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  1. T

    How To Administer Inhalers?!

    my pig Willow has been prescribed inhalers to help her lungs intake more oxygen. How do I effectively get her to inhale as much of the puff as possible? I have little masks but it sprays too violently in her face. I also use a nebulisation chamber for Willow but I feel the volume of the box is...
  2. T

    X Ray Or Ultrasound Scan?

    My pig has chronic respiratory issues which one vet has said its due to a possible deformed lung that doesn't completely inflate. Her body goes completely limp and her heart rate slows down, eyes bulge, gasps for air etc. Then snaps out of it several times a day. Does she need an X-ray or...
  3. T

    Nebulisation In Uk?!?!

    so I'm part of a Guinea pig group on Facebook and after having my pig for over 6 months she has been up and down with respiratory issues- this is due to a severe long respiratory infection she had very young with a previous owner. It recently flared up and she was taken to the vets and given...
  4. meggles1410

    Very Poorly Pig With Major Weight Loss! Need Info

    hi there! My Maisie has been refusing to eat and drink since last night and haslost far too much weight (she has a chubby belly but can feel ribs etc) and is over all very lethargic! She has made it through the night but vet is stumped and has told me to syringe mushed up pellets and water and...
  5. Catdawg

    Haven't A Clue What This

    Just noticed this on canelos back end this evening :/ I haven't had them long so I can't say I've noticed any changed behaviour but he is quite shy and likes to hide and curl up in corners a lot but I haven't noticed any change I want to try and avoid further investigation as I don't want to...
  6. B

    Guinea Pig Lump/growth

    My Guinea Pig has a growth/lump on the centre of his back. It has a scab in the centre and in my opinion looks like it is filled with something, as if I squeezed it (which I don't plan on doing) something would come out. This is especially due to the scab in the middle seeming like it goes deep...
  7. Siikibam


    We think the boys have fleas, poor babies. Is the best course of action to take them to the vet? Hope they can fit them in soon! Help please ☹️
  8. Jennybug89

    Random Kitty And Euthanasia Question

    So this happened a few years ago but as I'm new to this thread I just thought I'd ask your opinions. I used to have three cats when I lived at home, Midnight, Buffy and Jack. Buffy was a beautiful long hair ginger and white cat. He had health problems from the get go. Nothing as bad as the rest...
  9. Jennybug89

    Strange Sore On Her Face

    I noticed while feeding my lovely Rosie this more that she has some kind of sore beside her nose. As I'm not as seasoned in Guinea pig care as most of you guys I'm wondering if any of you might know what this may be. I touched it with clean hands and she didn't react so I doesn't seem sore but i...
  10. A

    Blood In Guinea Pigs Urine

    Last week I noticed that my 2 year old boar has a red tint to his urine which I can only assume was blood. I've booked him a vet appointment this evening however last night I was checking him and noticed his urine was clear again. Should I still take him to the vets? I don't want to have to put...
  11. Guineapigfeet

    Bb Has A Lump

    I noticed a lump on BB (nearly two years old, of unknown but probably indiscrimate breeding) this afternoon when putting her back in her cage. It's on the right side just in front of her hip, diameter on the her body is about that of a 5p peice. It felt a bit hard but to be honest she is so...
  12. J

    Urgent - Possible Bloating And Constipation In Female Guinea Pig?

    My guinea pig Mocha is a 1 year old female. I noticed teardrop shaped and mushier poops about 2 days ago, and today, I witnessed her assuming the poo position and making soft squeaky wheeking noises. She is eating normally, almost always at the hay or the food bowl. She is also behaving...
  13. Coconut piggy

    Quiet & Congested Sounding

    About 1 year old female pig was out of the cage for cuddling, when I noticed she was very quiet. Usually, she would be loud and happy, but for some reason this time she only made very faint chutting noises when I pet her. When listening closer, I realized that she was making a strange congested...
  14. D

    Possible Bladder Stones/infection?

    Last month, my gorgeous 3yr old piggie Robbie passed a huge plug of some kind out of his urethra and had to get it removed by the emergency vet. His normal vet then prescribed him a week's worth of Baytril and said we'd keep an eye on him. He seemed to be doing okay, eating fine and everything...
  15. BenjiAndButtons

    Continued Health Issues

    Hi Guys, I have two 2 year old boars. One of them has had a few issues lately. He was acting strange and had a slight interest in food but couldn't seem to eat, we thought it may be his teeth but after a trip to the vets, she decided he had a temp and possible tummy bug, he was given baytril...
  16. pnwgranny

    Max Has Crusty Ears

    Both ears are crusty on the outside and inside of the ear, but not down inside if that males sense. No vet available til Wednesday morning at 8:30 am. Nearest exotic vet when our vet is not in, is 150 miles one way. None of the other vets in this town will treat a guinea pig. Ruth
  17. Q

    Rodentologist Needed

    Hi everyone! I'm having so much trouble trying to find a decent vet, they seem to have very little (or no) knowledge on Guinea pigs. I've spoken to Vedra a few times and she's been really knowledgable and helpful but as you all probably know she is so difficult to get hold of. She gave me the...
  18. CraigGlasgow

    Reccomend Vets In Glasgow?

    Hey all, Have been taking Weasley to Albavet in Dennistoun for his issues as they're right round the corner and the vets seem fairly piggy savvy. However they now say they've surpassed all their knowledge on how to treat him as his gassy tummy/bloat and UTI seem to be neverending. They...
  19. Alexandra West

    Baby Piggy With Uri?

    I just got a baby guinea pig today (he's about 6-8 weeks I think?) and he makes a weird noise before making a noise that sound like he's coughing or choking? His nose isn't runny but he keeps nearly closing one of his eyes. I can't find any thing on this and I'm scared? Please help? He also is...
  20. ZoeCavyLover

    Foot Injury (please Help)

    My three year old male boar guinea pig scraped his foot. Its scraped at the top of the foot but I am worried it will get infected. I soaked the wound in warm water, dried it off, applied a very small amount of neosporin, wrapped it in gauze, and wrapped in vet wrap. I also changed his bedding...