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  1. N

    Old man Hugo

    Hello, I used to be part of this forum when I first adopted 2 male boars several years ago fast forward to now we have had 4 in total (all rescues) and now have 1 boar left. We decided not to get further Guinea pigs as our situation has changed and so after Diego died a year ago we have been...
  2. Gen140

    GP can’t seem to open mouth? - teeth

    Hi, we noticed our GP Daisy has lost considerable weight. We thought she was just staying in her house and not running out for food, but we think she likely hasn’t eaten for a while. She seems desperate to eat but just can’t seem to open her mouth?. Gave her some dandelions which she loves...
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Eye mass?

    Hi guys, Long time no see and Happy New Year! I just want to start by saying I have contacted Cat and Rabbit Clinic for an appointment. Waiting to hear back. And my colleagues at my veterinary practice have given me some eye drops to keep it comfortable. Anyway, Stitch my youngest boys is...
  4. thedosboys

    Talked to a vet!

    Hi it's been a bit I've talked to a vet and they said that Manny's foot is at the very beginning of pododermatitis. For now I need to keep an eye on him, make sure he gets his vitamins and try to get him from sleeping in his litterbox. I just rearranged their cage so he wouldn't be tempted...
  5. cinnamon7

    update on neglected guinea pig

    he’s doing so much better. eating more, being more active, poops are going back to normal and he doesn’t go into seizures anymore 🥳 so happy for him and glad i got him xx he’s in much better hands now.
  6. Lel

    Help with a tough decision....

    Hi all, hope everyone is well! Firstly I'm wondering if anyone has had recent experience of the small animal vet who works at Ayres Vets in North Shields? I've been with Judith Brown who is a beloved, amazing piggy vet for 5 years now, unfortunately due to surgery's price hikes I am having to...
  7. Donna Janae Trumps Mommy

    Guinea Pig Broke Her Tooth/ What to Do Next?

    Title. I pulled her out of the cage for some floor time. I didn't have a good enough grip on her and she got excited and jumped out of my hands before I could put her down. It wasn't that far of a fall and she seemed fine. So, I didn't think to check her mouth. When I fed her a crunchy treat, I...
  8. Fiona1987

    Lump in lower abdomen

    Hey everyone, This Wednesday just gone, I decided my piggy Margie needed a bum bath and when drying her off afterwards, I noticed a lump in her lower abdomen. It’s slightly to her right around the area where her bladder is. I would say it’s slightly bigger than the size of a garden pea and...
  9. annachristina_piggies

    Seers Croft medivet faygate - any guinea pig specialists?

    Hi piggie friends. We've recently moved house from London and I'm trying to find a more local vet to our new home (near Haywards Heath RH17). My boys are currently registered with CJ Hall in London but I don't fancy 2 hour round trips for every required check-up. Piglet has interstitial cystitis...
  10. B

    Wonky teeth - any experience?

    Hi all! I have a 5.5 year old pig who has recently had an issue with her teeth - they got a little long and one of her top incisors is growing at an angle which will either hit her bottom ones or slot behind them. She went off her food for a couple of days and that's when we noticed. She has...
  11. C

    Emergency? dying piggie

    Hi just adopted my piggie Cosmo only 2 days ago. Since he got home he’s been scratching and biting himself. I thought it was mites so I treated with ivermectin, small improvement but still itching. Now, he’s given out discharge through his nose, refusing to eat much, very lethargic and laying...
  12. sennadiyorlar

    My guineapig has abscess in his mouth, what to do?

    Hi, my guineapig has an abscess in his mouth. He tries to eat but get hurt and give up. He still eats his pellet tho. I can’t make him eat vegetables or hay :( I took him to the vet and he started taking antibiotics and painkillers. It’s his 3rd day on antibiotics today. He still is having...
  13. C

    piggy with potential UTI?

    Hi everyone, i have a 1 year old baby girl named chestnut whomst I'm a bit worried about right now. This night i heard her make a whiny noise while trying to pee and got a bit worried and then later on, my sister saw the same thing. i’ve been at uni all day so i haven’t been able to see her...
  14. G+S

    Looking for Vet in East London

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a vet in East London that treats Guinea pigs regularly? Thanks!
  15. C

    Scabs, bleeding and dandruff

    Hello everyone, I have had some problems with my 1 year old guinea pigs. A while ago they started to itch and soon after they has scabs that bleed, and they wheek when touched. One of our guinea pigs with these symptoms passed away a few weeks ago, and these symptoms have started on my other two...
  16. Puddles1999

    Need to rant about medicine/vets

    So Penelope recently went and got her back molars filed. Everything’s been great but her pee has started smelling weird again. She had blood in her pee 6 months ago and antibiotics cured it up. However her pee has started smelling again, suspect a uti. The vet seems concerned that there may be a...
  17. Chonkerz

    Neverending UTI saga: advice needed

    Hello, Please anyone with experience in UTI’s in female pigs please help! I’m a 19 year old who pays for all my pigs vet bills, and all of their other expenses and I’m wanting to know where to go from here ;-; please read my situation and help me. I‘ve got two female guinea pigs, both are in...
  18. J

    Any ideas anyone?

    Hi, I've not long joined the Guinea Forum but have read it a lot before for advice. I trust this forum and need some advice from experienced guinea owners as my poor Marcus has been passed from vet to vet (in the same practice) as they can't find the problem. Three weeks ago during a general...
  19. AmberP

    High Vet Check up Cost?

    Hi all, I took my two boars for a routine vet check up today and was charged £89 total. This was just for a health check. I've been trying to Google other people's experiences but does this seem quite high?
  20. Gemm24

    Tiger, my heart is broken

    Hi everyone My baby Tiger has just turned 4 years 2 months and on Sunday evening she started with laboured breathing. She is spending her second night in critical care with oxygen at the vets but I have been told she has a mass near her kidney but she is too sick to do investigations. She is...