a closer look I saw that her one eye was practically flat unlike the healthy one which is the usual bubble-like shape. Also this eye was cloudy, I couldn't even see her dark brown coloring to it. I...
  13. Mae

    Blind In One Eye- Remove It Or Not?

    Hi, my guinea pig Lottie who is nearly 2 is now blind in her right eye. I found her on Thursday night at feeding time with her eye completely glazed over with white fluid. She was happy in herself and was sitting in the food bowl munching away like normal. I booked an appointment for the next...