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water bottle

  1. F

    Ideas for Attaching Water Bottle to DIY Cage

    Hi there! Over December my husband and I created our own DIY guinea pig cage/plant table combo as a Christmas present to me (I have been wanting some guinea pigs for a while now!). On Saturday we will be picking up our guineas from a rescue (a momma and baby!). I have everything in place but...
  2. R

    Help? My guinea pigs won't stop strangling their water bottle!

    Hello everyone? uh, this is kind of awkward because I've never posted on this kind of site before, but I'm doing it because I'm desperate. Hopefully I can get some answers rather quickly.. I have a problem that's pretty much what the title claims. My guinea pigs will NOT stop torturing and pulling...
  3. GeorgiaHarris

    Cleaning bottles

    I recently switched my water bottles to the living world glass eco+ bottles. With my old plastic bottles I used a bottle brush and warm water to clean them which worked fine however I’m struggling to clean my glass ones with this method. Every time I clean them there’s still little particles...
  4. Isabela

    Ferplast Bottle

    Hello. Does anyone have any experience with this water bottle? I recently bought it for my piggies and they are just ignoring it. Did anyone else have the same problem?
  5. Mother Hubbard

    Let The Cleaning Begin

    So after a mammoth cleaning out hutches day...4hrs later because I had previously ran out of aubiose and the wood shavings really don't hold out well. A good sweeping, disinfecting and airing out, I turned my attention to the water bottles... good old faithful rice does the trick every time...
  6. Kallasia

    Amount Of Water Being Drunk

    Hi all, So my two piggies drink very different amounts of water. I've been monitoring them for a couple of weeks now to get some averages. Binky, 4 years old, drinks 150ml of water every day. Errol, nearly 1 year old, drinks 10ml of water every day. Given that Binky drinks 140ml more than...
  7. Piggielover150

    Drinking Water

    My guinea pig has suddenly started to drink a lot more water. At night, after they’ve eaten their veg, one of the piggies starts to constantly drink water for 10/15 minutes and the bottle has become louder :/ she keeps going back to drinking after every few minutes, I’ve only noticed this after...
  8. Raefire

    Is Dish Washing A Water Bottle Safe?

    So, one of my guinea pigs decided it'd be funny or a good idea to pee on their water bottle spout! Luckily, they have two water bottles so they're fine for now but I went to go wash it real hard, but noticed some actually got into the water bottle and not just on the spout. I tried putting...
  9. court29x

    Drinking Amounts...

    Ever since the girls have started living indoors they have been drinking a little less, when they were outdoors they had a classic pet shop water bottle and they were drinking half a bottle every day, more particularly in the hot weathers. The indoor cage I bought came with a water bottle and...
  10. MissPiggyTales

    Thirsty Piggie Help

    Hiya I am posting this because I can't fathom what's up with my piggie. I'm booking him in to vets next week but just seeing if anyone has ideas before then. He's been really thirsty as of late. Always going to his bottle bit last couple weeks I've found a wet corner where his bottle is. I...
  11. BenjiAndButtons


    Just a quick one, any advice would be appreciated! Yesterday evening we cleaned out Barney's caged and his water bottle, we have both been ill so tried to avoid contact as much as possible, when i have come to check on him today i noticed his bottle was still full, i picked it up and somehow...
  12. Helen Michelle

    Any Advice On Getting Skinnies To Drink From Water Bottle?

    Skinnies are settling in nicely. Need some advice on getting them to drink from bottle rather than bowl? Never had this issue before with my other piggies - not sure if it's just a skinny pig thing....
  13. Alexandra West

    Piggy Water Changing.

    How often do you recommend filling the piggie's water bottle? Only when it's empty, or do you like to change it every day? I like to change Finnian's water daily, but I wanna know what everyone else does!
  14. Turtz

    Water Bottle

    Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong topic to post this in! I recently adopted another guinea pig, he's around 2 or 3 years old. Unlike my first piggie, he drinks from the water bottle by putting his entire mouth around it. I'm not sure if this is cause for concern, I was thinking he may choke...
  15. kitkat1

    Fixing Water Bottle With Sticky Tack?

    Hi guys. My guinea pigs' water bottle has been leaking, and I realized that the problem was that the inside of the cap was all messed up. So i experiemented and put sticky tack under the black thing, (I think it's called the seal) and it stopped leaking. Would this be safe for them? Please reply...
  16. piggie.slave

    Living World Glass Water Bottle

    so i was on viovet as i want to get a few things for the pigs and dogs, and also wanted to get the living world glass water bottle (will attach image) and i read the reviews, this person said it was great but also said "of corse i took the carrot out" is there anything i don't know about it, and...