water bottle

  1. Nandu

    Going from a water bowl to bottle

    Hi guys! Until now, I had water for my guinea pigs in a bowl. In our earlier cage, there was a bowl attached to the cage wall itself. In our new (MUCH BIGGER) one, we have kept a water bowl. But both of the guinea pigs keep dropping hay or food into it, which means I have to change it very...
  2. L

    Water bottles

    Hi, I’m looking for some water bottle recommendations in the uk. I’ve just recently got the pets at home glass water bottle and I’m finding it quite problematic. I’ve switched from the ferplast plastic bottle as it was leaking really badly, I had multiple of those and it didn’t matter they all...
  3. Mystic_corgi

    Water Bottle Mystery

    My guinea pigs have two water bottles, but they NEVER use the second one its the exact same as the one they favor just smaller, yet they refuse to use it. Could there be a certain reason for this.... I have checked it multiple times to make sure it works and it works fine. Should I buy another...
  4. Hiimkrystle

    Pigge eating but not drinking

    Hi there! My guinea pig is home from the hospital on critical care. She's finally eating hay! I'm so happy she is eating hay but she has still shown absolutely no interest in her water bottle. Is there anything I can do? I know she is getting some water from the critical care that I'm syringe...
  5. Jesse's pigs

    Water bottles

    What do you guys put under water bottles? Mine don’t drip massively but tend to drip for a bit after the piggies have had a drink leaving the bedding a bit damp. I use towels for their bedding with piles of hay and a microfibre bath mat down one end which I change every 2 days and recently I’ve...
  6. MollythePiggylover

    One of my guinea pigs tooth is shorter than the others

    I was playing with my guinea pig the other day when I noticed one of her teeth was shorter than the other ones. I do not remember her teeth being like this before, she is eating fine and drinking. I think it might be her water bottle but I honestly do not know. I do not have a picture but it is...
  7. Marshie

    Water bottle placement

    Hey, I plan to have two piggies as well as two water bottles just incase, although I am wondering on the placement of the bottles, Should both of the bottles always be placed closed together or would it be okay to separate the bottles far apart?
  8. Dystopoly

    Glass vs. Plastic Water Bottles?

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread for this, I wasn’t quite sure where to put it... I’ve been using plastic water bottles since I’ve had my pigs - but they seem to get dirty and require me to purchase new ones quite quickly in order to keep them sanitary, (I deep clean them normally 2-3 times a...
  9. PiggiesAndPaws


    I’m on holiday with my guinea pigs and the bottle is completely shattered. I still have the screw on lid but no bottle. There are no nearby shops. I have a water bottle but the lid won’t fit onto it. I don’t have a drill or any tools so please just tell or give me advice of how I can fix my...
  10. H

    New Guineas can’t find water

    Hi! We got two guinea girls yesterday and we’ve been leaving them to settle in and have fed them veg by hand so they warm up to us. Luckily they seem really confident with that. However, they don’t appear to have touched their water bottle and I’m worried they can’t find it! Any tips or will...
  11. Maddii.Maddii

    Sudden water bottle avoidance.

    My 3 boys have suddenly started avoiding their water bottles! 😣 I've had 2 355ml Living World glass water bottles (photo attached) in their cage for almost 2 months now with no issues. I cleaned them out 2 days ago throughly with only water, Qtips and rice (to clean out the inside) and I...
  12. ishimercado

    Drinking too much water

    Hi, I've noticed these past few days that my 2 Mos old Silkie has been drinking way lots of water. She has a 125ml water bottle that she could finish in 5-6 hours and I've to replenish again. She pees a lot but has no unusual color in it. Her poos are also normal, dry and not squishy. She still...
  13. F

    Ideas for Attaching Water Bottle to DIY Cage

    Hi there! Over December my husband and I created our own DIY guinea pig cage/plant table combo as a Christmas present to me (I have been wanting some guinea pigs for a while now!). On Saturday we will be picking up our guineas from a rescue (a momma and baby!). I have everything in place but...
  14. R

    Help? My guinea pigs won't stop strangling their water bottle!

    Hello everyone? uh, this is kind of awkward because I've never posted on this kind of site before, but I'm doing it because I'm desperate. Hopefully I can get some answers rather quickly.. I have a problem that's pretty much what the title claims. My guinea pigs will NOT stop torturing and pulling...
  15. GeorgiaHarris

    Cleaning bottles

    I recently switched my water bottles to the living world glass eco+ bottles. With my old plastic bottles I used a bottle brush and warm water to clean them which worked fine however I’m struggling to clean my glass ones with this method. Every time I clean them there’s still little particles...
  16. Isabela

    Ferplast Bottle

    Hello. Does anyone have any experience with this water bottle? I recently bought it for my piggies and they are just ignoring it. Did anyone else have the same problem?
  17. Mother Hubbard

    Let The Cleaning Begin

    So after a mammoth cleaning out hutches day...4hrs later because I had previously ran out of aubiose and the wood shavings really don't hold out well. A good sweeping, disinfecting and airing out, I turned my attention to the water bottles... good old faithful rice does the trick every time...
  18. Kallasia

    Amount Of Water Being Drunk

    Hi all, So my two piggies drink very different amounts of water. I've been monitoring them for a couple of weeks now to get some averages. Binky, 4 years old, drinks 150ml of water every day. Errol, nearly 1 year old, drinks 10ml of water every day. Given that Binky drinks 140ml more than...
  19. Piggielover150

    Drinking Water

    My guinea pig has suddenly started to drink a lot more water. At night, after they’ve eaten their veg, one of the piggies starts to constantly drink water for 10/15 minutes and the bottle has become louder :/ she keeps going back to drinking after every few minutes, I’ve only noticed this after...
  20. Raefire

    Is Dish Washing A Water Bottle Safe?

    So, one of my guinea pigs decided it'd be funny or a good idea to pee on their water bottle spout! Luckily, they have two water bottles so they're fine for now but I went to go wash it real hard, but noticed some actually got into the water bottle and not just on the spout. I tried putting...